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0verp0wer Weap0ns
Remember P0wer Weap0ns? Well, just the other day, I played TNT: the Lost Episode and found it WAY too hard. So I loaded it up with P0wer Weap0ns, and it was still too hard! I thought "Well, what's the point of an overpowered weaponset that isn't enou...Date:08/19/04
Size:323.69 KB

1337 Guns
Well, I just released this to be the first weapon replacement that actually powers down the weapons! It's not quite as good as my other ones, but I did it and just had to release it. :P...Date:08/19/04
Size:162.24 KB

Doomguy's Warzone All Stars!
This edition of Doomguy's Warzone is all about the very best monsters from the 3 generations put together as one epic cast. To see who made the cut in All Stars!, check out the credit texture to see the names of the enemies that made it here. This ...Date:10/27/12
Size:82.29 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Size:64.02 KB
Author:Sean Schroeder

The Most Impossible Difficulty Ever!!!!!
This is exactly what the title says. Since it's too long, I renamed it to "Doomguy 2000 Challenge!!!!!". The hardest difficulty ever is when you go up against me in combat. This intense challenge is only reserved for the very best players around the ...Date:08/11/12
Size:11.18 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

2048 Guns + Brightmaps
Intended as an optional addon to 2048 Units of /vr/, mostly cosmetic weapon alterations. Biggest gameplay changes is that weapons swap faster now, Pistol shoots faster but must reload and Plasma Rifle can skip its recoil frames by staying in short bu...Date:11/01/20
Size:6.43 MB

3D First Person Themes for DOOM 2
Weapons and Enemies taken from diffrent 3d Action Games. sounds ARE included....Date:10/25/99
Size:715.1 KB

Glitched Ending
This is the end result if the actual ending became glitched and scary....Date:04/14/15
Size:2.04 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Each wad file replaces all the Doom 2 original weapons...Date:08/16/04
Size:6.46 MB

Ancient Aliens Textures
Resources from the Ancient Aliens megawad. aa-tex.wad contains textures and flats. aa-mons.wad includes the custom monsters and custom decorations used in Ancient Aliens. playpal-aatex.png is the Ancient Aliens palette. You can use it as a base t...Date:07/17/16
Size:12.51 MB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

Here's a joke weapon I put together in an hour or two. Idk if anyone would even touch it, but here you go. Long story short, DoomGuy wakes up one day with some Rayman-esque powers, but slightly (just a bit) more painful for him and his enemies. Pre...Date:05/27/13
Size:19.06 KB

ACTION Revolution!
I have always loved Action Doom's weapons. Unfortunately, due to all the other dehackiness of the wad, I was unable to use the weapons with any other wad. I finally got so sick and tired of that feeling that I started this: a port of all of Action Do...Date:11/06/04
Size:367.28 KB

Advanced Allies
I've seen a lot of allies doom wads out there but this one is unique, the allies are almost like bots: They can pickup objects, they can use differents weapons and much more. These bots are "Vanilla Doom" style so don't expect them to jump, duck or s...Date:02/25/14
Size:5.11 KB

Guns Akimbo!
2 guns are better than 1 gun. So I've just made this for Doom. Weapons include alternate attacks for more fun....Date:01/13/16
Size:180.65 KB

Alando Guns X
Weapon wad that is so groovy you'll be addicted to it. It contains dynamic lighting for GZDoom users and has updated and fixed weaponry....Date:03/21/09
Size:19.85 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

This is a super cool weapon wad with zdoom put to the extreme....Date:01/04/07
Size:11.58 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Alando's Funny Weapon
A super funny and super powerful weapon that replaces the BFG (Hint: IMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH!!!)...Date:06/23/09
Size:195.99 KB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Alando Guns Reloaded
Weapon wad coming back for redemtion....Date:05/23/09
Size:15.29 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

The Alien of Adversity
A generic A L I E N that can bite or slash...Date:12/18/20
Size:111.64 KB
Author:Martin Howe

The Alien of Aggression
A generic A L I E N that can bite or slash This variant is primarily intended as a player helper to be summoned by a black magic artifact; as such, it is suitable for most game styles....Date:12/18/20
Size:125.65 KB
Author:Martin Howe

The Warzone Elites
This is an alternative gameplay mod to the already awesome Doomguy's Warzone. This game features only the very best and most powerful stars from the franchise. To make things even better, I have added player classes since people have been missing the...Date:12/26/12
Size:41.96 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

ALPHA GUNS (and more)
Way back in April of 1993 id Software sent to their Beta Testers the Alpha v0.4 of their upcoming game "Doom: Evil Unleashed". Most of the weapons, powerups, health and ammo never made it into the final game. Many of the early wall and floor textures...Date:10/07/99
Size:265.49 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political ba
Good ole nazi killing....Date:02/23/14
Size:13.31 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

Heretic Ammo HUD
Just a little utility wad that shows the ammo for all weapons (not just your current one) on ZDoom's fullscreen HUD....Date:05/17/11
Size:2.83 KB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Andors Beast
One of the most deadliest super-soldiers you could imagine. Just think of a one man army, whose missions consist of taking down batallions of numbers greater than 1000. The beauty of it is that as a player, he can be challenging, yet you can beat him...Date:12/21/10
Size:1.13 MB

ARMAS 04 (Weapons 04)
Replaces some Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These are the...Date:07/04/04
Size:353.35 KB

ARMAS 14 (Weapons 14)
Replaces almost all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These...Date:06/20/04
Size:285.32 KB

ARMAS 17 (Weapons 17)
Replaces all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These are...Date:07/11/04
Size:397.19 KB

ARMAS 18 (Weapons 18)
This is the weapons I used on Female Doom. It contains all...Date:07/11/04
Size:1.46 MB

ARMAS 19 (Weapons 19)
Replaces all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These are...Date:07/11/04
Size:533.38 KB

ARMAS 22 (Weapons 21)
Replaces almost all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These...Date:06/17/04
Size:360.21 KB

ARMAS 22 (Weapons 22)
Replaces almost all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones....Date:06/20/04
Size:582.72 KB

ARMAS 28 (Weapons 28)
Replaces all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. This wad has very funny weapons. These are the weapons in this Wad:...Date:07/04/04
Size:1.49 MB

ARMAS 29 (Weapons 29)
Replaces all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These are...Date:07/11/04
Size:1.77 MB

ARMAS 32 (Weapons 32)
Replaces all the Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These are...Date:06/20/04
Size:1.92 MB

Army of Darkness addon
Yet another Army of Darkness sound conversion. Army of Darkness is copyright of Sam & Ivan Ramie...Date:10/23/99
Size:896.66 KB

This is a Weapon Mod for ZDoom 2.0 96x with extra weapon...Date:04/11/06
Size:5.21 MB

Based on a plethora of the highest quality rock/metal midis, edited and fixed and edited some more. Also contains sound samples from a wide variety of sources (probably too silly considering the extreme quality of this project. oh well..) Wavet...Date:12/30/96
Size:1.56 MB

Eclipse is a weapons, monsters and engine mod for GZDoom. (My first wad ever :D) It updates the old Doom weapons to make them more modern, adds a custom HUD and a new Armor system. WEAPONS: Handgun Primary fire - Fire bullets Secondary - Load Dum-D...Date:12/23/07
Size:2.52 MB

ARMAS DE JOGOS (Game Weapons)
Replaces the Doom 2 Weapons with guns of those respective...Date:06/17/04
Size:1.36 MB

Babalor Beast
A more commonly seen boss monster like the cacotrite, only with a twist that makes him suit fast-paced action. I <3 40OZ...Date:12/21/10
Size:229.12 KB

Bad Guns Revised (compatible with Beautiful Doom)
This is an updated version of Bad Guns 2 mod. The main difference is that this mod is COMPATIBLE with Beautiful Doom 5, but doesn't require it to run. If you use it along with BD, you'll get some additional special effects, etc. You can use it standa...Date:06/01/10
Size:6.4 MB
Author:Jekyll Grim Payne

The Bad Guys
A set of monsters in DECORATE, plus some NAZI wall textures and swastika-motif transporter pads. The wall textures implement all of the wall-nazi-motif combinations (ZZWOLF* only contains some of them). This is used in my so-far unreleased BUTCHERY.W...Date:10/16/04
Size:1.3 MB
Author:Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)

Bala Beast
This creature is different from my other creations such that it better suits that moody, atmospheric, ambient horror genre of wad. He's definitely a real creepy creature that you should be careful about. His primary attack is... oh god! You should ju...Date:12/21/10
Size:959.23 KB

Barbershop Doom II
This is basically a weapons replacement for Doom II, replacing the weapons with barbershop items. The graphics are meant to be cartoony, and this WAD is meant to be silly, not serious, so don't download this if you want real weapons replacement....Date:05/17/03
Size:378.09 KB
Author:Samuel Horwitz (insertwackynamehere#)

Death Arsenal
My first ever weapon mod. Not *THE* most fancy, But it's pretty good. for a first one....Date:04/22/06
Size:763.22 KB

Beautiful Doom (version 6.2.0)
Beautiful Doom is the grandfather of enhancement mods, born in 2008, updated multiple times, and finally updated again in 2015, after a long silence. Version 6.0 was an ultimate update that took it to the next level. It's a mod that keeps original ...Date:07/16/17
Size:11.42 MB
Author:Agent_Ash aka Jekyll Grim Payne

Beautiful Weapons
This is a modification of "Beautiful Doom" by Jekyll Grim Payne. All of the things like shell casings, extra blood, and particle effects have been removed to make the wad more server-friendly. I made this entirely for online servers, and nothing more...Date:09/07/08
Size:2.04 MB
Author:Trathen Watson aka Tenement Funster

Replaces every single vanillia d2 enemy with lots of bees. Includes a whole new Icon of Sin behaviour....Date:04/24/16
Size:250.79 KB

This wad is a collection of the best sounds and gfx around combined to up the deathmatch experience. You will not find any stupid beavis and butthead or disney sounds here you will find sounds that sute DOOM2 deathmatch. Same with the gfx you wi...Date:06/21/97
Size:620.47 KB

Counter-Doom: EDGE
A nice big CounterStrike weapon mod featuring 26 weapons and smooth-as-hell frames! :D...Date:03/24/04
Size:11.88 MB

The BFG3500
Welcome space marine. This is the newest version of the BFG. The weapons men came up with a way to make it even more powerful. It does more then twice the damage, and takes out those monsters like nobody's business. Get yours today!...Date:09/11/99
Size:27.15 KB

Big Fucking Speech 9000
Is violence against Nazis justified, or is the solution to hate speech more free speech? Now's your chance to find out....Date:05/11/17
Size:670.73 KB
Author:1337 Doomer

Bubblegum Crisis DOOM Version 1.2.
Updated to the previous version of Bubblegum Crisis DOOM (version 1.1). Changes are: : Version 1.1 had all resources betweeen the S_START and S_END Lumps, which caused ZDOOM to think they were Sprites. I fixed it so that any data including face graph...Date:01/30/01
Size:757.53 KB
Author:Peter Kretschman ( Aaron Travis (originals) ( Richard Liou (ver

Brother in Arms
You can call a friendly solders with a radio. It's war time! **New Friends -United States Marine Corps -Special Weapons And Tactics -Nazi Schutzstaffel -Russian Spetsnaz -Japan Self Defense Forces -United States Colonial Marine Corps -Tank -Helicop...Date:04/03/12
Size:27.59 MB

Billy Doom
Kill My x-best friend billy and other moron's...Date:10/27/01
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Mark Dravich

That clean cut space marine image is gone.Thats right folks,BJ is now a full on biker! or at least he thinks he is.There are a few graphical changes in this wad,most mine.Some I took from other wads and improved them. Like the sights on some of the w...Date:10/25/99
Size:682.16 KB

The MegaBlaster
The ultimate in modern hand-held weaponary for the lone UAC Marine! Features: * Extremely high accuracy for snipers thanks to the EZ-Kill (tm) SAAS (Semi-Automatic Aiming System) * Massive 450 Shots Magazine, thanks to...Date:08/14/94
Size:154.89 KB
Author:Joe Cool Industries

Capt. Red's Bag 'O Blau!! (Version 1.4)
A set of new weapons inspired by immoral conduct by CW. While it's primarily designed for Deathmatch, it still has Some interesting serprises in singleplayer. no. I'm not spoiling anything else for you. :)...Date:10/31/04
Size:361.97 KB
Author:Paul "Captain Red" Whittaker.

The Blessed Engine 1.9
Doom, but much, MUCH harder. Most of the weapons and monsters have been radically overhauled, and are described hereunder. Getting out of E1M1 alive on skill 4 (without saving) suddenly becomes a tough proposition. Try it....Date:05/26/97
Size:1010.39 KB
Author:DOUG the Eagle and KANSAM

Blind Doom
This total conversion makes you blind as the title says. You can't see the enemy and the textures among other things, so this can be impossible or interesting to look at maps just as a novelty. On top of this you also can't hear anything so you are d...Date:10/06/12
Size:15.64 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

BLKSKY.WAD (night time version of TANDL.WAD)
This is a modification of Enjay's demo wad...Date:12/26/04
Size:66 KB

Giant gibs come out of enemies when you shoot them! A Dehacked patch included to make it last longer! An improved DSSLOP sound for gibbing! Recommended for ZDoom....Date:06/19/09
Size:14.9 KB

Blood Resource Pack Build 1
Resource WAD as base for level builders...Date:05/14/04
Size:2.27 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Blood of Bin Laden Ally Imperialist Items ACS Enter Script
You and your cadres set out to embark unto the maps of doom! Adversaries are aware of reinforcements. May God be with you....Date:08/17/15
Size:2.48 MB

Blood of Bin Laden Monsters
The time is the future. The Cold War remains to this day. Terrorist organizations managed to break into UAC facilities! They are looking for some warp gate technologies. They might use or make warp gates for their nefarious purposes. Right now, they ...Date:09/15/13
Size:19.35 MB

Bombay 72
Ever wanted to take a Baron or Revenant on in a fist (paw) fight on equal terms? Bombay72 recasts the player as a cat patterned after the Bombay incorporating some attributes of the sentient panther-like cat "Couerl" featured in A E van Vogt's short ...Date:12/20/02
Size:319.9 KB
Author:Martin Howe

Suicide Bomber Vest
It's a simple DECORATE joke weapon patch that replaces the BFG9000 with a suicide bomber vest. You press the button and BOOM! You're a goner along with anyone else near by. I got the idea to make this from playing Ghoul's Forest 2. If you find this...Date:01/18/07
Size:113.69 KB
Author:Cliff AKA Lizardcommando

After I finished Pyr0maniac, I said that I wasn't ever going to make another weapons mod using Dehacked again. I lied. :P...Date:06/22/04
Size:434.25 KB

Boogaloogaboo Beast
Though he may be a weak and frail, his repetitious attack is enough to down even the best of Doom veterans. I <3 40OZ...Date:08/13/11
Size:110.23 KB

The Revenge of BoomDoom
Size:701.58 KB

The Boss Monster Resource Wad
Inspired the The Monster Resource WAD, this is a WAD that is full of Boses and Mini-bosses which are designed to be used freely....Date:10/10/04
Size:2.72 MB

Postal 2 meets Doom in the form of weapons
The first mod about Postal 2 for Classic Doom and im the first in doing it as i saw. The amazing machete, the scythe, the head-popping Sledgehammer... Kill bastards with antrax-filled cowheads, napalm launcher and the secret taliban weapon of mass de...Date:05/28/07
Size:4.32 MB

British Doom Localisation Patch
This is a localisation patch which changes Doom to use British spellings. It replaces the status bar graphic and changes some of the internal messages using dehacked. Use british.wad when playing Doom 1 or Final Doom: Plutonia. Use britd2.wad whe...Date:01/28/06
Size:6.94 KB
Author:Simon Howard

Brutal Doom DeHackEd
Weapons from Brutal Doom v19 with the Rifle and Plasma Rifle reloading after releasing the fire button. Compatible with Vanilla Doom and any sourceport that supports .deh files. NOT DEMO-COMPATIBLE!...Date:07/17/20
Size:203.18 KB
Author:TDRR. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.

