Title: The Most Impossible Difficulty Ever!!!!!
Filename: combos/2000hell.zip
Size: 11.18 MB
Date: 08/11/12
Author: Doomguy 2000
Description: This is exactly what the title says. Since it's too long, I renamed it to "Doomguy 2000 Challenge!!!!!". The hardest difficulty ever is when you go up against me in combat. This intense challenge is only reserved for the very best players around the world since noobs will get destroyed in seconds.

To make this difficulty somewhat playable, I added another player class like it's not going to be much helpful anyways.
Credits: Da Big D 0 G (Main Character), Realm667, Mike Judge, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel, Ceeb, Xaser, Batandy, DBThanatos, and Pearl Jam.
Base: Modified
Build time: 3 Days
Editor(s) used: XWE and Slade
Bugs: None
Rating: (47 votes)
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