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Hell - TSLeavitt
Here are three wonderfully challenging levels for Heretic. A word of advice: You'll most certainly need to realize that one of the best ways to get rid of a lot of baddies is to create a little dissension among the ranks...
The Stasis Equation - Adam Durell
Korax has had four Heresiarchs teleported in, in stasis. He plans to wake them very soon to unleash destruction upon the world. It is you're job to find the skull of Yorick and replace it on it's statue. This will destroy ...
Heretic Again Wad - Dave Bolin
My Second attempt at a wad, hope it doesn't suck too mightily, if you don't like it so what.
Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY - Martin E. Ferris
This is level 5 of a ? level adventure originally designed as an AD&D game. You might recognize this layout as the city of Yvel from Lands of Lore. There are lots of surprises, running room and monsters to run from. Look f...
Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY - Martin E. Ferris
This is level 4 of a ? level adventure originally designed as an AD&D game. Look for the other levels coming soon.
Arenas - TSLeavitt
Here is is: THREE great Deathmatch Arenas for all you Deathmatch Crazies out there. See below for detailed level descriptions.
Courtyard and tower on the edge of a very large chasm with some satanic undertones (couldn't help it). This is my first official Hexen PWAD. I've gotten positive feedback from fellow Hexen'ers, so I'm releasing this with...
Burdett, KS - Rob Graham
Lots of frequent flyer miles as you battle over the rooftops of my home town
DEATH TOWER - Christian Landau
This is my first level larger than three rooms! So please send me a mail describing what should be different or so. Also report all the bugs you find ! I'll create further Death-Tower levels soon.
Confinement 256: The Mystery of Scrapped Conc... - Devon Barnett...
This is all of the unimplemented ideas and unfinished maps I made for the original Confinement 256 completed and refined to be playable and prboom-plus compatible, one year later.
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