Brutalist Doom
Brutalist Doom is a WAD that retextures Doom to a have a Brutalist architecture. From Wikipedia: "Brutalist architecture is a movement in architecture that flourished from the 1950s to the mid-1970s, descended from the modernist architectural movem...Date:08/08/14
Size:39.14 KB
Author:1337 Doomer

Bushface (or "Face of Bush", as I originally called it) is a silly HUD face replacement. I originally released it in 2004 to Doom Connector community, and now it's 2015 and I decided to upload it to the idgames/ archives so it can be preserved for al...Date:08/05/15
Size:164.34 KB

Realistic Weather for Cold as Hell: Special Edition
This addon is designed to run with Cold as Hell: Special Edition. It will provide the option of enhanced weather effects for faster computers. By default, the addon will be set to 4 times the normal amount of snow....Date:12/18/08
Size:4.45 KB
Author:Jon "JonnyFive" Washburn

Captain N: The Game Master, Version 2
Based on the hit TV series of the same name!...Date:01/21/98
Size:1.37 MB
Author:Mark Moore and Dragonicus

Carwarz is a graphics and music conversion for DOOM. It features humerously unique graphics and brighter cheerier music....Date:08/16/95
Size:1.03 MB
Author:Brian Mcguire and Andy Scherer

Corrupt Bathroom busting Bloodbath
Have you ever wished for an overpowered rocket shooting chaingun?...Date:10/12/14
Size:4.25 KB

Gasoline-Powered Chainsaw 1.1.1
This is a small Doom/Doom II gameplay mod that utilizes ZDoom derivated ports' DECORATE functions (GZdoom, Skulltag, Zandronum, etc.) to change the behaviour of the Chainsaw. It includes .pk3 files for Vanilla Doom as well as popular mods (currently ...Date:05/26/18
Size:48.17 KB
Author:Rodrigo "Rusco Istar" Gonzalez

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bandit Experience: Retro Edition 1.4
Cheeki breeki, we bandit now, and 2d to boot! Featuring gratuitous Russian swearing, drunken hijinks, and godawful polka that won't ever stop! For added fun, remember to bind your "altfire" and "use inventory item" keys!...Date:07/03/14
Size:2.62 MB

Creatures of Mine
This wad will replace the cacodemon into a spikey grey thing, some of the sounds, and the goat head thing on level 30 into a picture of me when I was little. I couldn't think of a name for my creature. If you have one email me....Date:01/04/97
Size:111.81 KB
Author:The brain of Walter Stabosz
EDGE only!!!! This shit is now public. A bunch of stuff picked out and put in a WAD. Yes, I credit all of em (including some stuff by myself)....Date:09/13/00
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk

CLASSIC, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
A file that constains some new Music (from levels 1 to 6) and some new stuff. This is one of my first Texture Wads; when I found WinTex. Take a time and enjoy this WAD file....Date:11/24/99
Size:68.75 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

This is another complete weapon conversion that I have made. The catch is, all (but 3) of the weapons can only be used when you're close-up to the baddies! It may sound like a stupid idea, but I've tried to balance it out by making the weapons very p...Date:01/31/04
Size:1.07 MB

Commandos! Doom
Commandos! Doom is a weapons mod for EDGE 1.28a. The basic goal I had in mind while making this was to replace most, if not all of the weapons and add a few new ones into Doom. I decided to keep the number of weapons small, around 10 or so, and make ...Date:01/10/05
Size:448.96 KB

Codename_Delta's Personalised Doom!
A cosmetic mod that changes sprites and sounds of some things, optional gameplay altering dehacked file included....Date:09/04/22
Size:770.79 KB

COD ray gun
This is the first known COD ray gun recreated in Doom. I dunno if it's been done before, but have fun with this, and use it for whatever... I made this as accurate to the COD ray gun as much as I could. Like I said, if you wanna use it for somethin...Date:05/13/16
Size:53.13 KB
Author:Sgt Ender, aka Enderkevin13

CooL! patch for DooM ][
Just a patch and WAD that replace...Date:07/03/97
Size:61.42 KB
Author:CrimsonTears (Paul Nienaber)

Corrupted Dreams
Okay... I hereby declare this to be my LAST DeHackEd-based weapons mod I'm ever going to make. Why? Because, DECORATE based weapons are finally here (and I mean it this time... I have a whole other mod finished using that system, but I can't release ...Date:04/07/05
Size:1.19 MB

Crab: Thrown Together Weapons That Work
You know that crab enemy from Mega Man 9? Yeah, this has nothing to do with it. :P Crab is a weapon mod that isn't fully serious, and it's notable that there are very few weapons that you'd actually find in real life. You can count those on one han...Date:08/07/09
Size:1.12 MB

Cracked up sound/music
Cracked up sound/music for doom2! Many credits to all the Sound FX and music authors used in their WADs ,expecially REAL.WAD...Date:12/31/97
Size:1.27 MB

A crappy weapon mod thats basically a skin with no special dehacked work!
As the Title Says "A crappy weapon mod thats basically a skin with no special dehacked work!" I'll use WhackED next time, and I will do better, but as it stands, this be me first mod! Hmm, I await the low scores.......Date:01/27/05
Size:196.19 KB

Crazy Doom v2.0
Five new monsters, some graphics, and a heap of wacky sounds for Doom, Ultimate Doom, or Doom II. This is one of the first patches I converted to wad format back in early 1997. It was distributed on local BBSs at the time but now I can dust it off an...Date:12/19/00
Size:386.88 KB
Author:Original version - Asylum Software Inc. Version 2 Update - Sparky of KISS Software

Cool Stuff ][
Just a few sounds, music and graphics I either mixed, ripped off, or created, all slammed together....Date:05/24/00
Size:893.77 KB
Author:Jon Janssen

A weapon mod with doom alpha weaponry and some weapons that look like they are ment to be in the doom alpha. This mod is best played without crosshairs. (google EDGE doom, and check the edge site for 1.29 RC2. Or if someone is kind enough, post the l...Date:08/11/05
Size:771.63 KB

Alright, here is Byron, another fucked up name by someone who has insomnia to do this shit. Anyways, this was is somewhat unbalanced ( I tried balancing with the weapon bob to make it harder to aim the gun, if you start to get sick, stop playing and ...Date:02/23/05
Size:1.62 MB

Well, here we are again. Another generic weapons mod. But this time I experimented with a bit of coding. Oh and it's much harder this time around (due to most weapons being clicked and me pumping the hell knytes health to an evel 1500. And the names ...Date:02/21/05
Size:318.64 KB

New mod, new stuff, new fun, enjoy! ^___^ Don't forget to idchoppers! You'll see :P...Date:03/17/06
Size:2.64 MB

WW decides that life is not worth living, so he asked me to chop off his head, and stuff it full of magical feathers. Now it's a megasphere of ownage stuff. This is a joke wad....Date:04/15/05
Size:1.22 MB

Starcraft weapon sounds rescorce- for the weapon modders
A bunch of sounds from starcraft. Good for weapon modders. Comes in 8 bit and 16 bit flavor. 8 bit is recommended for edge and zdoom, 16 bit is for edge only....Date:04/15/05
Size:2.26 MB

Shut up and Bleed
Gameplay modification that makes the game harder and more like a survival horror, managing ammo and overall making it far more stressful....Date:04/16/13
Size:27.87 MB

Custom Marathon Ally Pfhor Items ACS Enter Script
You and your cadres set out to embark unto the maps of doom! Adversaries are aware of reinforcements. May the Hindmost Creche (including the Pfhor High Council) be with you....Date:12/22/19
Size:30.77 MB

Custom Marathon Ally UESC Items ACS Enter Script
You and your cadres set out to embark unto the maps of doom! Adversaries are aware of reinforcements. May God be with you....Date:12/22/19
Size:1.54 MB
Author:Mjolnir Mark IV

Custom Marathon Monsters
An cult takeover over UAC facilities just happened. UESC pipes in as a response to the situation. UESC intelligence believes that the cult is working w/ Pfhor organizations. UESC decides to pair up w/ UAC to contain the situation. Unfortunately, the ...Date:12/17/13
Size:17.84 MB
Author:Mjolnir Mark IV

Custom Marathon TeamDM UESC vs Pfhor Items ACS Enter Script
UESC and Pfhor fight it out on the sectors of doom! Whether it's frag count from Team Deathmatch, or life limit from Team Last Man Standing, Prepare for the hunt! May philosophy be with you. Sorry, warping non-applicable....Date:03/02/20
Size:3.39 MB
Author:H. G. Wells

DM Patch #1 (Inspired By Quake 3)
A Simple wad I threw together for use in my deathmatching with a friend. It is based on Quake 3 Arena, another game we like to play. Supposed to be simplistic, it sort of makes Doom deathmatch feel a little different. All weapons are replac...Date:07/24/05
Size:603.81 KB
Author:Cory Whittle

DM Patch #2 (Inspired By SiN)
A deathmatch gameplay enhancement, based on SiN. Not nearly as complex as my Quake3 based patch... All weapons are changed: 1: Fists Twice as strong as before 1: Plasma Accellerator In close combat mode. Is 3 times as powerful up close as ...Date:07/24/05
Size:652.83 KB
Author:Cory Whittle

Cory's Clay Pidgeon Target Practice
So, you think you are a whizz with Doom's weaponry? Think again, hot-shot! Take my clay pidgeon target practice, and get to work on random, fast moving targets! For EDGE, I've given all the standard Doom weapons an alternate-attack which throws a cla...Date:09/08/00
Size:9.26 KB

DOOM3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari v. 6.0 (legalized version)
'DOOM 3 - Mr. Smiley Heads Safari' was an underground version of DooM. The makers of d3safari were a group of young hackers, who called themselves IMPACT. They have merged several previously existing levels and enemy-replacements for DooM, that have ...Date:08/04/06
Size:1.01 MB
Author:Impact Software Main Hacker/Programmer: Calvin Wong Editor/Hacker in Chief: Ken Wu Graphics Design/P

Deh4T (Death Foretold) DeHackEd
A Doom 2016 weapons mod for any source-port that supports .deh files. With pretty smooth animations and sounds from the PSX version of the game. Plays amazingly well with Doom 64 Doom 2. NOT DEMO-COMPATIBLE!!...Date:07/17/20
Size:409.23 KB
Author:TDRR. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.

Replaces Doomguy with cyborg Daisy in The Ultimate Doom. Features new cutscene text, Daisy status bar portraits and sound effects, bunny-appropriate health pickups, and more....Date:08/22/19
Size:235.18 KB

Universal damage numbers mod for Doom engine games. 'Nuff said. Load this alongside any GZDoom-supported IWAD (or stick it in your autoloads), shoot some foes, and marvel as little numbers fly out. Huzzah! Works independently of other mods, unless ...Date:05/19/19
Size:46.35 KB
Author:Xaser Acheron
* DarkImpHer.wad is a wad that allows you to place a new monster in a ZDoom level. * DarkImpDoom.wad is a wad that replaces the normal Doom(2) imp with the dark imp sprites. You only need to copy and paste the contents of the wad into your wad...Date:09/02/03
Size:71.78 KB
Author:Kara "Nanami" Rader

Doom Anomaly's Shotgun!
This is Doom Anomaly's Shotgun sprite he posted in...Date:08/04/03
Size:34.82 KB
Author:Ralphis, Doom Anomaly

How'd you like to blast baby dolls? Obliterate Barbies? Destroy defenseless old curly-haired dolls with a rocket launcher? Well, now you can! This Doom patch is based on character I invented and drew into gruesome, hideous comics full of blood and...Date:01/03/95
Size:297.3 KB
Author:Ricardo Lafaurie

This deathmatch-oriented patch will make your games a totally weird experience! Pickup beer,hamburgers and coke cans to restore your energy. Rocket launcher beco- mes the Deadly Sucker, and plasma gun becomes Smarties launcher! The marines ...Date:11/15/97
Size:402.28 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice / DeF-46!

It's a weapons mod with DEHSUPP. My main aim for this weapons mod was to create a few original ideas with this mod an IMO I have acheived it....Date:12/24/04
Size:255.26 KB

Doom: Dark Forces Arsenal
Size:5.84 MB
Author:James A. Murdah III

Doom Guns Amplified
Sometimes we just want Doom guns to be more... POWERFUL, dammit! This simple little mod takes all of the standard guns and amplifies their performance to make them much more deadly (this is obviously cheating and intended for fun)....Date:03/05/11
Size:721.39 KB
Author:zer0 aka Jekyll Grim Payne

D-Gun Weapon Set #1
This is a replacement for most of the guns. The enemys got new attacs too. New graphics for the guns are included, the monsters still lok the same. If you like this weapons and want to create a level wad around it, feel free to do so....Date:05/24/04
Size:68.54 KB
Author:Ralf Wueltener

Doom Gold 15 & Doom Gold 15 Bright
Sound, and (some) music/graphics replacements PWAD for commercial DOOM II - Hell On Earth (WORKS with the new 1.9* series)....Date:12/22/95
Size:1.08 MB
Author:out there will purchase this fine book!



