Title: ACTION Revolution!
Filename: combos/actrev_x.zip
Size: 367.28 KB
Date: 11/06/04
Author: Xaser
Description: I have always loved Action Doom's weapons. Unfortunately, due to all the other dehackiness of the wad, I was unable to use the weapons with any other wad. I finally got so sick and tired of that feeling that I started this: a port of all of Action Doom's weapons in a form that can be used on anything. Now, I finished the darn thing. Some of these guns are the same as the original ones, while others are modified a bit. Of course, I added a few new ones, as always, but they act quite a bit differently than Action Doom's guns. Sure, this may seem like a simple rip-off, but I had to painstakingly re- create each and every one of these weapons by hand. Anyway, I think that this weaponset is one of the coolest I've ever made. I hope you agree as well. :P

Also look for an update to Warzone in the future.
Credits: Scuba Steve!!! Almost all the weapons were based off his guns for Action Doom, and he did all the weapon graphics except for one weapon which uses ripped Dark Forces graphics. The sounds are from a variety of wads, mostly Daniel's Armas series and his 99weap.zip. Thanks alot!!! Special thanks to MasterOFDeath for Betatesting and stuff! Heh. :P
Base: See "additional credits" above, DEHACKED is my work. :P
Build time: Longer than we had hoped. :P
Editor(s) used: Wintex, XWE, Paint Shop Pro (7), Windows Paint (lol), Dehacked, Notepad, etc.
Bugs: Will not run at all with Zdoom .90 or later, due to missing DEHSUPP support. ARGHness. :(
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