Title: BLKSKY.WAD (night time version of TANDL.WAD)
Filename: combos/blksky.zip
Size: 66 KB
Date: 12/26/04
Author: Cecelia
Description: This is a modification of Enjay's demo wad
Credits: Authors of Wintex, Zdoom (thanks for adding lightning support!
Build time: to add the additional lightning bolts, textures, flats, let's just say, a while.
Editor(s) used: Wintex
Bugs: You have to change levels manualy
Rating: (6 votes)

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A nice example-type tutorial on new sky effects.x
4/4 that's pretty fuckin cool man.x
To say it's useless is stupid. Of course the graphics are useless, but it shows mod authors how to use lightning and animated skies. 4/5x

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