Human Enemies for WWHC-Diaz
A special patch made for Wildweasel's new version of his famous Diaz: The Last Hours of Purity mod ( featuring all- human and mechanical enemies. What would have happened if Diaz had arrived on Phobos only a few hours earlier? Probably s...Date:10/25/08
Size:3.17 MB
Author:Woolie Wool

Divine Intervention 2
It's the new and improved Divine Intervention. The old weapons, completely overhauled, plus eight new weapons including the bunny bomb, the shrink staff, freeze staff, and Winchester Rifle...Date:12/10/05
Size:1.16 MB

Divine Intervention
A weapons mod focusing on magical types of weapons such as the voodoo doll, the plague staff, and the Holy Hand grenade. #CLEARALL command added to remove all original doom weapons. (Thanks to WildWeasel)...Date:03/15/05
Size:582.42 KB

"Divine Malice" Weapons Mod
After so many months of working on the Weapons Resource wad, I decided to make this little modification. Composed of only some of my new weapons, I hope to try and make more into this series....Date:10/09/05
Size:566.52 KB
Author:Mike "Inuyasha_989" Kasten

Divine Malice II
for links)...Date:11/15/05
Size:625.69 KB
Author:Mike "Inuyasha_989" Kasten

Doomguy's FORCED and PAINFUL Chocolate Shotgun.
Doomguy gains a special attack by using special super laxative pills, which cause his behind to violently erupt with the power of 4 SSG blasts, at the cost of some of his health. Great as a closer quarters surprise weapon! Compatible with all Doom ga...Date:03/21/11
Size:105.84 KB
Author:Maes, phi108

DOOM IN GRACELAND - Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love (pwad-version)
Size:311.3 KB
Author:Robert "Aaron" Bukoski

Sorry, I have no time to translate the full documentation for the party, so here is the minimum instructions to get you going with this WONDERFUL -GREAT FUN- PATCH. Well, in english LUTIN should traduce by something lik...Date:11/12/96
Size:457.73 KB

Well I have done it again! Total mayham shall continue! What you see before you is an addon like none-other. With over 20 full features, this will be the ride of your life!...Date:08/11/96
Size:742.71 KB
Author:James Rizzo and his staff

Demented Reality A DeHackEd revolution!
This mod is a bit of a tech demo: It combines DeHackEd and DECORATE in a way that has never been see before....Date:08/06/05
Size:523.44 KB

DeathMatch Weapons Set 1
Now it's here! No more superweapon patches to be used in Deathmatch. And no more single weapon hacks! Includes five new weapons, each one different. Also there is better gore! Guts fly, tasty! Cattleprod: Close combat weapon that makes an ele...Date:05/04/98
Size:135.59 KB
Author:Kerkko Välilä

Deathmatch Guns by DoomKid
Am I the only one who likes the thought of a gun mod for Deathmatch that isn't over the top? I've seen many mods out there like Brutal Doom, Real Guns Advanced and even Burl Tumd, and while they're all REALLY fun, they seem to make things just a tad ...Date:05/02/14
Size:5.04 MB

MP5K Sub-machine gun
This replaces the chaingun with a MP5K sub-machine gun. The original gun graphics are taken from the MP5K weapon add-on for Duke Nukem 3D by Ian Jones. I had to modify the sprites a little, but it turned out okay. I got the icon for the weapon from D...Date:08/01/99
Size:6.39 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Doom2:2_2 - The Time Travel Saga 2 - Endgame
THE STORY OF DOOM2:2:2- "Ah! I stoped the invasion AGAIN! Yay!" you shout after you finished off the sinful icon. 5 years later, after your retirement, you get the call to travel through time, and you get deja-vous. You're not going to do the same mi...Date:10/02/03
Size:75.23 KB

Doom2:2 - The Time Travel saga.
THE STORY OF DOOM2:2 After you've destroyed the icon of sin, earth gets re-built, countrys come together, everyone's happy. 5 years after your retirement, you get a call from your old commander, Commander Ragg. He calls you up and goes "TaaaGGGAAARRR...Date:09/05/03
Size:208.28 KB

Size:3.2 MB
Author:Mark A.k.a As The Goof

Doom Enhanced
This add-on enhances Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom, evolving various features of it into something more interactive and visually interesting, via features from the games it inspired, without altering the core gameplay too much. For details, see the bot...Date:07/12/08
Size:2 MB
Author:The Kins

Doom Hack - version 2
This is a fantasy super-weapons patch for Doom2, featuring a complete set of awesome telekinetic weapons. The player's face in the status bar has been modified, and there are also some changes to the monsters, things and texts. New to this version ...Date:03/24/00
Size:39.54 KB

Doom: Operational Support
In the vein of Immoral Conduct, this WAD is merely a gameplay hack that works with nearly any map. So long as said map doesn't have a DEH that changes the game substantially (ie. HacX), it works....Date:12/31/03
Size:2.86 MB

It is a program that I have made for Doom. It consists of DeHackEd patches and a WAD file. It's really awesome, if I do say so myself!!! :-) It's based on the T.V. series "SLIDERS", created by Tracy Torme and Robert K. Weiss....Date:01/01/97
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Mark Moore

Drew Carey sounds & grafix from the Drew Carey Show
Drew Carey sounds & grafix from the Drew Carey Show. Audio clips came from the Mad About Drew! webpage ( ) Thanks to the usual guys, and the url that provided my sounds for the WAD. Also other U...Date:08/30/00
Size:1.72 MB
Author:Chris J "you know my email" Pisarczyk

A time rift opens just before you go to entryway. Something went wrong! Weapons from different places in the future and years gone by have become yours! Its sci-fi freeze tech with modern glock-18!...Date:04/04/05
Size:227.69 KB

The Great Destroyer
Hehe, just a random weaponset I cooked up one day. However, this one is designed for maximum compatibility, so it can be used on Skulltag as well, for some online multiplayer action. Still, That doesn't mean that I didn't have room for a couple of sw...Date:01/16/05
Size:622.35 KB

DSV 3 patch for ZDoom 2.0.93+
Becuase I was bored I made a patch that allows the WARALLIES.WAD patch for DSV 3 to wokr properly with ZDoom. Includes new sprites so you can diffrentiate between normal monsters and their friendly counter parts....Date:02/06/05
Size:160.23 KB

Don's Dark Forces Pack
Three (3) seperate patches, which replace certain DooM 2 weapons with Lucas Arts' Dark Forces weapons. Also, these are "new" , not the old crappy recycled DF graphics that everyone's used to. PATCH #1 DT-AUTO.WAD, DT-AUTO.DEH Replaces Chaingun and ...Date:06/23/99
Size:71.18 KB

40mm Grenade Launcher from Dtcog12
Title says it all. These graphics originated in Shadow Warrior as well, but were seriously patched up by me. Standard grenade launcher type thing. It comes in two versions: MBF only, and all other engines. I suggest you use the MBF version, but if no...Date:06/15/99
Size:23.18 KB

Replaces chaingun with ultra cool M-16 assault rifle. Fires a little faster....Date:06/13/99
Size:18.35 KB

Machine Gun
Another 'straight on' style patch. This one replaces the chaingun with a MP40 type machine gun. It doesnt function any different, but looks really cool nonetheless. You may recognize it from the many wolfendoom series, by Laz Rojas. (what? you haven'...Date:06/18/99
Size:6.74 KB

Replaces shotgun with cool .44 magnum Hand-Cannon...Date:06/13/99
Size:26.85 KB

Ever notice that the Shadow Warrior shotgun looks more like a chaingun? I did. And here it is. This weapon is one mean S.O.B.! Please note that I did modify the frames slightly....Date:06/14/99
Size:33.68 KB

Mini Gun 2 & sawed-off shotgun
This is a 'down the barrel' style weapons patch. Some people prefer it that way. Replaces the chaingun, with the excellent T2 style chaingun from Beyond DooM: The Apocalypse TC by Anthony Galica. Also replaces the shotgun with a shorter, sawed-off Do...Date:06/18/99
Size:51.39 KB

Shadow Warrior Missile Launcher
The missile launcher from Shadow Warrior, a cool game by 3dRealms. It replaces Doom2's rocket launcher, with some artistic license from myself, as usual. Only fires in one mode (no heat or nuke). Also, a cool new explosion, also from SW. NOTE: These ...Date:08/05/99
Size:62 KB

Don's Enemy Pack Updated Edition
**Now works with ZDOOM** Fixed some reported bugs.. -Revenant respawn bug fixed- -Revenants are grey now, much better looking- -Minor adjustment of some hit points- -Guardian Demon fireballs have rocket death- -SS Guys have shotgun attack- (because I...Date:01/13/00
Size:1.06 MB

Pipe Bombs
Replaces rocket launcher. Pipe bombs that you throw, hit the ground, wait, explode. There's no way to get them to use a detonator, so they work on a short fuse instead. You can collect a bunch of pipe bombs, but you need to find one with a primer bef...Date:06/18/99
Size:19.68 KB

Alternate Shotgun
Replaces the DooM shotgun with a new one. Uh... it's black, you hold it off to the side, you don't lift it over your head to pump it.... Oh, and as an added bonus, you can reload faster. I mean, you're a Marine for Christ's sake! You should be able t...Date:06/13/99
Size:8.36 KB

"Firestorm" Shotgun
Did anyone see the movie 'FireStorm'? If you did, and you are like me, you would have noticed a rather excellent shotgun that saw some action all the way through the film. I liked the shotgun, so I felt like putting one in DooM. Lucky for me, the 'Fi...Date:06/14/99
Size:30.73 KB
Author:Don Tello

Kingpin- 'Life of Crime' shotgun (version 2)
This is an Ass-kicking re-make of dt-shot3. The sprites are considerably less grainy, the animation is better, and the weapon is black instead of green. Replaces Shotgun. I included the icon this time, as well as re-loading frames (may require offset...Date:04/12/00
Size:51.91 KB

dt-sin2 (dehacked version)
An update / replacement of dt-sin2, now with 143% more quality! See bottom of text file for more info. Replaces all of Doom II's weapons with those of SiN. The only weapon I didn't do is the "spider mines" I admit my prior laziness, so now you can us...Date:06/03/01
Size:642.75 KB
Author:Don Tello Sr.

Single Barrelled Break-Action
Replaces the DooM II double barrelled shotgun with a severly sawed-off single barrelled. (Why? I dunno. Nothing to do. I need a break from working on the Dark Forces pack.) You only fire a 7-pellet spread, but the reload is faster, so it's not a comp...Date:06/23/99
Size:19.57 KB

Blood Shotgun
The double barrelled shotgun from the cool game 'Blood' by Monolith Software. Try to guess what weapon it replaces....Date:08/05/99
Size:20.62 KB

Replaces Doom II's Super Shotgun with the "Coach Gun" from 'Serious Sam - The First Encounter'...Date:06/03/01
Size:44.83 KB
Author:Don Tello Esq.

Samurai Sword
Replaces the chainsaw with a cool bloody samurai sword. Remember the scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis and his friend are being held prisoner in the pawn shop? Bruce passes up a shotgun, a chainsaw, then picks up a sword and proceeds to slash ...Date:08/14/99
Size:33.46 KB

Grab yer Thompson, Capone! Time to grease some no-good-dirty-rat-bastards!
Replaces chaingun with '30's style Thompson machine-gun. Also known as a 'Tommy Gun'. Great fun!...Date:06/15/99
Size:20.82 KB

Uzis from dtcog13
These are the re-done, improved uzis that I will be using later on. They're the same ones as in dtcog12, but are sharper, more colorful, and I adjusted the offsets a little. Also, if you tried to look at dtcog's .deh file, it was a mess. This one is ...Date:06/15/99
Size:20.01 KB
I'll forego the wadauthoring template, and go straight to the Point. For those of you who don't know, this is a wad & deh combo, used to change Doom2's gameplay slightly. Of course, this was made with a source port in mind, so you can use ...Date:12/05/99
Size:438.49 KB
Author:Don Tello

DUKE v1.0
Duke Nukem is lost in Doom...Date:08/20/00
Size:600.53 KB
Author:Frenkel Smeijers

Duke Nukem's freezer gun for Doom
This changes the plasma gun into the freezer gun from Duke Nukem 3D. It dosn't freeze people, but it makes a cool plasma gun. There is a .deh patch that comes with this that you have to use, or it will be all screwed up. Also, if you're using Smack M...Date:08/05/99
Size:20.63 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Duke Nukem's pistol for Doom
Replaces the pistol with Duke's pistol from Duke Nukem 3D. There's also a small DeHackEd patch that comes with this that you don't need, but I suggest using. You probably want to use a Doom port with a good crosshair, like Smack My Marine Up or ZDoom...Date:08/05/99
Size:8.4 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Duke's RPG for Doom
This replaces the rocket launcher with Duke's mighty RPG. This >should< work with Doom, Doom II, and any of the source ports. It has been tested with Boom, Zdoom, and Smack My Marine Up. I recomend using it with a port that has a good crosshair, like...Date:07/31/99
Size:13.45 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

NiN Doom2
I wanted a change. I was in a Nine Inch Nails mood, so i just added stuff. I took graphics off of the Unofficial NiN homepage as well as other web pages. I also took some of the sounds (of trent) from the unnoficial NiN homegage (from interviews). Th...Date:04/16/96
Size:781.74 KB
Author:Richard Parr III

Enhanced Weapons Patch (Doom / Ultimate Doom Version)
An addon for Don Tello's Enhanced Weapons Patch ( to enable the patch to be used with Doom v1.9 and Ultimate Doom v1.9 You WILL require Don's original Doom II version to get the graphics, sounds and DeHackEd patch. DTCOG40.ZIP is availa...Date:12/08/99
Size:37.39 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

Extreme Weapon Pack
Are you ready for the most realistic, annoying and frustating Doom experience? Enhace your gaming and frustration levels with the new EWP!...Date:09/22/13
Size:2.79 MB

The Exterminator (Light version)
It's a cartoony weapons mod for the latest version of ZDoom (2.1.7 as of this writing). This is supposed to be the remake of my EDGE weapons mod, Immoral Conduct: Lizard Edition (ICD-Lizard). There aren't as many weapons as ICD-Lizard but I'm sure pe...Date:01/18/07
Size:861.52 KB
Author:Cliff AKA Lizardcommando

Extreme Death
A huge Total Conversion in witch there are Five Marines to choose from. There are many different or *new* monsters (meaning that they are a player now.) running around with different wieights and si...Date:07/25/97
Size:10.5 KB
Author:Dan Dominowski
Size:1.41 MB
Size:1.29 MB
Size:1.27 MB
Size:1.32 MB
Size:1.53 MB
Size:1.7 MB

The beta lost soul
The beta lost souls from Press Release Doom & MBF, made available for editing use. You know 'em right? If you want to see the monster in action right away, type 'summon betalostsoul' at the console. For Dehacked user modifications, know that... ...Date:07/07/06
Size:16.18 KB

Extra 0verpowered Weapons
After playing Xaser's 0verpowered weapons, I thought...Date:05/06/05
Size:393.7 KB

Final Fantasy Spells!
Mainly the spells from Final Fantasy 4 in the doom perspective....Date:11/16/15
Size:1.04 MB

Freedoom warrior (hexen fighter)
This is my graphics of the recolored freedoom guy on hexen as the fighter, the black suit and yellow visor helmet, fighter fist is freddy kruger punch dagger, timons axe is hunting dagger, hammer of retribution is thrown dagger, and the quietus is a ...Date:12/04/18
Size:229.06 KB

Fire rifle
This Changes the plasma rifle into a new flame thrower...Date:04/26/97
Size:267.93 KB
Author:Gustavo Valdez

FIREGODS (version 2)
Ever wanted to be God? Ever wanted the power to strike down your opponents with a mere wave of your hand? Well HERE YOU GO! YOU are one of four FIREGODS, with almost total command of the element of fire. With a simple twist of your wrist, you ...Date:10/23/99
Size:93.77 KB

Welcome to Flame-Warfare!, a DOOM ][ patch that gives you more power than you'd ever imagined! The main changes that this patch brings are in the form of weaponry....Date:06/09/95
Size:268.13 KB
Author:Ryan Feltrin

Folnoba Beast
With the onset of summer, I present a non-hyped monster like you've never seen before. Imagine a creation that is not just symbolic of creation, but literally creates. A monster that can move faster than time can proceed to cause eternal suffering to...Date:06/05/12
Size:81.27 KB

Friendly Cooperatives 2
Marines that you can spawn to assist you when you are in a jam. Now with added features!...Date:04/06/10
Size:4.63 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Friendly Cooperatives 3
The third installment of the Friendly Cooperatives series with simulated players that have even better A.I. than the previous versions. Also this new version gives you more control over the size of the team and who you want helping you. Comes with a ...Date:08/10/10
Size:8.32 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Friendly Cooperatives
Marines that you can spawn to assist you when you are in a jam....Date:08/27/09
Size:1.64 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Frying Pan
An old weapon originally made for a cancelled "Household Oddities" where I made weapons out of random household objects. This one is from a set of 4 in total. This was made over half a year ago, so the quality isn't the greatest, though I also don'...Date:03/08/13
Size:96.1 KB

