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Gate To Hell
Size:21.55 KB
Author:Johan Hgg

The Gladiator Arena
Size:138.17 KB
Author:Veg-Man And Pt

E1M1 Pwad for Heretic. Designed for Deathmatch or single player games in a Roman (Heretic) Gladiator arena....Date:06/03/95
Size:17.85 KB
Author:Chris Bensen (Februus)

- A mostly outdoors setting that is somewhat challenging, given the relative scarcity of weapons and narrow cliffs....Date:01/14/96
Size:40.07 KB
Author:Patrick Engel

Graves & Caves
This is a straightforward single- player level for Heretic, with some nice special effects: A graveyard with coffins glowing through the earth, open cemetary gates, flooded caves, holes blown through walls, waterfalls, volcanoes, pieces of the ceilin...Date:09/23/96
Size:94.37 KB
Author:Kenneth Phipps

GRCI for HERETIC version 1 (GRCIH1.WAD)
Single level replacement for map E1M1 in HERETIC. Approximation of parking garage and courtyard of the GRCI building in Vienna Virginia, USA. Plays best as Deathmatch WAD, especially with 4 players. Small, but with spots to hide, for a little while. ...Date:09/04/95
Size:34.02 KB
Author:Greg Gerber

You have been summoned, like a demon, by one of D'Sparil's desciples. Apparently you have been selected to be "given to Grendel". Chuckling, the sorceror-priest turns away for a moment to silently meditate, confident that you are bound and powerless ...Date:12/14/96
Size:74.99 KB
Author:Richard D. Carlson (

Grok-It.wad (for Heretic)
Grok-It is designed to look and feel different from a standard ID wad. It includes a number of traps and puzzles. Many parts of Grok-It have epic scenery. Some parts are better survived by running, other parts are designed for maximum gratuitous carn...Date:08/09/95
Size:575.12 KB
Author:Dan Teeter

A five-level wad for Heretic, incorporating numerous new graphics. The appearance of each level is quite different; there is no unifying theme except that the action takes place on a series of islands. If I could have figured out how to replace the e...Date:02/16/97
Size:1019.49 KB
Author:Jeff Weisend

Heretic: Contention
A map set designed for duels (1v1), with varying themes ranging from E1M1, to episode 2 themes, and anything I could pull out of my hat. Note: E1M3 is actually a tribute to the duel map "ssl2", for those who were wondering....Date:02/22/11
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Matt "Peanut" Clauder

Not an extremely large level...not very hard either...but will give you a slight challenge......Date:06/25/97
Size:17.01 KB
Author:Der Teufel

Size:40.13 KB
Author:Ben-James Tippey

This is the same as Belchers Doom 2 , except now you can fly and look up , down etc..... plus there are some new ways to beat the levels......Date:06/05/97
Size:1.64 MB
Author:Michael Lee Belcher Jr

Blood Church
D'sparill and his unholy minions have desecrated another of your sacred cathedrals, so it is up to you, heretic,to flush them all from the church of your forefathers. (I could've gotten cornier but you get the idea!!!!)...Date:07/29/95
Size:217.64 KB
Author:Steve Parker

Building K
of Contents...Date:12/15/95
Size:30.62 KB
Author:Kyle Klukas

Into the Castle
Two fairly large levels, with some interesting areas and a few tricky parts. Designed for single player, but it has multiplayer starts and might make for good deathmatch play with a few modifications....Date:09/08/96
Size:78.43 KB
Author:Brian Dean

HCHURCH.WAD (Church of the Heretic)
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Registered Heretic...Date:04/15/95
Size:29.78 KB
Author:Jeff Buckland

The Citadel for Heretic version 1.1
Just play it,like it, and e-mail me your comments, suggestions,dislikes,and bugs of the wadfile....Date:11/22/95
Size:246.71 KB
Author:Josh Matt

Heretic Binary Ripple Counter
A 4-bit binary ripple counter, loosely based on Fraggle's counter.wad (for Boom), proving that voodoo doll conveyor belt scripting was already possible back in 1994. Also included are a second level that demonstrates a few more engine quirks, and an ...Date:12/20/08
Size:52.28 KB
Author:Paul Hiebert, aka Creaphis

The Sinister Courtyard (Beta Verson)
This is a courtyard in a castle. It's not one you would want to visit. :-) Although designed for single player, this level does allow multiple players. This level is still under construction, but I just wanted to get feedback from Heretic fans on...Date:04/06/95
Size:12.3 KB
Author:C. David Young

Dungeon 1
This is my first level for HERETIC. Although I have made several other .WAD files, they are all for DOOM and DOOM II. This PWAD will be followed by MANY more, hopefully to create an entire Dungeon Episode for HERETIC! Look for following HDUNG##.ZIP...Date:03/27/95
Size:21.36 KB
Author:Scott Johnson

Ascent From The Depths
A large level with intense combat and sinister puzzles. Secret doors are shown on the automap and visual clues provided. You get the Mace weapon near the beginning (always a plus!). All weapons are included. The crossbow is attainable if you use the ...Date:06/10/06
Size:62.95 KB
Author:PCA Joseph

