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You start in the water, cross the way of _many_ priests preying silently (do not desturbe them, if you want to keep on living!) you follow the winds, and - may be - you will even arraive! ;)...Date:03/10/98
Size:53.72 KB
Author:Sonja & Sascha Nemecek

1st Heretic Level Built Check it out, it get pretty intense at the end....Date:04/05/06
Size:61.35 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr.

Satan's Dominion Series
Running... Hiding... They're everywhere... Running... Death everywhere... Home, safety.. Safe finnally, all my friends killed, my family... Satan, he found me, I can't hide. He has me. Darkness... Awakening. A cell, an unlocked door. Where am I? A wi...Date:08/09/95
Size:48.46 KB
Author:Eric K. Kostrowski

The Seven Chambers
This is an _incredibly_ immense level, with seven main areas. It has a good range of difficulties, and much time was spent on the design. Believe me, it's worth the download....Date:04/12/97
Size:114.67 KB
Author:Charlie Reis

The Sewers
Lots of secret rooms and hidden enemies fill this dark and foreboding journey into the depths of the sewers. Watch the 100-foot drop!...Date:12/03/97
Size:46.08 KB
Author:Spencer Snyder (

A 21st century Heretic episode covering many styles of level, both traditional and unusual as well. Having achieved everything I wanted to in DooM 2, I have decided to move on to Heretic 'cos it's just as easy to make levels for it as it is for DooM....Date:09/09/02
Size:1.63 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)

YE OLDE SMUDGE WAD (ChrisK for Heretic)
Size:86.22 KB
Author:Christen David Klie

11th Hour Stauf Wad
A reproduction of the Stauf mansion from The 11th Hour: The Sequel To The 7th Guest. PLAY DEATHMATCH WITH MONSTERS. STAUF.WAD is for DOOM, STAUF2.WAD is for DOOM2, STAUFH.WAD is for HERETIC. Very simple. An example command line for DOOM is C:\DOOM>DO...Date:11/12/05
Size:63.14 KB
Author:Mitch Feldman

Now you will fight in a decadent fortress, I recomend you to play on lower skills, because...Date:11/27/10
Size:93.62 KB

E1M1: A fairly simple level. E1M2: Tribute to Werdna Map based upon that of Wizardry I's first level, this level sheds new light on an old favorite. Short pillars are altars: You may pray to them or ignore them. E1M3: Soak-o-bahn You'll spend a...Date:03/17/95
Size:128.99 KB
Author:Larry H.

The Subterranean River
A river running through an underground city. Fight your way through the docks, the throne room, the flooded temple, a cathedral, the crypts and much more in this massive level....Date:09/23/96
Size:98.52 KB
Author:Keith Phipps

My first one and proud of it...Date:12/23/96
Size:36.84 KB
Author:Serge Derome

This is an alternative to the fine DOCKS level....Date:05/03/97
Size:84.24 KB

Symetrix level for Heretic
A simple yet challenging new level for Heretic.It is a fairly large original level that will keep your finger on your crossbow....Date:09/05/95
Size:49.85 KB
Author:Scott Mc Nutt

City of Tanash
City of Tanash is the necromantic hub of the so-called Sorceror's World, where many scientific principles do not apply. Can you survive the wizards and warriors?...Date:10/31/96
Size:56.38 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

TERRIN.wad-This wad is made for those people who don't like straight foward killing on heretic, It was made that if you hit a switch you better react quick or you have to do it over again. anyways enough with that stuff if your wondeing if theirs a s...Date:01/07/18
Size:40.66 KB
Author:IMAPUMA (its E-MAA-PU-MA, not I'm a puma)

The Graves of Thark for Heretic
The Graves of Thark. This world, in the Black Suns Zone, on the fringe of Faberian dominated space, was terraformed during the Second Empire, but with disastrous results. The world, called Necromancer because of the immense alien graveyard that was w...Date:10/31/96
Size:80.79 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

The Keep
Pretty Large E2M1 for Heretic, thanks to Reject Map Builder 2.1(82% eff.) runs well on 486sx-25....Date:03/02/95
Size:83.05 KB
Author:Chris White

A large Heretic map surrounding a central lift shaft whose floor can be raised and lowered. Beware of traps....Date:06/12/18
Size:59.36 KB
Author:J. Keith Foster

The thingy of Death...
Just some map my cousin drawed on some paper and then I just made this after it...with some modifications......Date:06/25/97
Size:13.79 KB
Author:Der Teufel

TIMEZONE.WAD - legalized version
Original PWAD for Heretic. Great Gameplay, New Sounds, New Grafix. From the Maker of the Absolom Series for Doom. Leveldesign based on the Absolom Series for Doom1 + 2. P.W. in 1995...Date:08/04/06
Size:152.62 KB
Author:Peter Wittkamp

The Graves of Thark for Heretic
The Graves of Thark. This world, in the Black Suns Zone, on the fringe of Faberian dominated space, was terraformed during the Second Empire, but with disastrous results. The world, called Necromancer because of the immense alien graveyard that was w...Date:09/25/95
Size:79.47 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

Small Wad with LOTS of things and MONSTERS...Date:01/15/18
Size:5.69 KB
Author:Justin Bailey (Better than Last)

It was especially dezigned for Cooperation. Very cool!! HAVE YOU EVER DREAMED OF A GAME MIXING -DOOM- -HERETIC- and -HEXEN-? Yeah? Then load this level and get the new atmosphere out of it!!!! DAMN!!! Check the new AWESOME graphics and sounds out! It...Date:03/30/96
Size:643.24 KB
Author:Michel PERIE a.k.a NEMESIS.

Town of Aquafort
The entry level that was supposed to be part of an episode. due to lack of time iv'e decided to release it as a standalone to see if my design and gameplay worth something....Date:09/27/12
Size:241.7 KB

The Trial
A rather large and intricate level with a hell of a lot of switches and creatures. Yes. The phoenix rod can be gotten....Date:05/13/96
Size:60.47 KB
Author:Merlin of Pleth

T1ny T1m'5 r0xx1ng l3v3l I
Level doodled down at 00:23 and finished at 10:47 the day after... Nice, cute, hard and blah blah....Date:06/25/97
Size:7.83 KB
Author:Der Teufel and T1ny T1m

The Indespensible T_DUNNxx.WAD Series - For Heretic
My one and only Heretic level, ive tried several more but lost interest (or the plot). Nonetheless its a good level and i prefer over my Doom series counterparts, yikes! My Doom and Doom2 levels can be found in T_DUNN01.WAD and T_DUNN02.WAD respectiv...Date:06/22/97
Size:31.83 KB
Author:Travers Dunne & Alister Dunne

Unholy Cathedral
This is a level for Heretic. A group of Disciples of D'sparil are holding a ceremony to resurrect their fallen leader. In order to perform this ceremony they have taken control of a sacred elven church and killed its inhabitants. You must find the ke...Date:01/26/96
Size:58.94 KB
Author:Carl Boothroyd

Underground Passage
Monster traps abound as you run through the passage. Remember to use the chaos device when stuck....Date:04/29/00
Size:46.74 KB
Author:Pritesh Mistry [Ice]

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