Title: Crab: Thrown Together Weapons That Work
Filename: combos/crab.zip
Size: 1.12 MB
Date: 08/07/09
Author: XutaWoo
Description: You know that crab enemy from Mega Man 9? Yeah, this has nothing to do with it. :P

Crab is a weapon mod that isn't fully serious, and it's notable that there are very few weapons that you'd actually find in real life. You can count those on one hand, even.

So, you may ask, is there any backstory to this, like Zero Prophet's Zero Tolerance, WildWeasel's Diaz, or even Xaser's Zharkov Goes to the Store?

You could say that Crab is an military agency that specializes in unorthidox weaponry, but if your that starved for a story you probally shouldn't be playing DOOM in the first place. :P

Also, this is going to be my second wad on the /idgames archive, the first being that stupid "no pistol start" thing.
Credits: Blizzard Entertainment Raven Software Rouge Entertainment Banjo Software 3D Realms Lobotomy Software Eurocom Skulltag Team Captain Toenail Nash Neoworm Paul Xaser Eriance Scuba Steve

And last but not least,

id Software, for a cheesy reason your can probally guess. :P

I'm probally forgetting someone, and I'm sorry if I am. But resources bounce around everywhere so it's hard to keep track. Even if I made a flowchart I'd probally be missing someone. :P
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Longer than a stopwatch could count. :P
Editor(s) used: SLumpEd, Paint.net
Bugs: Hopefully I ironed 'em all out.
Rating: (10 votes)
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Sorry but you can't just throw weapons together like that. And you're still wondering why you only have 3 stars.x
cure, but not funny: 3/5x
Eh, sorry about that. It must've slipped my mind that I added SVN features for all versions. Anywho, I wasn't sure if I should list each weapon's purpose in the .txt file. Two things to note, the gasgun's clouds do the most damage if used in small rooms that you can escape, and that there's two version of the unmaker. It sounds like you got stuck with the fake one, Alando. :P -XutaWoox
Overall I thought this weapon set was ok. I only found a few weapons to be useful. The weapon for slot 7 was completely useless, sorry to say. The only weapons that were fairly good was the skull staff and that Ice gun. The sword looked pretty cool but I think you can do a lot more with it. The gas gun was kinda funny since you mention the ammo being a fart can. Some good ideas but still needs to be thought out a little more. -Alando1x
One of the intended ports *was* skulltag, so go test it!x
http://forum.zdoom.o rg/viewtopic.php?f=3 &t=19063x
Tried this in both the newest versions of Zdom and GZdoom, but I could not get it to work. Haven't tested in Skulltag, but either way, I'm disappointed that it doesn't work in the intended ports.x

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