Title: Suicide Bomber Vest
Filename: combos/bombvest.zip
Size: 113.69 KB
Date: 01/18/07
Author: Cliff AKA Lizardcommando
Description: It's a simple DECORATE joke weapon patch that replaces the BFG9000 with a suicide bomber vest. You press the button and BOOM! You're a goner along with anyone else near by. I got the idea to make this from playing Ghoul's Forest 2.

If you find this offensive, I apologize for this.
Credits: Cutmanmike for Ghoul's Forest 2, my inspiration for the weapon replacement. HotWax for helping me fix the DECORATE stuff.
Base: Slightly Modified Remote Mine Sprites from Immoral Conduct. Modified Backpack sprite from Doom 2. Coding is from scratch
Build time: 2 days
Editor(s) used: XWE, Wintex, MSPaint
Bugs: I only know of one serious bug: *The game might crash if you use the Bomb Vest in Skulltag while in chasecam.
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