Title: Capt. Red's Bag 'O Blau!! (Version 1.4)
Filename: combos/blau.zip
Size: 361.97 KB
Date: 10/31/04
Author: Paul "Captain Red" Whittaker.
Description: A set of new weapons inspired by immoral conduct by CW. While it's primarily designed for Deathmatch, it still has Some interesting serprises in singleplayer. no. I'm not spoiling anything else for you. :)
Credits: id software for... everything The makers of Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, ROTT and Blood (forgotten there names), rip-riffic! The Beta testers: kulma, mmnpsrsoskl, Lord Trasher (Trasher][) DooMer 4ever, Black Void, Sphagne and ravage (and deathz0r and BBG, even if I never did hear back from you. :P). Team future for the stasis bar. Cory Whittle for immoral conduct (Both Versions), Dons challenge, the zombies remix... well all his projects really, and of course hosting this wad! Keep up the good work!!
Base: From scratch (more or less)
Build time: uhh... about a week
Editor(s) used: Deepsea, dehacked, paint shop and gold wave
Bugs: Blood pools flot in the air, rockets can sometimes kill you when your invariable, Demons (pinkies and specters) sometimes climb walls (but this isn't really a bug >;))
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Very average and old even for 2004.x
Capt. Red's Bag 'O SHITx
i enjoy the weapons mods and such and loved the pistol but the rest has already been done dude... try and make something new i supported people before with these weapons even when they were all the same but now im started to get frustrated with the same stuff... 3 starsx
hmm, seems like i have used these before.. kinda feels like he just took some armas weapons and addid a bloodsplat effect, 2/5 x
the pistle felt kinda small, but the changun was the best looking ussi ive ever seen! the bfg is extreemly dangeris and the flamethrower wasint that bad eather, 4-5x
good blood splats like jdoom and legacy, but don't like the weapons 4/5x
SWEET! a must have.x

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