Title: Realistic Weather for Cold as Hell: Special Edition
Filename: combos/cah_rw.zip
Size: 4.45 KB
Date: 12/18/08
Author: Jon "JonnyFive" Washburn
Description: This addon is designed to run with Cold as Hell: Special Edition. It will provide the option of enhanced weather effects for faster computers.

By default, the addon will be set to 4 times the normal amount of snow.
Base: Modified version of weather code developed for Cold as Hell: Special Edition
Build time: About half an hour total.
Editor(s) used: SlumpED, a text editor.
Bugs: None.
Rating: (5 votes)
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Realistic snow is snow that builds up over time and heightens the landscape (move the floors up extremely slowly using ACS). Realistic snow is snow that catches on objects (or at least removes itself upon contact). Realistic snow should be pushed by wind and the movements of actors (with +PUSHABLE, +WINDTHRUST, and +BOUNCEONACTORS flags set). This just crashes gzdoom on my allegedly 1337-ass PC.x

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