Title: Eclipse
Filename: combos/ax-eclp.zip
Size: 2.52 MB
Date: 12/23/07
Author: Axel
Description: Eclipse is a weapons, monsters and engine mod for GZDoom. (My first wad ever :D) It updates the old Doom weapons to make them more modern, adds a custom HUD and a new Armor system.

WEAPONS: Handgun Primary fire - Fire bullets Secondary - Load Dum-Dums (If available) Can obtain upgrade via the backpack

Tactical 12-Gauge Primary Fire - Standard fire Secondary Fire - Reload Can obtain upgrade via the backpack

Sawn-Off Shotgun Primary Fire - Both Barrels Secondary - One barrel

Cerberus Primary Fire - Napalm stream Secondary Fire - N/A

Ice Cannon Primary Fire - Launch Ice shards Secondary Fire - Freezer Spray

Missile Launcher Primary Fire - Normal Missiles Secondary Fire - Homing Missiles

Matter Accelerator Cannon Primary Fire - Burst Fire Secondary Fire - Energy Blast

BFG 3.1 Primary Fire - Disintegrator Ball Secondary Fire - N/A

ARMOR: Booster Armor (Green) - Increases Mobility Mirror Armor (Silver) - Reflect Enemy Missiles Icarus Armor (Blue & Gold) - Flight Nemesis Armor (Red) - 100% Protection, Red Glow

The Doom 64 resources are from the Doom 64 TC The custom weapons and armor graphics were made by me.
Credits: Markoronio
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Around 2 Months
Editor(s) used: DeuTex (x_x;), The GIMP
Rating: (17 votes)
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