Title: 0verp0wer Weap0ns
Filename: combos/0verpw_x.zip
Size: 323.69 KB
Date: 08/19/04
Author: Xaser
Description: Remember P0wer Weap0ns? Well, just the other day, I played TNT: the Lost Episode and found it WAY too hard. So I loaded it up with P0wer Weap0ns, and it was still too hard! I thought "Well, what's the point of an overpowered weaponset that isn't enough to overcome some levels?" or something along the lines of that. So I came up with this. Most of the weapons here are more than TWICE the power of the guns in P0wer Weap0ns, and they'll make playing AV on UV a breeze. :P So anyway, enjoy it and stuff. :P
Credits: Randy Heit, for the godly Zdoom! Tormentor667 for making the excellent TNT:LE, which inspired me to make this in the first place. :P Fiend, for his S.Q.W.I.R.E.L. mod, where I "borrowed" most of the weapon graphics and sounds from. :P
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