Title: ARMAS 04 (Weapons 04)
Filename: combos/armas04.zip
Size: 353.35 KB
Date: 07/04/04
Author: Daniel
E-mail: dal.eletro@bol.com.br
Description: Replaces some Doom 2 Weapons with new ones. These are the
Credits: ; Lucinho, my Shooting
Base: Graphics and Sound Wad
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex, XWE, DeHackEd, WaveStudio, Paint, CorelDraw
Bugs: None.
Rating: (11 votes)
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Just what anyone WAD difficulty man should get. It tis teh it! 5 stars!!!x
flippin' awesome! I like the old school BFG!x
jokes lol 5/5 x
heh nice to use in final doom!x
faster than the normle doom2 guns good to use on realy hard wadsx

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