Title: Postal 2 meets Doom in the form of weapons
Filename: combos/bp2wm.zip
Size: 4.32 MB
Date: 05/28/07
Description: The first mod about Postal 2 for Classic Doom and im the first in doing it as i saw. The amazing machete, the scythe, the head-popping Sledgehammer... Kill bastards with antrax-filled cowheads, napalm launcher and the secret taliban weapon of mass destruction. Dont awake the fucking monsters, murder them with the metal shotgun with an amazing raped cat and the machinegun with raped cat as silencer... or no? All the arsenal (except the sniper rifle) of Postal 2 and Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend ready to exterminate the hell! Ah, and burn the burning hell with the incredible can of gasoline plus matches!

Kill them all!
Credits: Myself.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 months and a bit (I started second half of august)
Editor(s) used: Fraps, MS-Paint, MS-Photodraw 2000, Adobe Photoshop 8.1, XWE, Whacked2, Postal2ED, Winxp default sound recorder
Bugs: When you play with the grenades(bp2wmp4.wad) or molotov cocktails(bp2wmp3.wad), Cyberdemons will launch same projectiles because i changed all the missile information etc. Zdaemon crash when you play with bots if they get the gasoline (bp2wmp4.wad) Check that you are playing with "GENDER: MALE" under player options because if you dont you wont hear many of the Postal dudes sounds and quotes. If you have decals activated, when you explode raped cats they will dissapear slowly. Also when you activate gasoline, flames can let a bfg decal sprite. Grenades bounces alot but that is a problem of Zdaemon that is limited.
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