Oh! Most Heinous.
The Elf overlords have chosen you to be droped in the old ruins, in an attempt to reclaim them. They kindly remind you to take care, before bowing their heads and muttering the chants - which send you to the old world on a mission!...Date:08/04/06
Size:42.86 KB
Author:Blackfist (aka Jonathan Holman, aka Blackfist1)

Here are three wonderfully challenging levels for Heretic. A word of advice: You'll most certainly need to realize that one of the best ways to get rid of a lot of baddies is to create a little dissension among the ranks. 'Nough Said!...Date:06/18/18
Size:103.54 KB

First game, first level of registered version of HERETIC....Date:10/07/15
Size:41.5 KB
Author:Dan Reames

Hell's Maw 2 for Heretic
Size:1.01 MB

This is fair and well balanced level for Raven Softwares...Date:08/09/95
Size:32.99 KB
Author:Joseph Labrecque

Hell's Hall
FOR REGISTERED VERSION OF HERETIC ONLY!! It's a Hall. It's in Hell. You should play it....Date:08/09/95
Size:25.01 KB
Author:Joe King 75322.2466@COMPUSERVE.COM

Dorks 'R Us: Graphics and Sound WAD, full version
This version of this graphics and sound WAD will replace eight musics, 28 sounds, 1 weapon, 4 bad guys, and some other stuff. Every change I've made is something totally demented and silly. (See complete list below)...Date:11/13/97
Size:678.01 KB
Author:Alex Bobbs

HERETRIX - 8 different Levels for HERETIC Ep #3
Lots of secret/hidden areas & TRAPS too! try the walls each area you can, beware of the "easy to snag" rings, they make good trap-bait! The rooms have HIDDEN doors, passages, lowering- floors, (they are quiet compared to a door/lift) Some new levels,...Date:06/12/18
Size:218.41 KB
Author:Kent the' Hacker

Size:1.04 MB
Author:Guy Babin

Heretic's Water Pit
E1M1 This is my first Heretic level. If you have seen some of my doom levels, you know what I can do and what to expect from this one....Date:03/20/97
Size:50.67 KB
Author:William Drummond

Chess Pawn (for HERETIC)
Have you ever felt like a Pawn in someone's (or something's) game of chess? Well if you haven't now you will... : This is a large level with several secrets, all weapons are included, and a grand finale on a chess board. This is the first level I've ...Date:05/12/06
Size:58.79 KB
Author:Michael S. Youngs

Palace of Malice
Palace of Malice is an enormous level for Heretic (1.0) E1M1 which features some very nice texture alignment with a lot of time put into the making of the environment. This WAD supports all modes of play, but I think it's just great for DeathMatch Ma...Date:05/12/06
Size:100.02 KB
Author:David J. Reid a.k.a. MoonLust

Large level, all keys used. It's fairly hard. It's divided into 4 sections...blah blah. I can't think of a good story, so just play it....Date:06/25/97
Size:34.77 KB
Author:Der Teufel

You are a guardian of an ancient prison. All wend fine until now... (First map of maybe one day full episode.)...Date:03/29/11
Size:64.23 KB
Author:Peter Blacha

New Dungeons
Hello world, this is my first ever created map. It's a very big map for Heretic with plenty of monsters that can give you some challenge. The map's name is `New Dungeons`....Date:08/04/10
Size:304.29 KB

My first wad. Used my name in the map because I never intended it for anyone else (test wad). Then I figured hey why not, someone else might enjoy it. Its got some pretty hard areas but they can be beat. Just look at what's lying around and use it to...Date:06/02/95
Size:37.86 KB
Author:HJ Desjarlais

Lava Flow
This level has been tested on a 486 SX2 40 and a 486 DX2 66. All levels of difficulty play accordingly. This wad is tough on ultra violent, but is completable without cheating. If you die a lot, which you will, then try a different approach. Save you...Date:10/07/15
Size:32.88 KB
Author:Greg Hagedorn aka (The Poolman)

Holiday in the village
A map placed in a city like E1 style. Combat is hard but not impossible. The map is quite ugly, so don't you hope an awesome architecture....Date:06/24/11
Size:81.13 KB

Heretic Level. Very Large. You are a young Mage who has returned to your village only to find all the people you ever knew or loved dead. Its up to YOU to find out what happened....Date:11/23/95
Size:123.57 KB
Author:Wayne Leutwyler

House of Horrors - A Haunting Heretic Experience
Do You Enjoy Haunted Houses??? Then you'll love House of Horrors. Just like going through a haunted house Without leaving your home or office. House of Horrors includes: Numerous secret passages Exciting and horrific sounds Innovative graphics Many...Date:11/01/95
Size:1021.1 KB
Author:Mike Adams

My house!
You start in the hall and a whord of undead things have over taken Ben's house. It is your job to rid it of all monsters!...Date:06/04/98
Size:63.05 KB
Author:Ben Delo