A Funny WAD, just enjoy this special Circus :)
A file that contains some new sounds changes, some new music & also some new graphics. You can use any engine to play this WAD file....Date:07/11/01
Size:374.79 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

Xaser's Fury
Yes, I did another Weapons mod. This one is sort of like P0wer Weap0ns, in that it has some slightly- overpowered guns here. However, the new baddies help to balance things out a little (Don't worry, they aren't Pyr0maniac quality Shit baddies either...Date:07/05/04
Size:433.05 KB

Well, as soon as I got my hands on a copy of Heretic, I started playing it like mad. However, the weapons kind of annoyed me, with all their medieval type stuff. I needed GUNS!!! Therefore, I started working on a weapon replacement for heretic, and n...Date:06/22/04
Size:314.2 KB

What is the gaybo? It's something you have to find out for yourself....Date:10/26/08
Size:1.6 MB

Groovy Doom Guns
Taking a step away from Alandoguns and trying out something new....Date:05/19/10
Size:1.86 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Geek5.wad "The Destruction of Dan Goldman V.5"
A long time ago in a hellhole (Floyds Knobs, IN) far far...Date:03/22/97
Size:1.1 MB
Author:Bork the Indestructible

Quake-inspired spraying gibs mod. BONUS: green.wad, a red/green palette swap, created by accident. (Try them together!) This is the GIB.WAD/DEH that was distributed in 1999 but never uploaded to /idgames. There has been one modification in 2015: ...Date:09/25/15
Size:23.58 KB
Author:Jonathan Dowland

Gibbage requires ZDoom version 2.4.1 or higher, which is the latest version of ZDoom and GZDoom at the time of creation, although Skulltag does not yet support this wad. If you're reading this in THE FUTURE, you will need to check for Skulltag suppor...Date:04/10/10
Size:3 KB

Gomosking Beast
One of my more proud monsters. It took me quite a while to cook this guy up. He definitely will make people run in fear! I <3 40OZ...Date:12/21/10
Size:1.88 MB

The Good Guys
A stand-alone special-forces environment patch. As with so many of my recent works, this is material that arose during the design of The Butchery. It was originally rebuilt as a separate PWAD to make designing the Butchery simpler, but there is a cry...Date:04/26/06
Size:295.64 KB
Author:Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)

Gravity Gun
I was browsing the ZDoom forums when I saw people adamantly stating that you could never make anything like the gravity gun in ZDoom. So I made one. It works more or less just like the HL2 gravity gun. "Pick up / drop" defaults to E and "shoot" is ...Date:01/25/05
Size:52.62 KB
Author:Andrew Stine

Grenade Weapon Patch
Size:107.43 KB
Author:Douglas Beck

Grenades N' Stuff
This first started out as a demo to make a perfect grenade launcher, but it evolved into much more. Then, the genius WildWeasel mentioned a way to make monsters drop weapons from other zdoom games (which is not that hard to do), and suddenly, it came...Date:08/19/04
Size:629.02 KB

GSE (Graphic/Sound/EXE Patch)
This is an updated version of my WEPSND.wad. It has the following features: 1)MANY new sounds. (Weapons, monsters, and more!) 2)Moves weapons slightly to right for easier view of targets below. 3)Adds sight to all weapons (except chainsaw and fists...Date:11/04/95
Size:1011.67 KB
Author:Dan Ireland

Gumby Doom
Gumby Doom replaces the Cyberdemon with Gumby! All the frames were drawn in Paint Shop Pro; the title and menu pics were made with a pictures of Gumby....Date:08/06/97
Size:84.61 KB
Author:Jim Johnsen

Guns PC v1.261
This wad is for EDGE ( It enhances and changes all doom weapons and some items. It works fine with original Doom levels, so it has no new maps. I'm making a level designed for this tho. You can also make your own maps, se...Date:11/15/01
Size:1.12 MB

No, this isn't the over-hyped Haloguns2. Sorry. Actually, this is the first verison of Haloguns, which used DeHackEd to create the weapons. Here's where it all began. This mod replaces all weapons in Doom/Doom2 With ones from Halo, except the BFG....Date:07/10/06
Size:374.21 KB
Author:Sterling "Caligari_87" Parker

New Decorate monster. Type "summon hell-o" to summon it. It is very strong, so better use cheats to learn what it can do....Date:10/27/08
Size:2.49 KB
Author:Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0

Dorks 'R Us: Graphics and Sound WAD
The full version of this graphics and sound WAD will replace eight musics, 28 sounds, 1 weapon, 4 bad guys, and some other stuff. Every change I've made is something totally demented and silly. (See complete list below)...Date:12/30/96
Size:549.37 KB
Author:Alex Bobbs

Weapons WAD for HERETIC v1.2 & v1.3 (currently in beta stage)
A collage of graphics & sounds/music from several good DooM wads. Replaces most of the weapons in HERETIC with more conventional armament - uses wad WEAPONH.WAD as a vehicle. For a more detailed weapons breakdown, see ARMORY.TXT in HEREWEAP.TXT....Date:10/20/96
Size:235.04 KB
Author:Sarkee & the Ickaboodie! (with help from Ricky B.)

"Ye ole hexen replacement weapons" Aka, hexen weapons replacement
A hexen sprite and sound replacement. All the weapons, artifacts and players are changed to a more futurisitc theme. I hear this has been done before but in no way did I copy the idea....Date:12/24/04
Size:3.44 MB

Haloguns2-GL: Pistol Teaser
This is a teaser for the full version of Haloguns2 which I hope to release soon. This WAD includes the Halo Pistol, in true-color with alpha-mapping and high-resolution....Date:01/29/06
Size:2.87 MB

Half-Life Blood Effects
Blood effects from Half-Life to be used on both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. UPDATE: I've made some changes to the graphics, and after a intense session against bots, i've realized that 3 minutes of duration is WAY too long to be a default value, ...Date:12/13/15
Size:4.09 KB

Half-Life transitions
The Half-Life style transitions I'm using in Prime Directive (Space Station Omega's sequel), but now in handy prefab format....Date:04/29/13
Size:13.96 KB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

Hanging Revenant (Keen Replacement sprites)
This file contains a custom sprite pack I put together for others to use. It is a commander Keen replacement pack with custom sfx....Date:03/20/24
Size:40.19 KB

Shotgun for Heretic Patch v0.9
A PWAD that replaces the Ethereal Crossbow with the shotgun from Doom....Date:01/15/97
Size:68.8 KB
Author:Ronald M. Young

Shotgun for Hexen Patch v1.0
A PWAD that replaces the Hammer of Retribution with the shotgun from Doom....Date:01/15/97
Size:73.02 KB
Author:Ronald M. Young

Immoral Conduct - ZDoom Edition
The ZDoom DeHackEd version of the popular Immoral Conduct. Doesn't contain reloading, and half the weapons are missing, but it's still a blast. -WildWeasel...Date:07/26/05
Size:448.46 KB
Author:Cory Whittle

Immoral Conduct SE
The ultimate weapons mod. This here is the only reason you need to get a copy of EDGE. Cory has attained the perfect gameplay balance, allowing this mod to quite literally make a new spin on Doom without making things too difficult or too easy....Date:01/10/05
Size:2.2 MB
Author:Cory Whittle

This is basically my interpretation of the EDGE weapons mod, Immoral Conduct. I replaced most of the original graphics with mine. I'll probably get around to change all of the graphics. On the plus side though, I added a bunch of new weapons and heav...Date:11/02/03
Size:3.13 MB

The Freeze Thrower Mark 2
May be a month early but, the holidays is around the corner. I'd thought I make a Ice Weapon. Sorry SomeMap didn't go very well. I'll try to do better and keep trying. This is also take 2 due to .Bak file in Zip, Oops. Sorry about that ;^^ Sprit...Date:11/10/14
Size:29.14 KB

InsaneImp Weapon Pack
This is my best and fisrt wad i did it maybe simple But it kicks Ass! Chaingun,Plasma and bfg replacement with new sounds...Date:10/22/05
Size:843.23 KB

ImpHead & UAC tank
Two (or three if you want) new Monsters to free use....Date:04/18/05
Size:172.94 KB
Author:NeoWorm (Prokop Smetana)

This patch allows you to add in a COMPLETELY NEW MONSTER (Green super imp) to any level, without replacing ANYTHING, just add thing #23 to your map (dead lost soul) and you get this sw33tass new monster, which doesn't replace ANYTHING, though it won'...Date:06/29/01
Size:39.5 KB
Author:James Wood (MACVILEWHORE)

Imp Skin
Ever wanted to play as an imp in multiplayer? Now you can! This wad features an imp holding a sub-machinegun, the imp is also green to be compatible with team games and can also be recoloured to many different colours...Date:09/20/09
Size:35.46 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

Insane Weapons Patch v1.0
This new patch I made because I had so many cool weapon ideas that simply wouldn't be appropriate for the Aliens theme. So I decided to make a super weapons patch that could be played with Doom ][ levels (unlike Aliens Doom 3 which would only wor...Date:01/16/96
Size:429.15 KB
Author:Mike Gummelt

InstaDoom WAD Of The Year Edition
If you just can't get enough of taking pictures of your food and making it look more magenta, InstaDoom is for you! Play Doom with any of the 40(!) official Instagram filters! Memento Mori with Mayfair! Requiem with Rise! Icarus with Inkwell! Alien V...Date:12/07/15
Size:1010.21 KB

Isabelle MBF Helper Dog
Due to Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons...Date:03/23/20
Size:91.2 KB

JonnyFive's weatherFX
This is a resource file for creating rain and snow effects in a ZDoom WAD. It includes a small demo map and a PDF file with instructions on how to set everything up....Date:09/19/08
Size:122.33 KB
Author:Jon Washburn

For Jihad Ally Mujahid Items ACS Enter Script
You and your cadres set out to embark unto the maps of doom! Adversaries are aware of reinforcements. May God be with you....Date:02/18/15
Size:2.86 MB

For Jihad Monsters
The time is the future. The fight for jihad continues to this day. Imperial infidels are setting up unknown facilities! They are developing warp gate technologies. They might use or make warp gates for their nefarious purposes. Right now, they are ma...Date:12/17/13
Size:23.39 MB

For Jihad TeamDM Mujahid vs Green Beret Items ACS Enter Script
Mujahid and Green Beret fight it out on the sectors of doom! Whether it's frag count from Team Deathmatch, or life limit from Team Last Man Standing, Prepare for the hunt! May philosophy be with you. Sorry, warping non-applicable....Date:01/10/20
Size:5.7 MB
Author:H. G. Wells

The people of Earth are ADDICTED TO JOLT! In fact, Earth has been plagued with Jolt for hundreds of years. Among the general populace, Jolt has caused mutations, cancers, and worse... Jolt mutated EVERYONE who drank it. Most of the mut...Date:08/20/94
Size:237.28 KB
Author:Banished CPU

Josh's DOOM ][ Sounds Variety Pack
This WAD is a collection of sounds that I had lying around in my \SOUNDS\ directory. Plus, I also included some converted MIDI files. The sounds include: Simpsons characters (Krusty, Bart, Barney, Homer) Richard Nixon Fozzy Bear Al Bundy Arnold Schwa...Date:03/18/95
Size:389.11 KB
Author:Josh Thompson w/ just a *little* help from Ian Matthews

We did this because we were getting too loaded on pop and candy and I said: "Hey! Let's replace every noise in DOOM!" They said "Cool! Let's!" So from there we worked for about an hour straight and our efforts were rewarded with a great mix of hil...Date:01/01/97
Size:879.73 KB
Author:Jeremy Wagner, Rhett Farnum, Dan Hird, Jesse Hord

Klingon Honor Guard Textures
This is my 1st resource wad, with a simple map (TEXMAP.wad) built specifically for some texture viewing....Date:06/21/11
Size:12.08 MB

Kimkoh Beast
This monster can rise above from under the ground to pry your guts out randomly. Besides hurdling a shower of blades above you, he can also use a very powerful beam when weakened....Date:01/04/10
Size:947.43 KB

Klik And Doom
Rember Klik & Play !! ? Well Now Let's Doom ! This sound the doom to knp sound...Date:08/09/07
Size:1.53 MB
Author:Matsuo YUMI

Cursing for the Imp and zombie soldiers
EDGE only! For Doom or Doom2. Cursing for the Imp and zombie soldiers. Credits to the usual (Id, Interplay and wintex). Shit pulled from Kingpin....Date:09/13/00
Size:510.01 KB
Author:Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk

New stuff for Doom 1
You are stranded on Mars, and everyone is after...Date:03/14/98
Size:233.04 KB
Author:Kyle a.k.a. Earwig

Laser Weapon
I was very disappointed the laser weapon patch that I found on the internet, so I set out to create my own....Date:07/15/98
Size:130.08 KB
Author:Admiral Torken

Xaser's Lasers!
Yes, I did another Weapons mod. This one is sort of like P0wer Weap0ns, in that it has some ridiculously overpowered guns here. However, all the baddies are ridiculously overpowered, too, so that helps balance stuff out. Anyway, this is all laser wea...Date:07/17/04
Size:344.46 KB

9 new weapons themed around futuristic weaponry....Date:03/09/07
Size:390.84 KB
Author:Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens

LeggO DooM
[Fight with LEGO weapons against LEGO monsters!] Ok this is the first public release of LeggO DooM. What's in it: ...all new monsters! ...sorta new weapons! sprites! ...some gfx What's not: ...levels...But they are underway! (still want help.)...Date:07/31/05
Size:1.1 MB
Author:Thomas O. Cruickshank a.k.a.: Tom Cruickshank <-- That's just for the search-engines! ;)

Alpha Guns 05
This is a Doom mod which replaces the original guns with the weapons from the alpha versions of Doom...Date:09/06/04
Size:100.4 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo

Akimbo Pistols from Critical Mass TC
This is a Doom mod which replaces the Chaingun with the Akimbo Pistols from Critical mass tc. if you don't know, it's a total conversion for Duke Nukem Atomic Edition....Date:10/08/04
Size:14.67 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Blaster from Quake 2 (with muzzle flash)
This is a Doom mod which replaces the Pistol with the Blaster from Quake 2. ever notice that the quake 2 weapons doesn't have muzzle flash? that's the reason because this mod is different...Date:09/20/04
Size:9.83 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

i was in my bedroom, i got nothing to do, when suddenly, i had a crazy idea. i picked up my mother's broom, and my sister's digital camera, and then i started to take some pictures of me holding the broom. i edited it, and i implemented it on Heretic...Date:04/30/05
Size:16.74 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Custom Glock18
Finally, after hours of work, here is my first custom weapon mod. i know there's already a Glock 18, but this one is a brand new weapon....Date:05/08/05
Size:46.89 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Glock 18
Replaces the pistol with the Glock 18 from Counter-Strike...Date:09/21/04
Size:24.46 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a. DuduCrazy)

DuduCrazy's Guns SE
A sequel to the original DuduCrazy's Guns. After reading WildWeasel's review in the Doom Armory, i've decided to create a sequel to the original mod which purpose is to be better than the first version, taking advantage of the Decorate system....Date:02/17/06
Size:944.48 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (A.K.A.: DuduCrazy)

DuduCrazy's Guns (and Music)
Are you tired of the original Doom weapons? Are you tired of listen to the same music? Well, this mod is for you! it replaces the original doom weapons, plus, three additional weapons, from Heretic. And that's not all. replaces the music, too. from l...Date:09/20/04
Size:523.26 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (A.k.a. DuduCrazy)

