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A Dark Day in Hell
A big WAD covering the entire 1rst episode. Nice!...Date:04/12/96
Size:391.27 KB
Author:Jeremy Wagner

Dark Mountain
A graveyard is being harvested of corpses to create undead warriors. Fight your way into the caverns beneath the mountain to destroy the evil inhabitants....Date:08/21/98
Size:143.37 KB
Author:Ken Phipps

Do you like Michael Krause Wads? If yes, you should try this map. Hope you like that....Date:06/24/11
Size:96.46 KB

Desert Crypt
While traveling through a desert region, you are ambushed and knocked unconscious by a group of golems. You wake up to find yourself inside a sarcophagus. You push the lid of off the coffin and climb out. You hear the sounds of stone debris being pil...Date:11/02/98
Size:150.41 KB
Author:Ken Phipps

Fortress of D'Sparil
A Heretic level I decided to do for a change from Doom levels, and partially because ZETH supports Heretic ;)....Date:10/12/02
Size:139.28 KB

Danarchy's Heretic Speedmapping 1: The Sewers of D'Sparil
The usual speedmapping drill. The authors got 100 minutes to complete their maps under the following guidelines: "Even underwater cities like D'Sparil's Dome need sewers. In this session, you will be designing what they look like. Are they dingy an...Date:11/14/04
Size:75.87 KB

You Diabolical SOB!
After reclaiming the area the masters sent you for, you suddenly remembered that you didn't ask how to get back. It didn't cross your mind that you would surrvive. So, determined to do more than surrvive - you head off, looking for the way back to ho...Date:08/04/06
Size:43.39 KB
Author:Blackfist (aka Jonathan Holman, aka Blackfist1)

Size:68.02 KB
Author:J. Keith Foster

D'Sparil's Lost Keep
A base style level, with lots of monsters....Date:04/29/00
Size:53.83 KB
Author:Pritesh Mistry [Ice]

doom castle
map based on ff mystic quest final level "doom castle"...Date:01/23/11
Size:7.94 MB

Doors, 2 keys, monsters, lmp included...Date:08/09/95
Size:8.94 KB
Author:Haegar The Horrible

A great new and challenging wad file by the new wad group "Phire Lordz." It features a tough fight for single play and a nice layout for deathmatch play. Dreams of Hell 1 will cause you to wake up screaming in the middle of the night!...Date:09/29/95
Size:18.55 KB
Author:Phire & 1101

Earth Drome
Size:17.92 KB
Author:Jeffrey Steelman

This is my first level larger than three rooms! So please send me a mail describing what should be different or so. Also report all the bugs you find ! I'll create further Death-Tower levels soon....Date:06/18/18
Size:14.52 KB
Author:Christian Landau

Trapped in the Castle Dungeon
You and your buddies have been captured by d'Sparils forces, where you await certain death. Early one morning, you discover a secret escape panel leading out of your ...Date:05/08/95
Size:37.75 KB
Author:Kevin Haley

HERETIC: Dystopia Level
This is my first level that I ever made. I experimented with different things, and it came out pretty good. The level has 4 main rooms, then you have to use some switches to get to the other areas. There is one secret room, which holds the Phoenix Ro...Date:04/17/06
Size:60.67 KB

Escape from exaggerated evil patch
This is a graphics patch file intended to be used together with eatdust.wad, if you want to. Start the game like this: heretic -file eatdust.wad eatdusd.wad and the evil level will be slightly less evil, I hope....Date:03/29/98
Size:21.25 KB

Neat and dustproof
Beautiful, very beautiful...Date:05/26/98
Size:34.11 KB

Eidolon's Lair
Eidolon's lair from Hexen II converted to Heretic...Date:07/29/02
Size:18.01 KB
Author:Alexis Aiello (aka Vegeta)

Emerald Bathhouse
A Small-Medium sized level for vanilla Heretic that replaces E3M1. The map was originally part of a bigger episode wad that I was working on, but I stopped working on it later, leaving only this map finished....Date:08/23/16
Size:94.13 KB

Enchanter - For Heretic
Size:271.69 KB

Epiphany it's a single map for Heretic which takes place in a building property of D'sparil's minions, used as a storage, sacrifices and worship to D'sparil...Date:12/22/17
Size:72.91 KB
Author:Dalvi Dandy

Every Which Way but Out
One puzzle after another. Solve them all and may be you will live to go on....Date:11/11/12
Size:67.75 KB
Author:Peter Guts

Once again the hell is breaking loose. You must exorcize the evil spirits back to their home world....Date:06/24/98
Size:28.73 KB

Fast fard
Silly map with UGLY layout...pretty easy too... Enough ammo to kill the boss 50 times over ;), well...almost. It might be fun though......Date:06/16/97
Size:20.06 KB
Author:Der Teufel

Dungeon of Fear
E1M1 Pwad for Heretic. Designed for co-op or single player games. Wad is a bit large for deathmatch and is NOT supported....Date:06/21/95
Size:43.35 KB
Author:David Silver

Fetals Asylum
This is another level brought to you by, MOSH PIT STUDIOS. This wad has two levels in it. The first level, is short and dark... a warm-up for the real action in level two, the main one! In the main level, it has a castle feel to it, with many rooms t...Date:04/17/06
Size:88.85 KB

My first HERETIC wad and a good one at that!!...Date:06/04/14
Size:23.29 KB
Author:Eric Buchanan

D'Sparil's Final hour
This was supposed to be a Heretic Treasure Chest final map but seems that project is dead now.... so i'm releasing this tiny gem to the world, it was finished two-three months ago i dun remember anymore...Date:05/21/07
Size:312.22 KB
Author:Przemek Zimny aka alterworldruler

The Fiery Crater v1.0
After you entered the core of the volcano in Fiery Descent, you found yourself in the middle of a smoldering crater on the other side. This map picks up where that one left off, as you journey deeper into it, discovering an ancient fortress built int...Date:01/20/00
Size:162.52 KB
Author:J.C. "SailorScout" Bengtson

The Fiery Descent v1.0
While I enjoy making my various water-themed maps for Heretic, I thought a change of pace would be in order. So I created this map, set inside a great volcano. I'll be the first to admit that it's not very long, but that is the idea.. I made every ...Date:12/05/99
Size:106.72 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

FLENZERS CASTLE: On a clear sunshine filled day in the land of Mckean, the Flenzer was called upon to lay the last stone of the castle. The people of the land all gathered to witness this prophetic event. The Flenzerists, the great army of the Flenze...Date:08/09/95
Size:49.6 KB
Author:>>Commander<< aka Steve Stauber

My first PWAD - A VERY large level for Heretic - I got a little carried away, I guess! I plan on releasing a second level very soon, a bit smaller and better for deathmatch!...Date:11/20/95
Size:180.12 KB
Author:Bob Ross

The Fortress
Many doors and rooms, 3 keys, teleports,...Date:08/09/95
Size:61.4 KB
Author:Joerg Braun

level 1: Storm the castle of the Frag Prince! Pretty straight forward. Battle through the Maze of the Maulataur and its on to... level 2: Whoah. This place is weird. You must fly throughout the courtyard in the begining to get to the circle around th...Date:02/14/95
Size:162.2 KB
Author:Mark Summers

Frags96 (12 custom Heretic levels)
Start hitting buttons and pay the price....Date:05/28/96
Size:297.82 KB
Author:Allen Freeman

Hell Fucker Castle!!!
My first Heretic map, pretty darm difficult......Date:01/29/07
Size:49.56 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

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