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Volcano Island (DeathMatch)
Simple Death Match with small water passages that lead up to a big clearing with erupting volcanos. This is my first one so give me some feedback. You can play cooperative, but its really only for Death Match. I added the Player 1, 2, etc. so it woul...Date:10/29/04
Size:8.53 KB
Author:Sean Torres

Valley of Saints
Watched by towering monuments to the greatest of D'Sparil's disciples, the Valley of Saints is full of certain death to any heretic that dare enter. Never the less, it is your quest to reach the chapel at the summit of the cliff and destroy the evil ...Date:10/06/13
Size:213.08 KB

Water Walls IV
Size:44.14 KB
Author:Philip Ward

Water Walls V
Size:30.83 KB
Author:Philip Ward

Water Walls VI
Size:37.58 KB
Author:Philip Ward

Water Castle v1.0a
This map is the sequel to Water City, and as such picks up where that map left off. I think I did a much better job with this map then the former, as the detail level is much higher and I've implemented a few cool traps and puzzles. There are two c...Date:05/03/99
Size:209.09 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Water City v1.0
In the Dome of D'Sparil there is an ancient underwater city that has recently been taken over by the minions of the dark wizard. It is your responsibility to remove the foul presence of these evil creatures from this place! City of the Damned? That w...Date:05/06/99
Size:204.51 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Water World
Water Water every where. Just because the tunnel looked one way the last time you walked down it, it dose not mean that it's that way now....Date:07/01/11
Size:57.28 KB
Author:Peter Guts

Size:53.84 KB
Author:Chris White

WIZARD3 - Heretic -(v1.2)
- This PWAD was created from the same author who created the WIZARD.WAD level that was in the TiC's WAD reviews (#7), And WIZARD2 which for some reason wasn't in the reviews...(Good or Bad)...? Oh well...If you liked WIZARD and WIZARD2, i'm sure you'...Date:08/30/95
Size:89.09 KB
Author:Phil Burnham

You enter the mountain dwelling on the orders given you by the Master Wizard of your small village. You are only an apprentice, and the task given you and your companions is to retrieve the fabled "HELL STAFF" for the Master Wizard. As you enter the ...Date:10/28/95
Size:213.71 KB
Author:Phil Burnham

(Rules) Up to 4 players each control one of 4 "keeps" (castle, pyramid, iron tower & caverns) in a pocket dimension. Each "Lord" has different weapons, magic & minions to use while both defending his turf (each keep holds keys or secrets the other Lo...Date:12/15/96
Size:214.35 KB
Author:Richard Dale Carlson

The wrath of the Gods
The wrath of the Gods...Date:08/04/06
Size:27.22 KB
Author:Blackfist (aka Jonathan Holman, aka Blackfist1)

Wizard's Revenge
You fell for the ultimate trap. The Death Test. Caught like a fly in a spider's web. Now you're just another monster in the maze. Your jailer is a cruel demon who loves to dish out pain. Not much of a roomate. The cell you occupy seems to be some kin...Date:12/15/96
Size:160.52 KB
Author:Richard Carlson

ˇYoU Will DiE!, you should run like hell to survive...
09 levels totally tested (ok!) that you can check out and play... and don't forget to save your game advances. (Well, I don't say it is hard to play... heh,heh... prove it ;)...Date:04/03/01
Size:457.77 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

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