DuduKrazy's Guns 2
The second installment on the DuduKrazy's Guns series. (Third if you count DuduKrazy's Guns SE)...Date:05/25/07
Size:1.1 MB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduKrazy)

DuduKrazy's Guns III
DuduKrazy's Guns III is the third installment on the DuduCrazy's Guns weapon mod series.(fourth if you count DuduCrazy's Guns SE) The mod is heavily inspired by the japanese culture, as well as some games like Shadow Warrior, the Shinobi series (16-b...Date:04/30/09
Size:3.84 MB

Assault rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved (Doom version)
Another single-weapon replacement. as the name says, replaces the chaingun with the assault rifle....Date:12/30/04
Size:81.21 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Assault rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved (Strife version)
Another single-weapon replacement. as the name says, replaces the chaingun with the assault rifle. this is the strife version of my mod....Date:12/30/04
Size:58.58 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Usp .45 Tactical (without silencer)
This is my first weapon mod for Heretic. It's a weapons mod which replaces the Goldwand with the Usp pistol from Counter-Strike....Date:10/27/04
Size:33.02 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Player Class Switch Proof-of-Concept Demo
This is a Proof-of-Concept of a player class switch system that i was originally planning to implement in DuduKrazy's Guns III. Unfortunately, the system had some major exploits regarding the player health and armor. So i decided to scrap it. Note:...Date:12/30/08
Size:356.04 KB

Super Shotgun from Quake 2 (with muzzle flash)
This is a Doom mod which replaces the Super Shotgun with the weapom of same name from Quake 2....Date:09/20/04
Size:39.57 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Tesla Cannon
This is a Doom mod which replaces the Plasma gun with the Tesla Cannon from Blood...Date:09/06/04
Size:6.52 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo

Uzi Submachine Gun
This is a Doom mod which replaces the Chaingun with the Uzi Submachine Gun from Shadow Warrior...Date:10/07/04
Size:18.09 KB
Author:Luiz Eduardo (a.k.a DuduCrazy)

Freedoom leftovers
This is a collection of leftover resources from Freedoom that were used at some point, but replaced. A while back I cleared out all the unused material and moved it to a Subversion directory called "attic" with the hope that people might find it usef...Date:11/25/10
Size:565.23 KB
Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)

Legalize It! (Peace Not Prisons, End The Drug War)
A horrific simulation of a future world gone mad. The drug war having raged out of control with relocation (death) camps being filled with peaceful cannabis users. You the player being a peaceful non-voilent cannabis user finding yourself the first...Date:11/27/95
Size:1.11 MB
Author:Neil Johnson

Screen = Has A Big Lemming On It
Size:162.37 KB

lilith.pk3 resource wad
glitchy textures from lilith.pk3 and solid.pke including a bunch of new unused ones! includes PLAYPAL, ENDOOM, ANIMATED, ANIMDEFS, and DECALDEF. The UI and sprites from lilith are also included. As well as the plasma sound....Date:07/23/18
Size:9.62 MB

It's a graphics replacement for DOOM2! I replaced most monsters with my Lizards! Everything is custom made! This mod was originally for ZDOOM and DOOM LEGACY, but there had been changes to the enemy stats via DDF for EDGE, so technically this would b...Date:09/05/04
Size:1.11 MB
Author:Cliff AkA LizardCommando

Lock and Load v.4C.
Weapons changeout. Fewer guns than the original 4th release. Consider it kind of a greatest hits collection. Also changed out some graphics, modified some attacks and threw in alternate deaths for the Shotgunner, Imp, Demon, Zombie and SS. And yes, t...Date:01/22/07
Size:696.46 KB

Lock and Load!
For those of you that have played, you probably have found a few bugs regarding the enemies, e.g. the don't stop shooting and they're dead-on all the time for accuracy. There's also a few other nasty thing's I've found regardi...Date:07/04/01
Size:457.33 KB

Lock and Load V3.0 Final Weapons Release
Anyone who's played Lock and Load knows what it's all about. To an extent. Lock...Date:09/19/02
Size:744.05 KB

Lord Vile
This is the Lordvile for Zdoom with decorate support. I've only tested this with 2.0.96, but I'm guessing it should work with 2.0.63a. He is a boss caliber monster that spawns archviles 20% of the time and has two powerful missile attacks that each...Date:12/29/04
Size:342.71 KB
Author:Eddie "bartwart" Wood

LowTech Weapons
If you where sitting at you home, and portals to hell suddenly opened up around you, what kind of weapons do you think you'd end up with? BFGs? Plasma rifles? Rocket launchers? Heck no. You'd probably be lucky if you found a good pistol. The idea of ...Date:01/03/05
Size:1011.9 KB
Author:Captain Red

Terminator Mayhem: Liquid Metal Final Release V 1.1.2
"call to john(romero) now, i know this hurts" - T-1000 as he frags you* Dedicated to the T-1000, Terminator Mayehm: liquid metal edition, is a simple gameplay mod that replaces the playerclass with the imposing T-1000. fully equipped with the full ...Date:05/14/22
Size:1.54 MB

A "cosmetic" mod that replaces sprites for low tier Doom enemies with those of selected species from Realm 667 bestiary. The only gameplay change is that Zombiemen are no longer hitscanners and haul a slime ball at the player. Some other sprites, w...Date:02/17/22
Size:356 KB
To begin with, it makes you right-handed (apologies to all you lefties -- if you want it back southpaw style, get WinTex and go for it). Beyond this is: A pistol that fires as fast as a real semi-auto and ejects brass. A semi auto shotg...Date:01/02/97
Size:193.04 KB

MAYhem 17: The Lost Levels Resources
A recompiled resource of the assets used in Super Mayhem 17, with additions intended for the cancelled Lost Levels addon pack. Includes new Dehacked actors and a demo map originally created by Forli for the Lost Levels project. All new assets are p...Date:09/19/20
Size:3.71 MB
Author:Various (see Additional Credits)

M51 Rifle
A new weapon I created. Fire rate: Full auto Replaces: Chainsaw Damage: 3 Fire speed: Slow Slot number: 2...Date:08/15/15
Size:37.98 KB
M60 machine gun that replaces the chaingun...Date:12/09/00
Size:217.79 KB

m8f's toolbox v1.1
collection of minimods for GZDoom game engine: - Armament Tuning: assortment of weapon options; - Autoautosave: check point system: triggers game save on game events; - Hellscape Navigator: set of tools that help level navigation; - IDCLEVer Starter:...Date:06/13/19
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Alexander 'm8f' Kromm

A railgun that replaces the plasma gun in deathmatch (and single player)...Date:02/27/05
Size:25.19 KB

This file replaces some Doom monsters and transform them into...Date:07/04/04
Size:503.43 KB

Marines & Monsters Pack
Some decorate marines I had made up, and really nice ones at that. And it also includes some assorted monsters, some of my creation....Date:03/23/06
Size:2.37 MB
Author:DD_133 and various others

Marine StarCraft
New Weapons that have been imported from skulltag and great new features from the marines you can summon using a game called "Marine War". This one contains voices from starcraft....Date:03/29/07
Size:5.57 MB
Author:Marcus Koller

Marine Express
New Weapons that have been imported from skulltag and great new features from the marines you can summon using a game called "Marine War"....Date:03/29/07
Size:661.89 KB
Author:Marcus Koller

Super Mario Doom
8 bit mario doom nuff said!...Date:09/27/02
Size:1.1 MB
Author:MarK dravich

Immoral Conduct Boom Version. V2
When Cory Whittle first released Immoral Conduct, people were impressed. Unfortunatley, many did not prefer EDGE as their engine. Instead, most people played either a Boom-like port or Zdoom 1.23. This is what it's for....Date:08/09/02
Size:2.44 MB
Author:Cory Whittle (original immmoral conduct, :Maximillian Daley AKA Railgunner (translation), and that g

MDK Armory
MDK Armory is a dumb weapon pack inspired by the ZDoom console command/cheat "mdk," which deals 10,000 damage to whatever you're pointing at. As such, every weapon deals 10,000 damage. It's a jokewad that will hopefully provide catharsis and might pr...Date:10/20/18
Size:446.08 KB

MegaGuns (version 2)
Size:98.3 KB
Author:Matthew Toews

Joe's FUCKIN MEGA BFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and supre shotgun to
ever thougt the BFG wasn't powerful enough??? well... check out this baby... the FUCKIN MEGA BFG!!!! it fires at 100 SHOTZ A SECOND!!! it KILLZX CYVERDEMONS IN A FEW SECONDS!!!!! it has UNLIMITED AMMO!!!! it deald both splash damage and BFG spread da...Date:01/27/12
Size:2.07 MB

Mega Man X DooM ver. 1.0
some graphics for doom replaced by ones taken from Mega Man X. Not to mention all the music replaced by Mega Man X music (eventually I plan to replace all or most of the sprites)...Date:03/17/97
Size:291.88 KB
Author:Chip Daniel

Meme Jon Doom
A gameplay mod which replaces all the non-weapon/music sounds with Meme Jon, and all the monsters with an overpowered Meme Jon monster....Date:01/01/16
Size:46.64 KB

All new music + a bunch of new sounds. The music consists of the finest rock/metal midis available, meticulously remixed and polished. NO CRAP !! Motley collection of sounds, guaranteed to amuse. There are also a few new graphics - including, but not...Date:09/06/96
Size:1.34 MB

Martens Resources
A file in which I store the graphics and resources...Date:08/11/05
Size:141.84 KB
Author:Kaiser Martens

MiB - Noisy Cricket
This is a replica(sort of) of the Noisy Cricket used by Agent J in the movie Men in Black. It's not very much, just appearence. It replaces the hand pistol....Date:08/15/97
Size:62.62 KB

this PWAD replaces the chaingun with a minigun! Also it more or less changes the supershotgun, pistol, armors and stimpak. Needs ZDoom, though it just might work with other ports....Date:04/14/01
Size:95.8 KB

A chaingun replacement for Doom or Doom2...Date:11/08/02
Size:101.56 KB
Author:Markus Heikinpalo (DooMer 4ever)

Weapons of Destruction
My very first DEHACKED weapons conversion. The weapons are quite overpowered (especially the shotguns and BFG), but fun. You don't have to like it. :P...Date:07/28/04
Size:154.1 KB

MasterOFDeaths GIBS!
Adds gibs to the exploding frames of the lesser monsters...Date:07/29/04
Size:12.03 KB

i|\|5@|\|i1y W3@p0|\|5!
A ton of insane weapons. They are a bit overpowered, like in p0wer weap0ns, but they are also insane. :P...Date:09/26/04
Size:174.17 KB

Rifles with Bawls
A weapons set by me that started out as experimenting with a few DEHACKED tricks, then evolved into something more. I call it "Rifles with Bawls" because there are about 5 rifle like weapons in it(like half the guns), and I replaced the health bonuse...Date:01/20/05
Size:249.5 KB

Moheemo Beast
If you know about my other creations, then this one should rattle your ancestors! By that I mean Doom enemaes! I have created a wicked custom monster that attacks you in different ways. It uses a slew of homing fireballs, as well as a charged bite at...Date:12/21/10
Size:149.76 KB

The Monster Resource Wad
A collection of monsters freely available to any wad authors. Though the wad is designed for ZDoom use with DECORATE, the sprites can be used freely as well....Date:07/28/04
Size:2.94 MB

My Own Organized wad
This is a wad I am doing in my spare time. In it you are the same marine but the enemies are different. I tried to take the best and combine it wad. You must try it....Date:06/25/97
Size:3.47 MB

Morzus Beast
With this enemy, be sure to keep on the move. Take a single second for breaks and you'll be torn apart by this formidabubble opponent. I <3 40OZ...Date:08/13/11
Size:442.32 KB

Final version features modified heating-cooling system and works fine in coop game. Mod idea and most of the sounds originally by WildWeasel. He hadn't yet finished his mod at that moment, nd I borrowed his idea (with his permission). This mod puts...Date:01/17/09
Size:1.98 MB
Author:Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0

Mutiny Mod
Make sure you are using the LATEST version of GZDoom (1.0.29) or a recent SVN build of ZDoom. Older GZDoom releases and official ZDoom releases will not work! You will get a fatal syntax error in MAPINFO when trying to start the game....Date:11/14/07
Size:4.97 MB
Author:Woolie Wool

Mutiny Mod 2.0
Make sure you have ZDoom r1301/GZDoom r259 or later. ZDoom 2.2.0 or older GZDoom version WILL NOT WORK! This is an update to the first Mutiny Mod, greatly extending its features....Date:04/24/09
Size:11.45 MB
Author:Woolie Wool

Marvel Vs. Capcom Doom
i like mavrel vs capcomm it is cool and my fav is riu and jin....Date:10/17/02
Size:2.1 MB
Author:Andrew Locmel

My first attempt to make a weapons .wad, Mweaps didn´t go as bad as I thought. This mod replaces all original Doom 2 weapons (With exception of fists and chainsaw) with new weapons of my own imagination. The weapons are: Slot 2 -> The Uzi - A hand ...Date:01/21/09
Size:184.59 KB
Author:Marcello Delai

NAM Ally Green Beret Items ACS Enter Script
You and your cadres set out to embark unto the maps of doom! Adversaries are aware of reinforcements. May God be with you....Date:02/02/17
Size:5.43 MB
Author:Huey Greenhorn

This is graphic's conversion for Doom II. Just play the game, read the walls and listen to the SFX. We had hell drawing new textures to get some good effects, so we just used the shitty ones NBC provides everyday. ;> Hope, you enjoy it Earth 2 fans....Date:06/16/95
Size:576.53 KB
Author:Hyrda FX, m0pheus & Shadow Nemesis

The New Breed Devlopment Kit for Doom][ ver. 1.9
Size:1.76 MB
Author:Marc A. Pullen

The New Breed: Return To Earth
Size:210.97 KB
Author:Richard Clark

Necro's Revenge
Ok... Here's The Situation... After defeating the big boss on doom2, which was Codenamed NECRO, you atart your long trek back home, however, you accidentally stumble into a portal and are sent back in time BEFORE THE INVASION EVEN STARTED!!! Sudden...Date:08/05/03
Size:589.21 KB

NewDoom v1.1
Makes an already great game even more interesting and fun...Date:03/29/97
Size:956.04 KB
Author:Kyle Mathews

The New Breed
I've recieved lot's of email from people about there only being one single player level, and it's not complete. The 'ending' is where the scuba gear is. There is no actual 'exit', unless someone wants to finish it? (hint-hint) There are also t...Date:08/24/97
Size:1.75 MB

NoDoom is a sprite & sound "replacement" mod that removes sprites & sounds from the game....Date:05/12/24
Size:18.57 KB
Author:dobu gabu maru

No-vixen Neodoom
This is a patch WAD for Neodoom which replaces the Vixens with the infrequently used Cycloid Emporer enemies. Why? Because the Vixens are outragously overpowered and completely obliterate the balance of this fun WAD. NOTE: The Megavixen in map27 is u...Date:11/20/09
Size:16.94 KB

Nightmare Squad: The Doomsday Training Simulator 1.1
Nightmare Squad is a new collection of weapons, and it is a completely new way to use weapons in DOOM. You will pick up, drop, reload, and unload your new weapons, and if you are smart, you will have a buddy alongside. There is also altered monster...Date:12/09/99
Size:680.78 KB
Author:J. Wendell Davie AKA AFTERSHOCK

