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32 in 24
A FFA megawad done entirely on 06/17/2007 with only 30 minutes notice by some bored people on and some guys from Doomworld. We accepted maps from midnight to the next midnight. It was good....Date:06/27/07
Size:913.46 KB
Author:32in24 team, see individual maps Shaikoten (concept, organization, text files) deathz0r (putting our

Deathmatch maps....Date:09/18/07
Size:182.55 KB

BeeJay's DooM 2 Deathmatch Party
18 Deathmatch Maps from BeeJay :)...Date:02/13/05
Size:1.15 MB

BUCKETDM2 is the sequel to the "popular" DM megawad, BUCKETDM. 32 small-to-medium levels guaranteed* to provide hours** of competitive enjoyment***. This installment includes redesigns of many previous maps, as well as brand new creations. Also inclu...Date:08/14/14
Size:554.94 KB
Author:"bucket" Brendan Bradley

DEMONS BattleField
Size:503.19 KB

The Works of DOMiNiON
Here we have the works of DOMiNiON - you will no doubt recognise most of these works, however most have been tweaked and\or updated in one way or another. There are 15 maps by DOMiNiON (MAP01-15) and the final 2 maps are by Lord_Rahl under the guidan...Date:12/06/05
Size:1023.82 KB
Author:DOMiNiON, Lord_Rahl for the maps & 0gami for throwing it all together and the .txt :)

DWANGO 20th Anniversary Edition
31 maps created between 1994 and 1998 by the Dooming community of yesteryear, and a map by myself. There's a nice mix of duel maps and all-out FFA maps which seem to have been lost in time, and I thought it was appropriate for Dwango's 20th anniversa...Date:11/23/14
Size:1.22 MB
Author:The Giggler, Timer, PiGMaN, Thrasher, Whiplash, TraversD, The Prophet [Steve Bryan], Shaft [Ben Cure

Welcome to EXECUTION, 18 high-speed deathmatch levels all designed with head-to-head gameplay in mind. As well as quality gameplay, these levels feature new textures, flats, ambience and graphics to make these levels look, feel and sound just as grea...Date:03/19/00
Size:1.47 MB

Gothic DeathMatch II
Thirty-two extremely detailed maps built for DeathMatch play only. Excellent weapons balance and playflow. Realistic design and lighting effects. Supports both DeathMatch and AltDeath. Custom graphics, music, and sound. Beautiful architecture....Date:05/02/98
Size:2.5 MB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

Gothic DeathMatches
32 Extremely detailed maps, made for DeathMatch play ONLY! Several artists reached within their hearts to make this a reality. DOOM2 just NEVER looked this good......Date:07/12/97
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

pack de mapas dm para zdaemon...Date:06/05/09
Size:531.14 KB

These wads form a deathmatch package specially designed for four players deathmatch network games. IPXMATCH is a compilation of numerous resources from numerous people which are listed in the "credits" section of this file. IPXMATCH contains 40 new d...Date:01/15/98
Size:1.35 MB
Author:Jeannot "NUMBeRsiX" Langlois

Deathmatch level for Doom2! Very addicting and excellent layout! This WAD is guarenteed to make you a Doom2 Deathmatch Junkie! :) THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW MY MAPS, KNOW BY NOW I BUILD MOSTLY WITH DEATHMATCH IN MIND, SO SINGLE PLAYER GAMES ARE STILL FU...Date:05/12/08
Size:1 MB
Author:FRANK ANTINOZZI and TIM GOTT Maps 1-21: FRANK ANTINOZZI (maps 18 & 20 were drawn by tim, assembled b

Mega5 Deathmatch series!
Mega5 is an Old Skool style Deathmatch Mega wad made for the Doom II game, and just about any Doom source engine. Includes 22 deathmatch maps!...Date:04/14/10
Size:6.88 MB
Author:Various ~ See ( MEGA5 is ) below. Compiled by Mr.Rocket aka Ron Goode

The Nutty Wad
It all began in July 2004 after I (Milian) played a really stupid map somewhere on ZDaemon. I imagined a wad full of silly maps and started with the work. Everything you shouldn't do in a deatmatch map is done here, like maps where you're unable to m...Date:05/31/05
Size:3.05 MB
Author:Milian & Cybershark

Overload Deathmatches
16 rather small and quite high-paced deathmatch levels that I (Ola) originally started making for myself and some friends to play since everything else what too big or just plain ugly. (And we're too lazy to look for good levels :-) Later I introduce...Date:08/28/98
Size:726.28 KB
Author:Ola Bjorling

r's Mega
32 wads that r wanted me to include in my next mega....Date:11/21/03
Size:287.02 KB
Author:Jason Root (Hellbent/Grotug)

In case you couldn't tell, this is a dedication to Ola Bjorling's uber cool Overload. It currently features 8 high paced frag filled levels in the style of Overload and all new textures (mostly "inspired" by the original Overload textures). The tex...Date:12/24/98
Size:930.44 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Ultimate CTF (final version)
A fresh change to Zdctfmp, we present you with "Ultimate CTF". This new 33 set level was created and compiled by Zdaemon's best mappers, to bring you the Ultimate set of CTF maps... Enjoy!...Date:03/13/05
Size:4.36 MB
Author:IZM, Danny, T.U.D, Meph, 999Cop and Exl (see automap or intermission to see who made which level).

Unidoom Deathmatch X
32 of the best, most well-tested classic deathmatch maps ever produced....Date:12/31/08
Size:6.48 MB
Author:Clan Unidoom

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