Title: Bad Guns Revised (compatible with Beautiful Doom)
Filename: combos/badgunsr.zip
Size: 6.4 MB
Date: 06/01/10
Author: Jekyll Grim Payne
Description: This is an updated version of Bad Guns 2 mod. The main difference is that this mod is COMPATIBLE with Beautiful Doom 5, but doesn't require it to run. If you use it along with BD, you'll get some additional special effects, etc. You can use it standalone as well. To launch with Beautiful Doom:

gzdoom.exe -file bdoom_5.zip badgunsr.zip
Credits: WildWeasel (some sounds from his mods and original pistol graphics from some of them) Zero Prophet (assault rifle graphics from zp-zerot.wad) Xaser (for the drug injection animation and kick-ass "Zen Dynamics")
Base: original Bad Guns and Bad Guns 2 (by me :))
Build time: a couple of weeks, maybe
Editor(s) used: XWE, Photoshop, Sound Forge
Bugs: 1. knives can be crushed by doors and crushers, which I didn't mean to implement, but it can't be fixed (ZDoom engine problems); 2. sometimes when you kill too many enemeis with Fusion Purifier's 3rd attack, the game crashes 3. not really a bug, but when playing Doom 1 wads you can find rifle ammo but can't get the rifle itself (because it replaces SSG, but its ammo are spawned along with shells)
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