Title: BJ.ZIP
Filename: combos/bj2.zip
Size: 682.16 KB
Date: 10/25/99
Author: "Axe"
Description: That clean cut space marine image is gone.Thats right folks,BJ is now a full on biker! or at least he thinks he is.There are a few graphical changes in this wad,most mine.Some I took from other wads and improved them. Like the sights on some of the weapons,Can't remember who made that one,But I liked it. And the sounds.....well,I think everyone out there will know where I stole most of them from... Dare I say " Duke"!!! Finally the music.I also stole them from other wads.....So SUE ME!!! But seriously,I can not give enough thanks To the authors I borrowed various things from, You know who you are.
Credits: The authors of the following utilities; Oliver Montanuy (Wintex 4.3) and (Deutex v3.5) Bill Neisius (Dmaud 1.1) TIC (NWT103) And did I mention ID software,for the game that has taken up all my spare time.
Base: A few.
Build time: On and off for 2 months.
Editor(s) used: Wintex4.1,NWT103,Dmaud1.1,Deutex3.5 and Paintshop pro.
Bugs: After hours of testing,I came up with Zilch! However i'm only human(I think..)and therefore susceptible to mistakes,So if you find any,Sorry.
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