Title: The Boss Monster Resource Wad
Filename: combos/bosses.zip
Size: 2.72 MB
Date: 10/10/04
Author: Several
Description: Inspired the The Monster Resource WAD, this is a WAD that is full of Boses and Mini-bosses which are designed to be used freely.
Credits: TheDarkArchon - Hectebus Bouncy - Uber-Zombie Erkki-X - Evil Doomguy and The Erkki Boss Cherepoc - Super Cyberdemon Shinu-Hazad - Aldhivas Xaser - Insanity Spider Kirby - The Dark Knight Lil' White Mouse - The Hammer Hound Randy Heit - ZDoom Id Software - Doom and Doom 2
Base: Various monsters have various bases.
Build time: Lost count.
Editor(s) used: Several.
Bugs: None
Rating: (186 votes)
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