Nightmare Squad
Nightmare Squad is a new collection of weapons, and it is a completely new way to use weapons in DOOM. You will pick up, drop, reload, and unload your new weapons, and if you are smart, you will have a buddy alongside. There is also altered monster...Date:06/06/00
Size:920.01 KB
Author:J. Wendell Davie AKA AFTERSHOCK

Operation Body Count guns
These are guns from wolf3d-engine game called Operation Body Count. ZDoom special effects, low-res sprites that are small in doom and custom gameplay balance make these guns feel very different from original game (which I have never played anyway :p,...Date:02/25/12
Size:763.39 KB

OMG Weapons! (and Monsters)
The best weapons mod you'll ever see. Scroll down for more details. As for the update, I reduced the health of most of the monsters (zombies and imps in particular) and reduced the damage of various monster attacks....Date:07/14/05
Size:410.05 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

OMG Weapons! (and Monsters) v2
The best weapons mod you'll ever see. Scroll down for more details. As for the update, I reduced the health of most of the monsters (zombies and imps in particular) and reduced the damage of various monster attacks. *** 2011 UPDATE *** Hey cool...Date:10/14/11
Size:410.12 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

Fix for OTTAWAU.WAD (from
Jean-Serge Gagnon's OTTAWAU.WAD requires the registered DOOM v1.9 and won't install with Ultimate DOOM, leaving the sprites and flats graphics inaccessible, as they are contained within proprietary-format .PCH files. It uses proprietary DOS utilities...Date:11/26/09
Size:172.41 KB

Walther P-38 Pistol
Replaces the Doom pistol with a Walther P-38...Date:03/31/01
Size:27.66 KB

Well, I (Xaser) juse love weapon replacements, and after doing Necro's Revenge, Acid Dreams (Unfinished), Sniper of Insanity, and Close-Up, I started to run low on ideas. So then I thought, "Hey! Lets all get together and make a Masters of Insanity w...Date:01/31/04
Size:295.21 KB
Author:The Masters of Insanity (See below for more info)

Kill the Pain
This mod brings Painkiller in the world of Doom. It contains weapons, powerups, items and some special features from Painkiller....Date:07/22/08
Size:3.92 MB
Author:Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0

This mod makes bulletholes colorful like paintballs! and blood too!...Date:01/25/03
Size:19.62 KB

Prticle Accelirator Weapon Patch
This changes the plasma gun into this cool new gun I call the Particle Accelirator. To use this, you need to use the included .deh patch. For best results, use this with ZDoom and railgun.bex....Date:08/08/99
Size:10.69 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Everything has pretty much been lifted from everybody elses hard work. Replaces amost all of the sounds in DoomII....Date:08/15/95
Size:1.76 MB
Author:Paul Neeley

papaska Fluids 1.2
Fixing blood colors, animation and splash effects; Minor bug fixes in lump filtering; Improve sounds....Date:01/31/20
Size:214.51 KB
Author:Umberto Papa (papaska)

Tactical Chainsaw, Pistol Start Enforcer and Stocked Player
A collection of 3 tiny files I've put together. Two of them are useful for having altered playstyles, the tactical chainsaw is just for the fun of it. TacticalChainsaw.wad - Swaps the Chainsaw out for a Tactical Chainsaw, which functions as the ...Date:05/29/11
Size:14.25 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Pimpsted Guns!
Save the day whit your new, powerful and pimpsted guns! This isn't a serious map, you was noticed......Date:02/04/07
Size:448.09 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Xuta's Doom Stuff (Pistol Version)
Makes you start without pistol, and makes Zombiemen drop pistols. Also makes your viewheight "proper" in my opinion....Date:01/27/07
Size:2.87 KB
Author:Xuta Woo

Platoon's M16 for Doom
This replaces the chaingun with the M16 from the Platoon TC for Duke Nukem 3D by The TNT Team. I know Don Tello has already done something like it in, but he added a hand to the M16, and I wanted a version without it. This >should< work wi...Date:07/31/99
Size:9.53 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Portal Gun
A wad inspired by Valves awesome portal demo trailer....Date:11/27/06
Size:164.08 KB

Possess me!
This is a single-player gameplay MOD for Doom/Doom 2, where you are a "Spirit" that can possess the corpses of your enemies and fight with they own weapons, health, flying habilities, and so. You also have some extra "especial attacks" and and a "ber...Date:07/01/12
Size:469.73 KB

Tired of just picking up a floating orb that just gives you what ever power it gives? Well this wad enhances the effects of picking up power-ups. You not only pick up the power-up, you feel the effects of it. This also includes some power-ups from sk...Date:07/03/10
Size:623.43 KB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Quake1/2 TC for Doom1/2
This is what was going to be my Quake1/2 TC for Doom1/2 which should've been completed by Summer 2000....Date:08/19/00
Size:3.37 MB
Author:Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk
THESE ARE ADD ON .DEH FILES FOR QKEWEP.ZIP! YOU CAN FIND QKEWEP.ZIP IN THE COMBOS DIRECTORY. THESE ARE FOR DOOM2. Should keep you halfway satisfied until QDOOM is released. Can't wait. The person who made the graphics wads in want...Date:05/23/99
Size:29.18 KB
Author:Don Tello

During some bouts of boredom over the summer I created these two wads. There are some other Quake/Quake2 weapon wads out there, and let me assure you, they are crap. Really. I assure you. Get this one....Date:08/31/98
Size:716.06 KB

Quad Barreled Shotgun
Like the title says, a shotgun with four barrels. The idle frame is a bit ugly and the other frames could use some work, but it will hopefully be a useful resource for someone....Date:06/07/11
Size:73.09 KB
Author:Brandon Gray (bgraybr)

This PWAD adds a new weapon, railgun! Requires VaVoom 1.8. Just plug the WAD as you usually do, then in console type "GIMME RAILGUN", and you've got a railgun on "0" key. Eats cells (20 per shot). Source included in
Size:73.33 KB

a railgun from Quake 2, sprites ripped by hnsolo77...Date:03/17/07
Size:70.1 KB

My first weapons mod that replaces all weapons....Date:02/22/07
Size:761.6 KB
Author:Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens

Rainbow Plasmagun
After the release of a Plasma Pack by Protojo at the SkullTag Forums, It was highly requested for someone to make a "Rainbow Plasmagun that fired random colored plasma" So here it is....Date:03/18/07
Size:2.88 KB

Random Imp Generator
Variety is always the best in games, in my opinion. After discovering the imp/dark imp variant packs on Realm667 and toying with them for a while, I thought it'd be cool to put them all together. Every imp in any Doom level this wad is loaded with ha...Date:05/15/13
Size:422.51 KB

Rainbow dash HUD
A fan of MLP and Doom? This is for you!...Date:12/21/14
Size:324.17 KB
Author:Joe-Ilya & Omer

Random Deaths & Decoration
After getting burnt out on Brutal Doom, I still wanted vanilla gameplay but I liked having alternate deaths for the monsters (and other things) so I put together this for my entertainment and yours. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences...Date:05/15/14
Size:1.38 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

Random Deaths & Decoration v1.2
After getting burnt out on Brutal Doom, I still wanted vanilla gameplay but I liked having alternate deaths for the monsters (and other things) so I put together this for my entertainment and yours. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences...Date:12/11/14
Size:10 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

Random Deaths & Decoration v1.5 Final
This is a gameplay mod that provides enhancement to vanilla monsters but maintains balance to the original gaming experience. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences, dead things and gore are randomized and a couple other surprises. Smo...Date:01/20/15
Size:12.59 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

REALDM-1.WAD (version 1.0)
PWAD with new Sounds and Music for registered DOOM 1.2...Date:07/26/94
Size:829.14 KB
Author:André Schramm (TU Dresden, Germany)

A weapons replacement for Doom2. Includes 9 new weapons. Only runs with EDGE Version 1.24...Date:04/18/01
Size:271.32 KB

Renderer Option Back In GZDoom
Not much it's just a small patch that restores the Renderer option in later versions of GZDoom that was removed. It's just a little something for those people who want this option back in the later versions of GZDoom. All you have to do is drag this ...Date:05/27/13
Size:1.93 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Yep, the marines have decided to rebel against you, and they have the weapons to match you! Try fighting versus marines with flamethrowers, plasma beams, dual rocket launchers, and more. Play it and see. If you're a real DOOMer, try playing t...Date:08/13/95
Size:603.83 KB

Reversed Weapons
Made for a YouTube video (, this wad simply reverses all weapons and their sounds, as well as mirrors their sprites....Date:04/29/23
Size:266.41 KB

Revenge of last marine's spirit (version 3.3)
You are playing for spirit of Doom guy. You can float. You have five different attacks. And you can upgrade some characteristics. There are stronger monsters, than normal. You should kill 5/6 of all monsters, and find all keys on level. There are no ...Date:11/06/10
Size:1.24 MB

run-of-the-mill weapons mod, making all of the sprites in 3d first....Date:10/06/05
Size:1.28 MB

This is an unofficial patch for Heretic: SOTSR 1.3 It will essentially port the levels to Doom II so they can be played with Doom monsters and weapons. This patch creates quality Doom levels featuring very good classic style gameplay. The necessary H...Date:05/29/16
Size:991.64 KB
Author:John Mullins aka Drfrag Rafael Angel Jimenez aka The Master

Rocket Firing Imps Patch
Missile Firing Imps.. That's right, could they get any worse? They fire Rockets with the same speed strength etc. as yours do. And to add to the realism of it, they actually carry Mini-Rocket-Launchers!! Who wants to see 'em shot Rockets from they...Date:03/12/96
Size:167.23 KB
Author:Mark Dillon

ROTT TEXTURES, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
A file that constains some new Sound Effects, new Music (for level 1) and some new textures and stuff, and much more. Take a time and enjoy this WAD file....Date:12/05/99
Size:325.03 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

Real Reload Weapon Mod r2
This mod replaces all weapons with modified ones, and tries to retain the same balance and feelings of the old Doom. See RRWMr2_Info.txt for details. We use Subversion to track all changes of this mod. See RRWMr2_SVNInfo.txt for details....Date:02/09/10
Size:5.86 MB

'That Amazing Space Amazon'
She's sexy. She's deadly. You might argue that her arsenal is so limited it could fit into her handbag. This because you just don't imagine the mayhem she can deliver. She's just that amazing. She's a Space Amazon....Date:05/24/13
Size:48.85 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Over the year, the DOOM community has produced a number of enhancements to augment the experience of the original game. I have selected and refactored into a single package all those that appeared to me as a good fit for any levelset, and that I got ...Date:10/07/22
Size:7.88 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Chaos, Uprising
Your man is a mysterious and solitary individual known as "The Newcomer", who fled to Parthoris - after many years of perilous journeys - with the intention of finally finding a peaceful setting to rest. Unfortunately, after only a few years of appar...Date:01/24/14
Size:49.17 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

RSL's Agent Diaz Patch
"Agent Diaz" is surely a very appreciated modification, and for good reason. ))))))))))) However, ever since tasting its updated version ( for the first time I felt Olivia's arsenal - despite the...Date:02/25/11
Size:47.85 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

DOOM NG (New Generation DOOM)
get yourself some new tools, without forgetting the old ones......Date:05/20/10
Size:49.27 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

what happens when two-so-different personas get involved together in the same UAC mission, and are supposed to collaborate?......Date:12/29/11
Size:50.51 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Parallel Forces
three epochs, three warriors, three different styles. One single, timeless enemy... Baphomet and its armies. Time to reunite for the final struggle!...Date:10/07/10
Size:49.63 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

El Furia! (dIrE fIrE)
A guerrilla veteran delving into the daily business of UAC - the war against hell. In these days of stressed, seemingly endless and worn-out battles the skill of a tactical soldier is crucial to conquer more and more enemy territory, one little piece...Date:07/26/12
Size:49.26 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

RSL's Immoral Conduct Z-Patch
every now and then, I still enjoy myself with a quick run through ........... an old level with the DeHackEd/ZDOOM version of Immoral Conduct. Some time ago I decided to create a small, graphics-only patch wi...Date:05/20/10
Size:48.99 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Pagan (...The Altered DOOMCaster)
Loreena K. is a professional killer, well-known to international intelligence bureaus and worldwide chronicles for her criminal acts. Once she decides to join UAC to make amend for her guilts in exchange to freedom, she is discouraged and derided by ...Date:01/09/13
Size:50.96 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Polaris - The Gift
Polaris Corporation is the latest and most promising in the series of subsidiaries stemming from UAC. Specialized in the research on advanced cryogenics technology, the company has developed a significant array of strategical weapons, based for the m...Date:12/29/11
Size:49.32 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

The Prototype: A Tribute Mod
Many years have passed since the original Phobos incident. The war between Earth and Hell enraged throughout decades, human losses were enormous. Now, a new and unprecedented scientific project promises to be the cure of it all... The Prototype....Date:11/09/09
Size:48.65 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Adventures of Salvo Jettison, or "The Quest" (for Weight Watching)
when renowned mercenary Salvatore "Salvo" Jettison accepted a new job from a mysterious organization called UAC, it all seemed like a great bargain - they would supply everything, from brand new weapons and ammunition, to a plethora of minor benefits...Date:06/03/11
Size:49.31 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

The Rebel
After Hell's invasion of Earth, mankind had no adequate way to react and started to succumb, slowly yet inexorably. More and more people were enslaved by the Netherworld forces each day, deprived of their will to become faithful and mindless servants...Date:11/09/09
Size:49.76 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

She-Redux (AKA The Desperate DOOMwive)
everybody always followed the adventures of That Lone Space Marine - from his first encounter with hell on the Phobos moon, to the many and diverse quests set out for him. But what if he had a wife? What about all the soldiers' wives that were left a...Date:11/27/10
Size:51.35 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

after wasting the lives of many soldiers that proved unsuitable for their missions, Earth Defense Forces decided to revert to a class of ancient and fearsome warriors, equipped with old and trustworthy weapons, but also with new and prototypical ones...Date:03/26/11
Size:50.16 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Revenge: a classic DOOM experience
Since the first encounter with Hell dimension took place, space marines began to engage in a long and hazardous series of missions against hellspawn. Let's see how the standard UAC arsenal has changed during all this time......Date:11/09/09
Size:48.71 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

RSL and Zero Tolerance
many of those who are reading this now will argue that a modification like """"""""""" 'Zero Tolerance' needs no extras whatsoever - it's just perfect. True, but have you tried facing HR-style hordes of demon...Date:09/24/11
Size:49.38 MB
Author:Richard Smith Long

Run For It!
A gameplay mod, it adds legs and ability to run to a lot of objects that never asked for this....Date:12/09/16
Size:4.1 MB

Run-n-Gun 2
Modified version of my previous Run-n-Gun mod, complete weapon replacement and monsters modification, funny dynamic action...Date:06/16/08
Size:2.38 MB
Author:zer0 (aka Jekyll Grim Payne aka Ashigaru)

Russian Arsenal
This mod is COMPATIBLE WITH BEAUTIFUL DOOM v. 5.0 (older versions will work not properly), but it doesn't require it, Russian Arsenal can work standalone as well. As the title implies, it's just a set of Russian firearms. And they don't look too hot....Date:12/26/09
Size:4.95 MB
Author:zer0 aka Jekyll Grim Payne

Russian Arsenal REVISED
The REVISED version of RA presents 4 times better sprites, revised weapons, realistic automatic fire and several tweaks in terms of firespeed, accuracy and firepower. Check WHAT'S NEW IN REVISED section below 'What is included' section. This mod is...Date:01/16/11
Size:23.94 MB
Author:zer0 aka Jekyll Grim Payne
Size:70.26 KB

