Title: Brother in Arms
Filename: combos/bia.zip
Size: 27.59 MB
Date: 04/03/12
Author: Arrowood
Description: You can call a friendly solders with a radio. It's war time!

**New Friends -United States Marine Corps -Special Weapons And Tactics -Nazi Schutzstaffel -Russian Spetsnaz -Japan Self Defense Forces -United States Colonial Marine Corps -Tank -Helicopter -Aliens -Predators etc...

**New Weapons & Equipments -M67 flag grenade -T82 flame grenade -ES22 stun grenade -P625E radium grenade -RPG-7 -NGT stealth device -First aid kit -Plasma battery etc...
Base: New from scratch with some resources: from Legacy Of Suffering(sprites) from Action Doom(Sprites) from NeoDoom(Sprites/Voices) from Brutal Doom(Sprites/Voices) from Sg TroGun(Sprites) from D-RadysClass(Sprites/Sounds/Voices) from Aliens: Colonial Marines TC(Sprites/Sounds/Voices) from Zero Tolerance(Sprites/Sounds) from RGA2(Sprites/Sounds/Voices) from Operation Overlord(Sprites) from Alando Guns Reloaded(Sprites) from Friendly Cooperative(Sprites) from Counter-Doom: EDGE(Sprites/Sounds) from Soldier's Stockpile(Sprites/Sounds) from Hellcore 2.0(Title Picture Location) from Realm667.com(New Monsters)
Build time: 3 month
Editor(s) used: SLumpEd
Rating: (20 votes)
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why are the helpers imortal?x
Good quality soldiers, also a good resource.x
Anime Girls so Kawaii!x
Nice work, dude! This is a very good mod! keep it up! PS: do you like dire straits, eh??x
This + brutaldoom=Awesome.x
funny for about 5 seconds, then gets boringx
Hands down the best mod ever......i can play all the hard wads again......this is very useful and the helpers are not retarded like the bots are lol 10/5x

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