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Naga's Abyss - Badman
Naga's Abyss exists in multiple dimensions in different forms simultaneously. This has drawn constant waves of evil creatures over the ages looking to use its power. It's time for you to cleanse this vile fortress!
Limit Buffet - Various, led by Large Cat
A set of maps and midis created according to strict limitations. Maps are generally short and on the easier side, with some spicy ones thrown in for flavor.
UAC Storage Surplus Project - Various (See UACSSP_cre...
Introducing... the UAC Storage Surplus Project! (UACSSP for short) We invite you (the Doom community) to help us do something with these satan-forsaken things! (make some maps themed around crates) The year is 2123. The ...
17th Birthday Map - Synami
Figured I'd dedicate at least a little of my birthday time towards making a special (speed)map! MIDI is original. UV/ITYTD are the only difficulties implemented. The latter is recommended for the first time playing, main...
TRENCH.WAD - UAC Project Night-Vision
Small, hell-themed MAP01 replacement for Doom II. Inspired by the early Scythe maps. Clean, minimal, and retro level design. DOS-compatible. Moderate difficulty. After conquering the UAC, Hell has taken note of our archi...
Head Trauma - AshtralFiend
Waking up from a nightmare, You get up in a haze of blinking lights. Rubbing your temples, you still feel your head aching from all the blows suffered on the last incursion to hell. Taking a quick look at your communicator...
Exoterrestrial - NoReason
A set of 5 chill, easy maps (for the most part), with map05 being an old map made for a now abandoned community project back in early 2020. There are a few harder and slaughtery sections, but the only big slaughter fight i...
Meat Machine - Treehouseminis
4 level wad. comp level 9 boom. slaughter type game play at times. level 04 is full "gauntlet" type Slaughter Heavily inspired by the game "Control", Liminal spaces, Brutalist Architecture. *STORY* You arrive at you're...
Mercurial Dregs - suzerduzer
Mercurial Dregs is a set of 3 boom-compatible maps themed around a broken world drenched in blood. They're very orange & red and I'd like you to play them. All difficulties have been implemented, so feel free to drop the d...
Black Diamond - suzerduzer
Black Diamond is a set of 5 boom-compatible maps set in the cavernous void of the sea. Uncover a forgotten civilization on your quest for the Black Diamond, a mystical artifact said to let its bearer see beyond death.
The Valley of Calm Trees - Smiling Imp
The Valley of Calm Trees is a fairly short single map for Doom 2, set in a relaxing forested valley. Intended as an early map in a small set I may or may not finish some day.
Chicocos S.A. - Cacodemon187
Just like I did for my scoliosis surgery, I'm making a commemorative map for my highschool graduation. November 10th was my last day of school, ending a very important process of my life and one I hold very close to my heart.
Speleology - Spammishh
After a little hike on a mountain, you found yourself falling through a loose bit of rock, stumbling upon a seemingly lost mining cave.
Xenobase - Human_Animal
A dark base filled with enemies and flashing lights. Get stronger weapons as you progress and make it to the exit.
Archie II Act I - Memeboi
Hello everybody, I present to you Archie II Act I a 15 map narrative/gameplay WAD about the life and times of Archeus Archie II Arrhenius, or at least, the first part of those. As you might have noticed from the title, thi...
Quoth the Raven - Various, Led by Death Bear and Egregor
Quoth the Raven is the 28th installment of the Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping series, created by BluePineapple72. The event ran during June of 2023, in which maps were created in a time limit of 8 hours or less. Epis...
Hell Revealations - Arsinikk and the SLOTTER Team
After 20 years, Hell Revealed is finally Back! Hell Revealations is a full-length megawad (33 maps + 11 bonus) created by The SLOTTER Team led by Arsinikk. Acting as a successor to the infamous "Hell Revealed" and "Hell ...
Hexen: Veil of Darkness - Captain Toenail
In a world shrouded in darkness, where the forces of evil hold dominion, one hero must rise to the challenge. Prepare for an epic journey into the heart of darkness with 'Hexen: Veil of Darkness' - a fresh and fiendish hub...
Deathbed - Marek Papay (Soulless)
After suffering through the pain of afterlife, Doomguy wakes up, in his coffin. Not sure what to do, he is immediately ambushed by demons, so he has no time to think. He has to fight, make his way home, to safety, but will...
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