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These are my first three tries at creating maps that work. The first map is the usual find the keys and battle your way out. The second map I started using more tags and switches. The third map also uses more tags and switches. Map 3 has one unusua...Date:05/22/96
Size:81.86 KB
Author:John Parr

Candy choppers
My first released Heretic level, replaces E2M1. Very small. Gameplay probably not perfect, I don't know much about Heretic. But I tried to make it an okay level....Date:06/08/01
Size:24.13 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

This level is for Registered Heretic v1.2. There are four puzzles that you must solve in order to find your way out. Remember that things don't always stay the same....Date:05/12/06
Size:89.02 KB

The Pit of Freedom
This wad was first designed with the intent of a good one person level but ended up progressing to the stage of a DeathMatch level with a little added work. It should be both enjoyable as a single player game and a death- match. You start at the top ...Date:04/12/95
Size:42.86 KB
Author:Stewart Presley

Planet X 1.0
Size:64.63 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

Proyect 1024
Single map wich size is 1024 x 1024 units....Date:01/31/11
Size:26.81 KB

A nice puzzling level for all you heretic lovers. NO NEED TO CHEAT IN THIS LEVEL!! Please email me with your comments...Date:08/22/97
Size:23.51 KB
Author:Gaurav Bedi

Quad Wads - Heretic version (Doom and Doom2 versions also available as and
All three of these wads are designed the same; one for Doom 1, one for Doom 2, and one for Heretic. It is a fast paced level that usually results in a lot of frags. The layout of the walls and transporters is identical in all three levels so if you l...Date:11/27/00
Size:22.17 KB
Author:Ron Williams

The Tomb of Quarix for Heretic
The Tomb of Quarix. The discovery of the resting place of this ancient, one-armed explorer of some of the lesser worlds in the Dark Zone of the galaxy. The Federation Health Agency sent several expeditions in search of the enigmatic and crippled necr...Date:10/31/96
Size:116.39 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

This is my second big solo/coop level. I tried to make it not too hard to play with some nice designs and some cheap tricks. I learnt a lot since my first wad (which was not as good as I expected). Anyway, this level is a lot of fun (Yeah, shure!). P...Date:01/02/96
Size:58.16 KB
Author:Michel PERIE a.k.a NEMESIS.

RECANT v1.1 for HERETIC v1.0
RECANT is a fairly large level and is geared more toward single play, although deathmatch and co-op are of course supported. The water room took me forever to put together, and the tower in the lava pit gave me nightmares with the texture alignment (...Date:05/03/95
Size:79.48 KB
Author:Dr. Sleep

Red Key for Heretic
Just a little mod that replaces the yellow key with a red one. I made this for use in Shadowcaster, but due to the sprite-based nature of the red key stuff, it didn't take long to work out that it could be used anywhere, really. So here it is - play ...Date:12/08/03
Size:116.41 KB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)

Reservoir Dogs
Size:38 KB

The River
You have just arrived within a monster infested complex and after fighting your way through...the river awaits....Date:06/02/15
Size:55.64 KB
Author:Stephen Hogge

The River Of Fire 5/20/00
Find the way back to the surface....Date:05/25/01
Size:150.49 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

You have defeated enemies that you never thought existed. Now you end up in a room in the center of a complex. The outer rooms are filled with new and stronger enemies. There are plenty of weapons and the equipment seems plentiful. The mission is to ...Date:08/09/95
Size:19.45 KB
Author:Mark Lusk

Temple of Rubik
Size:32.72 KB

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