Salopio Beast
In Doom, monsters are the norm. That's for sure. But what's not the norm are a couple other monsters. This here foe falls under that second category. Beware: this demon may go down in just a few shotgun blasts, but don't think its attacks don't make ...Date:08/30/11
Size:2.91 MB

Shadow Androids
This was something left over from the numerous sprite comics I make I decided to replace the SS-Nazis with them. I didn't think there were enough Sonic themed wads, so I decided to whip this one up real quick. They are the Dr. Eggman's Shadow Andro...Date:02/12/07
Size:60.51 KB

Satanic is a hardcore and (I think) challenging ZDoom weapon/gameplay mod. The player becomes a necromancer, who has joined the eternal war. So, you'll have a chance to use both the darkest spells of the underground necromaniac cult and the fire-arms...Date:03/25/09
Size:3.19 MB
Author:M@@@H!aK, Guest

Super Doom Guns (version 2)
In creating SDG, I tried to remedy the greatest flaws of each gun. Note: This patch tends to raise the power of weaker guns to make them more evenly powered, especially good for Deathmatchs. (Unless, of course, you like playing deathmatchs wit...Date:09/11/99
Size:12.59 KB
Author:Richard Cheung

ARMAS 32 (Weapons 32)
A seeker missile extra weapon for ZDoom. The weapon is...Date:10/08/04
Size:65.37 KB

Seizure Doom
Warning: If you have a history of seizures or can easily get them, then avoid this wad, otherwise have fun looking at the very fast randomness of the default textures. Comes with 2 different versions for Doom and Doom2. Seizure1 for Doom and Seizur...Date:10/06/12
Size:1.86 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Music from sentai and Tokuhatsu
Music from teh beloved sentai and tokuhatsu, the japanese super heroes! Do whatever you want whit this thing, also don't download it....Date:03/16/07
Size:188.2 KB
Author:"The secret alliance of preservartion of sentai and Tokuhatsu"

SF2 TEXTURES, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
A file that constains some new Sound Effects, new Music (for level 1) and some new stuff. This is one of my first Texture Wads; when I found WinTex. Take a time and enjoy this WAD file....Date:11/24/99
Size:157.22 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

Shaft Doom v1.0
Size:455.24 KB
Author:Brian L----- A.K.A LZA

This is a small joke weapon I made in a few hours. An eight-barreled shotgun. And you thought the quad-barrel was overkill :P The sprites are a little shaky since I had to extend them in Photoshop. I also know that the hand is cut off for a frame, ...Date:03/08/13
Size:75.29 KB

Shotgunnery v1.8
A playerclass/weaponset mod compatable with Doom, Doom 2, Chex Quest, and Heretic. Focuses on the idea of the player having one weapon (sometimes two, with the right powerup), with multiple ammo types serving the role of other weapons. Initially rele...Date:11/13/22
Size:814.16 KB

Rocket Firing Imps Patch
Missile Firing Imps.. That's right, could they get any worse? They fire Rockets with the same speed strength etc. as yours do. With one catch in this patch... they fire them SLOOOW, hence the name of the patch... but... to add to the realism of it...Date:03/12/96
Size:167.17 KB
Author:Mark Dillon

Red To Silver
This mod replaces the Red Card with the Silver Card. No DECORATE was used. It is still a Red Card, only recolored. So is the lock via LOCKDEF....Date:08/29/14
Size:2.33 KB

Smurf DOOM
Small and Smurfy Add-on for DOOM where the Barrels are replaced by a Smurf tied up with TNT!! Laugh uncontrolably as gigantic Smurfs lurk around the next corner trembling in fear as the try to escape their TNT bound confines! Great new sound also!...Date:08/22/05
Size:16.24 KB
Author:Lee Campbell & Daniel Blair-Johns

ShizzMasteR Weapons 2
SM-Weapons2 is a weapons mod created for Deathmatch use. All the weapons except for the fist are new....Date:11/13/07
Size:548.72 KB
Author:Evan Holt, AKA ShizzMasteR

Doom Monster Randomizer
Are you tired of playing a level and knowing just what to expect? Then this is the mod for you! The Doom Monster Randomizer is a mod for G/ZDoom that uses custom spawners to randomize monsters. There are two editions: vanilla and enhanced. The va...Date:06/27/09
Size:2.99 MB

Escape From Doom2, Version 1
After rescuing the president from New York, Snake was accosted by a dimensional shambler. Displeased with the death of one of their brightest minions (The Duke Of New York), the forces of hell have summoned Duke to confront the Prince Of Darkness. Sn...Date:09/23/96
Size:462.5 KB
Author:Marc Bright

The Real Sounds for DOOM ver. 1.3
Snds.wad changes the sounds (23)or so D_e1m1.wad changes the music Bigdoor2.wad Makes big door2 have a cyber on it...Date:02/24/96
Size:599.51 KB
Author:Dermott Shanahan

This PWAD turns the imps into raytraced, laughing, snowball throwing snowmen ! Works with DOOM I and DOOM II....Date:12/16/94
Size:96.89 KB
Author:Mark Billingham

SansCarcass v1.0
Adds an empty TNT1 sprite after the last frame of monster and player death sequences, thus making the dead bodies invisible. Intended for Invasion games where hundreds of bodies clutter the floor....Date:02/02/11
Size:2.86 KB

Soldier's Stockpile (previously Marines of UAC) v1.1
This is an update/remake of MoUAC v.1.0, renamed because my upcoming SP project has taken that name. This mod is meant for use in custom maps and map-pack wads, to "spice things up" a lot. The story elements have been removed from this release. They ...Date:05/31/06
Size:6.73 MB
Author:Nick Perrin

Sopmod v1.1
Replaces most weapons with an 0verp0wered M4 rifle. Also includes new fist attacks, a new "chainsaw," and the dreaded M249 automatic rifle. Oh yeah, and an M203 grenade launcher. :)...Date:12/14/10
Size:61.18 KB
Author:William Layton -- "Toughguy"

South Park Doom
South Park Doom! It is Pretty Cool. You are running around the Doom levels and shooting other South Park People. It took me about 3 weeks to do....Date:03/16/99
Size:944.57 KB
Author:Genji Glove

South Park Doom 2 (now also works for Doom)
South Park sprites and sounds replacements for Doom II (may be used for Doom I with extraneous sprites and sounds)...Date:07/14/98
Size:2.61 MB
Author:Nathan Lang "KoRnHoLiO"

ZDoom Sin Weapon Pack 1
A new ZDoom weapon pack....Date:02/03/03
Size:460.75 KB

Sphagne Elidor Resources
Description at the end of this text document......Date:12/30/07
Size:41.07 MB

ARGH SPIDERS! Is a mod for ZDoom which is all about those eight...Date:04/27/07
Size:12.71 KB

Spook sounds and music wad version 1.1
This wad replaces the music on every level of the original...Date:11/22/95
Size:1.14 MB
Author:Tom Turner

ZDoom Space Edition v2
Hopefully a space TC for ZDoom, when it finally finishes, but for now a texture pack and some new monsters and objects and sound effects....Date:06/30/02
Size:2.9 MB

ZDoom Monster Pack 01
Changes SS into Strife Soldier, and Dead Lost Soul into a Railgun shooting enforcer....Date:02/05/03
Size:94.67 KB

Stephanie Seymour for Doom Sargent version v1.1
This wad is the FIRST (to my knowledge) that put a supermodel in DOOM via sprites. This version replaces the sargent sprites and sounds. Would someone create a DeHackEd patch that converts the soldiers, imps, and chaingun sargents to look like Stepha...Date:02/23/96
Size:199.5 KB
Author:Nathan Black

Doom face -> Man version 2.1
Replaces the status bar face with a tiny picture of the Doom marine. MAN1.WAD is for single player Dooming, as the player being simply a scaled-down version of the sprite. MAN.WAD is more complex, and is designed for multi-player, as the player's u...Date:04/09/05
Size:12.1 KB
Author:Simon Howard "Fraggle"

Strife Weapons!
This wad replaces the graphics of all the weapons (except for the pistol and chainsaw) with the strife weapons. (yes, punching is replaced) They are perfectly transposed from strife to doom 2....Date:06/21/05
Size:117.71 KB
Author:Doom A Holic

Totally Wacked-Out graphics PWAD!...Date:08/31/97
Size:83.73 KB
Author:Sarkee, Houston, & the BoodieBaby!

SWAD Pack 1: Stock CounterStrike Weapons
Part of the SWAD Weapons Group....Date:08/31/03
Size:1.13 MB

SWAD Pack 2: Custom CounterStrike Weapons
Part of the SWAD Weapons Group....Date:08/31/03
Size:970.98 KB

The Sympathiser
An unarmed but HIGHLY annoying NPC for all DOOM variants, the Sympathiser is a pastiche of bearded bleeding-heart liberals; from the instant that he sees or hears any player, he continually whines about the civil rights of demons from Hell! Heck, the...Date:11/25/08
Size:103.4 KB
Author:Martin Howe

Taknazkzar Beast
He preys off people's soul and the essential part in their life. He's the Taknazkzar Beast, also known as the ultimate wheeler! I <3 40OZ...Date:12/21/10
Size:1.07 MB

This is a modification of Enjay's demo wad...Date:10/26/04
Size:269.33 KB

True Action Personal Edition v2.02
Weapon/monster mod....Date:10/03/07
Size:3.1 MB
Author:Guest, Post

Taggart Difficulty Mod (Version 1.8)
This is a simple enhancment mod I made for my own personal use. Beautiful Doom is a great mod, but I wanted something more traditional to the original Doom. I stayed simple and true to the game, but still ended up with an enhancement. I more or less ...Date:12/20/13
Size:1.87 MB
Author:J.E. Gregory aka Taggart

This is a replacement for the teleporter sprites and sounds. No map included here. It is just a by-product for the nutty.wad. It contains these lumps: TFOGA0 - TFOGJ0 (the Teleport fog sprites) DSTELEPT (the Teleport sound) + DEHACKED (changes the ...Date:01/17/05
Size:18.7 KB
Author:Milian Moritz

Terminator annihilation
This is a player class wad and a weapon replacement wad that enables you to play as various terminators form the terminator franchise. each terminator class has a unique weapon loadout and a unique powerup (berserk replacemnt)...Date:12/13/20
Size:2.52 MB

Doom Terrains
This is a terrain definition wad for every Doom flat....Date:10/11/04
Size:79.6 KB

Transformers Doom version 5.0
The 'Original' Transformer Graphic patch for Doom and Doom 2...Date:04/21/97
Size:990.03 KB
Author:Andrew Southam

Team Fortress Mod version 1.85
Play through The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, or Final Doom as one of ten classes from the Team Fortress series, each with different abilities and weaponry....Date:11/25/11
Size:7.44 KB

Size:139.83 KB

TiC's Flamethrower
Size:159.43 KB

Tick sprites and sounds replacements for Doom II (may be used for Doom I with extraneous sprites and sounds)...Date:04/27/97
Size:2.81 MB
Author:Steve Blauwkamp & Chuck Fuoco

Size:82.44 KB

TiC's Predator Claw
Size:100.6 KB

Size:154.55 KB

The Last Strike File Pack Version 1.0
The first version of the universal file pack...Date:12/30/04
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Sazabi, Jackass, and Chronohunter

BigBoom: Throwable TNT NPC & Weapon Mod
This mod gives you throwable TNT. There is a 50/50 chance, for every rocket launcher on the map, it will be replaced with a box of TNT. It is on the same slot as the rocket launcher. When thrown, TNT will travel straght in the direction you threw it,...Date:07/27/20
Size:683.92 KB
Author:Korbyn Salveson

Your Toad and you kill things. To read the whole story read the readme.1st file....Date:01/31/97
Size:870.2 KB
Author:George and Mike Marquardt

A weapon mod with 20 new weapons! (Numbers are weapon slots) 1-FastChainsaw 2-BFGPistol 2-Laser 6-Railgun 6-Multi_PulseRailgun 6-Railrifle 3-Double-BarrelPlasmaShotgun 4-Plasma_Quaker (There are 2 one fires red and one fire blue) 6-flame_thrower ...Date:07/30/10
Size:704.44 KB

A Slightly Twisted PWAD
You're a marine. You're in Hell. You've got immense quantities of high powered weaponry. What's there to know?...Date:01/18/95
Size:834.99 KB
Author:Drew "Too much time on his hands" Hurlstone

The Arms Of Oblivion
This is a complete weapons replacement for EDGE. Nothing too fancy. Enjoy :)...Date:08/07/05
Size:1.07 MB
Author:TheDarkArchon, Chronoteeth, Xenophon

This is a graphics, sound PWAD, and Dehacked 2.3 patch for DOOM 2 ONLY! This PWAD and patch will not work with DOOM 1!...Date:05/02/95
Size:198.72 KB
Author:George Hamlin

Umaga Beast
This monster is a rather interesting one to play with. He uses a poison projectile that slowly degrades your health unless you pick up the blood health potion. His low-range, but lethal, flame breath is frightening. Perhaps the creme-de-la-creme feat...Date:08/09/09
Size:176.69 KB

Unmaker - Doom 64 Remake (Made with Decorate)
The Doom 64 Unmaker, made with Decorate. Fully upgradable with the 3 demon keys, just like in Doom 64! (in command console, type "summon wpnpower*" * = 1-3)...Date:09/04/05
Size:57.28 KB
Author:Mike "Inuyasha" Kasten

Azure Agony's Unmaker
Unmaker, based on original unmaker gfx from Doom 64....Date:08/15/07
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Azure Agony

Valkyrie 1.22
Valkyrie 1.22 is a ddf dm mod that will work with DosDoom 0.65 &/or the Deathbot. This mod takes the sound & graphics of Heretic & Hexen & combines them for a unique deathmatch experience....Date:04/05/99
Size:860.62 KB

Vanilla Brutal Doom (VBrutal)
Weapons from Brutal Doom v21 with smooth animations and similar timing, this version has no reload. 100% compatible with Vanilla Doom and any sourceport that supports deh files. NOT DEMO-COMPATIBLE! Based off vsmooth.wad by Simon Howard (fraggle). ...Date:07/17/20
Size:217.23 KB
Author:TDRR. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.

Alando's Vehicles
Take a break from being a space marine and drive mechs, flying mechs, a heavy suit and a tank....Date:06/23/09
Size:3.76 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

This file replaces the Arch-Vile with the Vixen, from Redneck...Date:07/11/04
Size:908.82 KB

VRandomizer (Vanilla Randomizer)
A randomizer mod for Vanilla Doom. Randomizes most pickups in the game. Weapons have a new weapon crate sprite, ammo has a ammo case sprite, health/armor bonuses got a stimpack sprite, and powerups have the Berserk sprite. The .wad file just provides...Date:07/17/20
Size:4.37 KB
Author:TDRR. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.

