Title: Bombay 72
Filename: combos/bombay72.zip
Size: 319.9 KB
Date: 12/20/02
Author: Martin Howe
Description: Ever wanted to take a Baron or Revenant on in a fist (paw) fight on equal terms? Bombay72 recasts the player as a cat patterned after the Bombay incorporating some attributes of the sentient panther-like cat "Couerl" featured in A E van Vogt's short story "Black Destroyer" which later became Chapter 1 of "Voyage of the Space Beagle". Sratch, tear or swipe the enemy, throw flaming balls of fire at them and invoke feline deities Bast and Sekhmet to aid you in wreaking fire and death upon the demons of DOOM!
Credits: ID Software (www.idsoftware.com) for DOOM, of course A E van Vogt (RIP) for nightmaring up Coeurl TiC (The Innocent Crew) for issuing the TicFlame patch for general use Loads of other people for issuing collections of WAV files and such Jon Trotter of TrotKatz for introducing me to the Bombay cat breed http://www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/garden/603/homepage/homepagex.html Simon Brooks of Loddon, Norfolk for playtesting and suggestions Olivier Montanuy for DeuSF, DeuTex, WinTex, etc Greg Lewis for DeHackEd Anyone who can tell me how to _pronounce_ "Coeurl" :-) Bill Neisius for DMGRAPH Sanjay Vijendran (s.vijendran@ic.ac.uk) for the original Starwars DOOM FORCE patch - it gave me a clearer idea of how the Curse of Bast might work in practice. Jon (again) & friends, the Bombay Breed Club and all of the cat fanatics and enthusiasts around the world who are developing, showing and generally promoting the Bombay and the other Asian breeds. Kim Ghobrial (http://www.kimghob.com/bescat) who is one of the most well-known US breeders of GCCF-standard Burmese and Asian cats.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Thirty days or so
Editor(s) used: WinTex, PhotoStudio, PaintShopPro, DeHackEd, Windows XP (R) Sound Recorder.
Bugs: The troopers and chaingunners share the same sound as the pistol and may sound a little weird, as if they are using nonstandard guns. I have not decided whether or not to keep this. If you want normal versions of these, use WinTex to remove the DSPISTOL lump from BOMBAY72.WAD; however, if you do this, the Burmese Glare of Death will have an all-too familiar and decidedly un-cat-like sound!
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I LOVE THE PROLOUGE! BTW, what were the "things" you were referring to?x
I feel like I've been assaulted by a '96 dehacked wad that was bad even for its own time. God knows what that translates out to in 2002. Besides, cats suck and are for furries.x
This wad is for furfags that like to get their asses pounded by four Barons of Hell and nine Hellknights at once.x
Useless. What should this be good for??????? -- 0/5x
FUCKING HELL! this was badx
"Ever wanted to take a Baron or Revenant on in a fist (paw) fight on equal terms?" The answer of course is NO. I thought that maybe this would have new levels revolving around being a cat or something, but instead it's just a stupid weapons replacement. My weapons have all been replaced by a paw? Wow, that's just incredible, thanks. I love how it includes another DEH to play ALIENS-TC with this monstrosity. God knows I was yearning to kill aliens as a giant cat.x

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