Cave of the Heretic
A brand new Heretic level! You don't see many of these anymore....Date:08/05/01
Size:65.3 KB
Author:Martin Koch

Many monsters, dangerous terrain. Save. Things are not what they seem....Date:03/23/96
Size:72.56 KB
Author:Marvin Cantwell

One More level
A castle/fortress type map for Heretic....Date:04/05/06
Size:54.02 KB

Heretic Un_wad
My First attempt at a wad, hope it doesn't suck too mightily...Date:01/24/96
Size:88.49 KB
Author:Dave Bolin

Raging Waters
This level is for Registered Heretic v1.2. Take a trip down the raging waters to the many caverns below. This level was intended for single play, but works well in deathmatch. We had a lot fun in deathmatch. There are several places for sneaking up o...Date:06/12/18
Size:37.18 KB
Author:Greg Hagedorn (The Poolman)

The Sewers
Herein lies a brand new level for ID software's Heretic that features plenty of monsters, secrets, and weapons. Set in a water treatment plant straight from Hell! Enjoy!...Date:07/29/95
Size:63.5 KB
Author:Steve Parker

pretty detailed wad with new music...Date:01/07/18
Size:26.82 KB
Author:Justin Bailey

Another Heretic Cathedral
Level 1 from Eternity converted to Heretic....Date:04/02/95
Size:57.97 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

HUNTED.WAD is for DEATH MATCH!!! Straight forward smash-mouth design in the spirit of FLENZERZ & MOJO.WAD. I always leave out that annoying CLAW so don't look for it!!! THE HUNT has been heavily play-tested and is ready for the pros... All my wads ar...Date:08/09/95
Size:35.77 KB
Author:MMR aka Steve Stauber [Accept no imposters!!!]

The Hunter
This wad was created for deathmatch, however the wad had enough action to go co-op or single. The world has changed. There is a mixture of places and time. The serpent rider is still on the horizon. He travels with the bull from the other side. It...Date:08/09/95
Size:10.76 KB
Author:Mark Lusk

White Plume Mountain II (HWHITE2.ZIP)
This is a HERETIC version of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons module: White Plume Mountain recreated by Stephen Woods. To call this a SuperDungeon is no understatement. (I've refereed the module no less than five times! It still gets requested by rpg gamers ...Date:08/30/97
Size:58.18 KB

The Docks HWHW
A small wad for my new megawad currently in beta stage....Date:07/13/00
Size:9.39 KB

Wizard's Rage
4 level dungeon romp that takes place in a castle which is built inside and around a mountain during the darkness of night with night background....Date:01/16/05
Size:304.54 KB
Author:David G Shrock

Wyvern Heights
This well designed level has quite a few areas to discover, it takes me (the author) about 18 minutes to complete the entire level with 100% kills and all secrets found in skill 4 mode. Please note that you must be alert in locatating certain sw...Date:11/04/95
Size:264.21 KB
Author:David J. Reid

5 Levels for Heretic version 1.1
Levels E1M1 -> E1M5. I've not had to many people play this yet so comments would be appreciated. I think Missions 3 ,4, and five would be good Deathmatch wads....Date:02/19/96
Size:281.55 KB
Author:Alan Atwood

Ice Temple of the Maulotaur
Lots of traps and pits, teleporting around. Most weapons are included. My first PWAD, so it's a little raw, but I'm proud of it! Made for single player, but good co-op. I haven't tried DM, but it's probably worth a shot (also, If you have advice or...Date:06/12/18
Size:22.36 KB

The Water Underworld [E2M1], D'Sparil's Lost Keep [E3M1]
These levels were originally supposed to be in a 45-level megawad that I wanted to create, but never did. I probably will create a total conversion with new weapons, monsters, items, sounds, and graphics. As well as some elements from Hexen, Hexen 2,...Date:09/25/99
Size:258.85 KB
Author:Pritesh Mistry [Ice]

Ichor: Blood of the Gods - Carnage Galore II
You thought carnage.wad was hard, well this new one makes it look easy. Not only is it much harder, but it is HUGE. It is nine levels covering the entire Dome of D'Sparil episode. You will be able to finish the level without having to find any secret...Date:11/04/97
Size:1.6 MB
Author:Robert Eckhardt

Incubus: The Dark Day in hell Sequel
It's after your last disaster with the demons. You've conquered the first world, A Dark Day in Hell, now you've come upon a whole different batch of demons... The forces of the Incubus. They're much stronger than their predecessors, but you've got so...Date:11/08/96
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Jeremy Wagner

Blasphemous Intent
Maps I made in 2001 that I never thought I'd see ever again -- made a throwaway comment and shot in the dark question about them on a DoomWorld forum thread and, long story cut short, they're HERE - in their unedited 2001 glory!...Date:01/02/18
Size:83.38 KB
Author:Jay X Townsend

Ivrel's World for HERETIC
On the planet known as Ivrel's World, humanoid culture was discovered at a level of development approximating the Terran Bronze Age. Their immense stone structures, called henges, suggest some connection or contact with primitave earth. Do you have t...Date:10/11/95
Size:193.01 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

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