Vermilion's Mod Version 3
This mod is a wad which pimps up the weapons rate of fires and projectile speeds....Date:04/28/07
Size:684.04 KB
Author:Steve "Vermilion" Thiesmeyer

Knee Deep in the Vuvuzelas
Tribute to the 2010 World Cup...Date:06/16/10
Size:3.16 KB

WADTEX, a new environment for your preferred: DOOM ][
A file that constains some new Sound Effects, new Music (from levels 1 to 8) and some new stuff, like the face at God mode, and much more; take a time and enjoy this WAD file....Date:10/26/99
Size:666.62 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

The weapons are all changed into WW2-Wolfenstein things...Date:08/08/05
Size:379.48 KB
Author:Kaiser Martens

Doomguy's Warzone
Not to be confused with the Doomguy's Warzone that came out a couple of years ago. This is a reboot of the Doomguy's Warzone series that primary focuses on the quality and best things that made Doomguy's Warzone what it is today. The wad has a tota...Date:04/19/12
Size:68.85 MB
Author:Doomguy 2000

War Zone
Well, this is another weapom replacement thing. It's similar to Grenades n' Stuff in that it has lots of new weapons and such. However, this time, I made the weapons behave differently than the GnS versions. In other words, this is the most advanced ...Date:09/23/04
Size:620.14 KB

Weapon pack 14
Yet another weapon pack for Doom 2. Not a lot of gameplay...Date:09/06/04
Size:459.85 KB

DooM Weapons WAD for Doom 1or Doom 2
A collage of graphics & sounds/music from several good wads. Replaces most of the weapons in Doom with more contemporary armament - uses wad WEAPON( ).WAD as a vehicle. For a more detailed weapons breakdown, see ARMORY.TXT in WEAPON.WRI....Date:11/15/96
Size:600.62 KB
Author:Sarkee & the Ickaboodie! (with help from Ricky B.)

Awesome Weapons of Doom
1. FISTS or POWERLOADER Powerloader is a type of fork lift in ALIENS 2. PISTOL Sligtly modified pistol with laser eye & vents. Just Imagine the look on the baddies faces! :) 3. Simi-Automatic Shotgun Modified machine gun w/ clips!!! 4. M-41 A P...Date:05/04/96
Size:851.75 KB
Author:Ty Conner

This is a mod based on the known 99weap mod, with some...Date:01/26/06
Size:9.81 MB

Weasel's Weapons
A set of crappy model-rip weapons, the Plasma gun from Doom 64, and a gun from lame Duke. Being my newbie mod, this was pretty crappy...I even hosted it on a Geocities webpage back in the day. The font I used for the title screen, Worldnet, was proba...Date:08/08/04
Size:1003.65 KB

WeirdDoom v0.2b
Want to play the exact same game over again, yet NOT play something completely different? This is the weirdest Doom ][ game you'll ever play. Trust me. Just have fun for a few minutes; if you don't like it, then just delete it. It won't h...Date:11/27/94
Size:215.13 KB
Author:Kelvin Gold

Soulbruiser of Hell
The Soulbruiser of Hell is a custom monster that uses Vader's Bruiser Demon sprites and core concept (i.e. a strong mid-boss Baron-like creature that hurls fireballs). It's made with a DEHACKED patch (well, a BEX patch to be more pedantic) and repl...Date:06/09/18
Size:421.05 KB
Author:William Huber ([WH]-Wilou84)

Wizardry 2
my new weapon mod based on previous "Wizardry", which is based on Harry Potter books and movies, in this mod you can use a wand and a number of well-known spells from HP...Date:06/16/08
Size:1.07 MB
Author:zer0 (aka Jekyll Grim Payne aka Ashigaru)

this is a stupid gfx/sfx pack I did to make your dull game look cooler to yes spice up your deathmatch games in dull wads i spose.. Blood splatter, puff and pistol came from some snk games The shotty came from avp2 conved by russell crowe and the sup...Date:06/30/05
Size:1.36 MB

Woah! Crash Bandicoot Doom (unofficial redux)
I decided to make this after seeing Nitroactive's take and being disappointed by the fact that Crash didn't animate. I also went a little overboard along the way so there's a Crash variation to replace every monster....Date:08/02/17
Size:3.34 MB
Author:Jaxxoon R

Weapons of Saturn
A weapon overhaul for Doom. Started in spring of 2013 and updated for years, this was what helped me learn Decorate and Zdoom modding. All original resources were created by me, or frankensprited/edited from resources by authors below....Date:10/09/21
Size:5.31 MB

The Weapons Resource Wad
A spin-off of the Monster Resource WAD, this is a collection of DECORATE weapons created by the ZDoom community. Authors are allowed to freely use and/or modify any of the weapons and sprites contained in this wad to their heart's content....Date:10/06/05
Size:2.82 MB

Originally this was a simple graphic mod that replaced zombies. All zombies were replaced with WolfSS variants. Then I decided to add things... It is now somewhat of a homage to ROTT, including several ROTT flats, textures. This is a weird ROTT inspi...Date:10/31/22
Size:442.72 KB

An upgrade of the current Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle and BFG9000. The weapons are much improved....Date:09/25/06
Size:56.75 KB
Author:Karate Chris

Axis & Abaddon
Hitler's Nazi party didn't collapse - they live on in Hell. And now you get to deal with them as you plunge through Doom all over again with MP-40's, Thompsons, hand grenades, a shovel, and even the Panzershreck....Date:05/23/05
Size:1.91 MB

Batteries Not Included
Perhaps the most unique movement in weapon mods these days is the "theme" mod. It started off with Immoral Conduct's focus on "real-world" weapons, continuing with wads like LowTech Weapons, Operation Mjolnir, and others. I've carried the idea furthe...Date:02/17/05
Size:921.28 KB

Batteries STILL Not Included!
I always liked the original "Batteries Not Included," not just for its concept (energy weapons only) but also for the unique designs that I had come up with for the weapons. That being said, I also had lots of glaring issues that needed to be correct...Date:11/26/06
Size:1.24 MB

Cold Hard Cash
The sound of jangling change being deposited into a machine. The dull rumble of your prize dispensing itself into the retrieval chute....Date:10/06/05
Size:2.24 MB

The Adventures of Mister Cola!
Because we all know DoomGuy is actually a superhero in disguise. How else can he run 45 miles per hour without breaking a sweat, carry immense loads, and run straight over gaps that are nearly 10 feet wide? In addition, "Mister Cola" can use his weap...Date:05/29/06
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Corwin "WildWeasel" Brence

Doom Illustrated
Doom, Comic Book Style. This is merely a weapons mod, but the weapons are comic style, and I made sure to pick as "cartoony" graphics as possible (but not absurdly cartoony, ie. MS Paint)....Date:04/28/05
Size:2.19 MB

Diaz: The Last Hours of Purity
Olivia Diaz - special agent in charge of asskickery. An expert of Muay Thai, crack shot with all manner of weapons, and the reigning champion of her precinct's 100-yard-dash championship. And - of course - you get to play as her! (No nude code includ...Date:11/24/06
Size:1.45 MB

Doom Illustrated: ZDoom Edition
Doom, Comic Book Style. This is merely a weapons mod, but the weapons are comic style, and I made sure to pick as "cartoony" graphics as possible (but not absurdly cartoony, ie. MS Paint). Since the unofficial ZDoom contains Decorate weapon code, I d...Date:11/26/06
Size:1.58 MB

War of the World DM Resources (DMII)
War of the Worlds sounds & graphics for DooM II. Over *50* new resources for DeathMatch play! These DeathMatch-ONLY sounds for DooM II are intended as a tribute to great sci-fi and great music. There are 24 new sounds, most of them sampled ...Date:01/24/96
Size:494.52 KB
Author:Dean Stretton

Mixed Tape Vol. 2
A collection of my favorite weapons from my weapon mods (some of them never released in a proper weapon mod). The second one....Date:11/26/06
Size:4.59 MB

Weasel's Mixed Tape Vol.3
Constructed primarily from the ruins and remnants of mods I didn't get far enough to release, Mixed Tape Vol.3 is very much a "throw things at the wall" kind of mod. No major gimmicks or anything, just a set of guns, pretty much....Date:09/04/16
Size:6.4 MB

Mixed Tape Vol. 1
A collection of my favorite weapons from my weapon mods (some of them never released in a proper weapon mod). Also includes other elements from my mods, and only one weapon that isn't mine at all....Date:11/26/06
Size:3.66 MB

Weasel's Mini-Mods Collection
A while back, I made a series of mini-mods for EDGE and posted them to my website. This is a collection of all of them. Mix and match them as you see fit....Date:11/26/06
Size:2.17 MB

Weasel Presents: NAZIS! (WWHC: Axis & Abaddon)
Nazis, nazis, and more nazis. This mod replaces ALL Doom 2 enemies with SS, Afrika Korps, and other Wolfenstein-inspired (but not directly recreated) enemies, as well as new World War 2-era weaponry. I recommend playing with Epic2....Date:09/13/11
Size:10.57 MB

Operation Mjolnir
The UAC was founded back in the early 60's for the sole purpose of helping to design the first space shuttle for NASA. After relocating their headquarters to the underground beneath New Mexico, they began experiments on time travel. You, a daring UAC...Date:01/19/05
Size:1.14 MB

Operation Silver Hammer
It's the 1960's, and the UAC (then known as the American Space Travel Corporation, ASTC) has perfected time travel. They send one willing test subject forward three hundred years, with naught but a Walther P38 pistol to defend himself with. Guess who...Date:11/12/04
Size:548.54 KB

The Stranger
The Stranger is an anime-inspired weapons mod, taking cues for weapon design from such anime as Trigun, Hellsing, and Ghost in the Shell among others. See Origins.txt in this zip file for the full story...Date:01/10/06
Size:6.88 MB

Police Brutality (Weasel Presents: Terrorists!)
My own little tribute to 80's action flicks, 90's lightgun games, and what Operation: Body Count really should have been. 8 (technically 11) brand new weapons with upgrade system, a whole set of new enemies (from William Shatner's TekWar - believe me...Date:03/02/13
Size:26.75 MB
Author:wildweasel et al

Extreme Measures
Grab your MagSeg pistol, your Napalm Cannon, your Ice Beam...and let's get crackin'!...Date:10/31/04
Size:1.08 MB

Diaz: Last Hours of Purity (WW Hits Collection)
The Research Crimes Prevention Agency (RCPA) is targeting the UAC over their controversially unethical research. Agent Diaz is sent as a peacekeeper to oversee their latest experiment, and to see if the evidence is correct. But of course, everything'...Date:10/19/08
Size:11.03 MB

World War II Deathmatch
Inspired by The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor and multiplayer based games like Counter Strike. World War II DM takes the typical DooM Deathmatch and gives it a more tactical feel with the various weapons from World War II. It re...Date:10/05/14
Size:2.08 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Style Mod
My entry for CutmanMike's second Doom Mutator Contest, in which contestants create a new gameplay mod using no new sprites, sounds, or maps - code only. So using ZDoom's textures system and some clever Decorate tricks, I cooked up this thing....Date:05/28/10
Size:12.04 KB

ARGENT is the streamlined Doom 4 Mod, bringing Neccronixis's Doom 4 weapon sprites to life with an old-school flair. It brings weapon mods, smooth animations, delicious gibs, and a zillion options to the table, all without straying too far from the C...Date:05/19/19
Size:41.07 MB
Author:Xaser Acheron

Gameplay modification for Doom(2). You're the pilot of the experimental AS-66K Necrosuit, an assault exoskeleton developed for heavy- duty military operations. Asskicking and name-taking are your daily duties, so when the Union Aerospace Corporatio...Date:01/01/18
Size:2.82 MB
Author:Xaser Acheron

Gameplay modification for Doom(2). It's a weapon modification you can fit inside a matchbox! Parkour is a full weapon enhancement mod, featuring swift n' snazzy takes on the original doom weapons, featuring reloading, dual wielding, and effects gal...Date:06/10/12
Size:24.91 KB
Author:Xaser Acheron

Mindbending gameplay modification for Doom(2). You've got guns, you've got psychic powers, and you've got a vendetta. Best raise some hell. See the "Gameplay Notes" section below for a breakdown of the mod's more subtle features, or press F1 while ...Date:04/14/24
Size:5.45 MB
Author:Xaser Acheron

This file adds extra guns and powerups for Doom. It takes...Date:07/04/04
Size:1.43 MB

X Weapons Mod
A weapons mod for ZDaemon and Skulltag, also is compatible with G/ZDoom....Date:02/20/09
Size:204.13 KB
Author:Crazy Chicken

The Adventures of Super Chicken and Wondeer!
Oh no! Super Chicken's sidekick Wondeer has been captured by the forces of hell! Looks like it's time for him to save her! Assist Super Chicken's heroic rampage by guiding him through levels while making use of his self-gravity manipulation and mak...Date:06/26/12
Size:3.86 MB

What is a yiggle? A yiggle is cartoon creature I invented one day in my high school art class. This is his first public appearance. This Doom patch will change the sargeant to a yiggle....Date:09/15/94
Size:130.02 KB
Author:Joey Cato

Zapper v1.0 (first public, anyway)
Just a bunch of my favorite things all mashed together....Date:03/29/96
Size:789.21 KB
Author:Christopher Lee Paino

Zharkov Goes to the Store
Spawned from the tepid waters of a stagnant project of mine. This weaponset follows the chronicles of General Zharkov into the line between reality and fiction. Go to the Store to discover weapons such as missile walls, rice guns, ricochet rifles, an...Date:01/12/08
Size:4.46 MB
Author:Xaser, "The Conqueror"

zhhah Beast
This is a monster I made for TheDarkArchon's 20th anniversary. I decided to touch up on the decoorate code and release it to the public since I care about the loyal public. I'm starting to feel that my fruits of labor are in doubt by the Domm communi...Date:09/02/11
Size:1.64 MB

Chainsaw from Zombie Doom
Due to the recent death of Zombie Doom, I've set out to create a series of weapons patches based on some of the weapons from the Zombie Doom beta. Al was cool enough to let me do this, so enjoy! This patch makes the chainsaw much bloodier....Date:08/15/99
Size:12.08 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Double Pistols from Zombie Doom
Due to the recent death of Zombie Doom, I've set out to create a series of weapons patches based on some of the weapons from the Zombie Doom beta. Al was cool enough to let me do this, so enjoy! This patch the lets you blow away enemies with two co...Date:08/14/99
Size:13.16 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Flame Thrower from Zombie Doom
Due to the recent death of Zombie Doom, I've set out to create a series of weapons patches based on some of the weapons from the Zombie Doom beta. Al was cool enough to let me do this, so enjoy! This changes the plasma gun into a flame thrower that...Date:08/14/99
Size:10.93 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

This wad replaces most of the Doom monsters with Zombies. Very funny if you're tired of Imps....Date:07/04/04
Size:451.46 KB

Minigun from Zombie Doom
Due to the recent death of Zombie Doom, I've set out to create a series of weapons patches based on some of the weapons from the Zombie Doom beta. Al was cool enough to let me do this, so enjoy! This patch changes the chaingun into a cool looking T...Date:08/14/99
Size:10.72 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Shotgun from Zombie Doom
Due to the recent death of Zombie Doom, I've set out to create a series of weapons patches based on some of the weapons from the Zombie Doom beta. Al was cool enough to let me do this, so enjoy! This is a different looking shotgun that looks like a...Date:08/15/99
Size:19.93 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Double Barrel Shotgun from Zombie Doom
Due to the recent death of Zombie Doom, I've set out to create a series of weapons patches based on some of the weapons from the Zombie Doom beta. Al was cool enough to let me do this, so enjoy! This one is a cool looking double barrel shotgun....Date:08/14/99
Size:22.81 KB
Author:Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777

Zero Tolerance
Step into the circuits of the Prototype, a rogue android scheduled for termination but freed in a time of dire need. Trash the opposition of the First Invasion with a plethora of new weapons and dazzling special effects. Complete with a new heads-up-...Date:06/01/08
Size:8.27 MB
Author:Zero Prophet

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