Title: Beautiful Doom (version 5.3)
Filename: combos/bdoom_53.zip
Size: 6.63 MB
Date: 06/07/11
Author: Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0
E-mail: jekyllgrim@gmail.com
Description: This is a new version of Beautiful Doom. Yeah, I know. 5.3 has very few additions compared to 5.0, but they are nice and seem rather essential to me. It now consists of 4 modules 'weapons', 'monsters' and 'objects' (stuff) plus separate 'lights' module with dynamic lights for all the objects in all of the three main wads.

Modules are inside separate wads.

"Beautiful Doom" is a mod that enhances Doom, makes it detailed, adds a lot of effects, complex interaction and at the same time introduces virtually no gameplay changes. See further description for details or just start playing right away.
Credits: Enjay - for new switches and splashes, advice about footsteps and about sound bugs;

WildWeasel - for cool ww-diaz.wad, better variant of footsteps and ricochet sprite;

Nash - for nice blood decals and gibs' sprites (Nashgore rocks!);

perkristian - for Smooth Weapon Animation mod, some sprites from which I used for the latest version of the mod;

alando1 - for some of the additional death sprites.

Xtife - suggestions about texture animation.

BurningCadavre - lots of useful bug reports.
Base: New from scratch with some resources: from Doom 3 (many weapon sounds) from Half-Life 2 (some pickupsounds and BFG charging) from Painkiller (secret finding sound and some others) from The House of the Dead 2 (some ricochet sounds) from GZDoom Advanced Weapons (something, maybe the idea) from somewhere (lens flare effect) from Zero Tolerance by Zero Prophet (barrel explosion) by perkristian (some of the new weapon sprites, e.g. chaingun) by alando1 (some additional deaths, e.g. Pinky) by Enjay (terrain effects)
Build time: months... with breaks
Editor(s) used: XWE 1.16, Photoshop CS2 (a lot), Sound Forge 6.0
Bugs: blood drops sometimes slide along the floor for no reason, some additiona controls appear doubled if all modules are used
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