Title: ALPHA GUNS (and more)
Filename: combos/alpha04g.zip
Size: 265.49 KB
Date: 10/07/99
Author: Sparky of KISS Software
Description: Way back in April of 1993 id Software sent to their Beta Testers the Alpha v0.4 of their upcoming game "Doom: Evil Unleashed". Most of the weapons, powerups, health and ammo never made it into the final game. Many of the early wall and floor textures were also dropped. There's even a monster in the early Alpha versions which you would hardly recognise.

Alpha Guns is a Partial Conversion for Doom and Doom II which simulates part of this Doom Alpha v0.4.

The early Space Marine had a very crude arsenal at his disposal - chainsaw, bayonet, rifle and machine gun. The rocket launcher, plasma gun and BFG 2704 (later to become the BFG 9000) were still in the pre-prototype stage where only a weapon icon was available. The Super Shotgun of course was still only a thought in some UAC engineer's head.

ALPHA GUNS enables you to experience the DOOM amd DOOM II worlds as if advanced weapons development had ceased back in April 1993. See what the early Space Marines had to deal with as you battle the original levels with the Alpha chainsaw, bayonet, rifle and machine gun. The levels are now filled with Alpha powerups, health, armor, ammo, etc. Only the most battle-hardened Space Marines need apply because the remaining weapons (super shotgun, rocket launcher, plasma gun and BFG 2704) have all been replaced with prototype versions which may not work quite as well as the production models you have come to know.

See below for Extra Notes - artistic licenses taken, test results, etc.
Base: Most of the graphics was extracted, converted and modified from the Doom Alpha v0.4. One of the skill menus is from Alpha v0.5. The "prototype" weapons and sky textures were extracted from the Doom Press Release Beta (except the Super Shotgun which of course came from Doom II).
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeuTex v4.02, WinTex v4.3, NWT v1.3, Ted v1.2, Convert, Paint Shop Pro
Bugs: The "prototype" weapons (not originally supplied with the Doom Alpha v0.4) may not work as well as the production models you are familiar with. Hopefully you won't be surrounded by Hell Spawn by the time you find out the limitations of these weapons.

I couldn't test the Status Bar in multiplayer modes so I didn't bother with it.

Most of the hanging bodies have been replaced with damaged electrical cables hanging from the ceiling. Where these appear inside alcoves the game engine does not clip these correctly.
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