Title: DM Patch #1 (Inspired By Quake 3)
Filename: combos/cw-q3dm1.zip
Size: 603.81 KB
Date: 07/24/05
Author: Cory Whittle
Description: A Simple wad I threw together for use in my deathmatching with a friend. It is based on Quake 3 Arena, another game we like to play.

Supposed to be simplistic, it sort of makes Doom deathmatch feel a little different.

All weapons are replaced:
1. Gauntlet (green): High powered glove for easy close combat frags.
1. Charged Gauntlet (red): Even more lethal and quick.
2. Machine Gun: Automatic default weapon. Weak, but useful.
3. Shotgun: 2 barrels of death, lethal at close range.
3. Rail Gun: Super strong rail, but slow recovery.
4. Lightning Gun: Insane fast, just keep your crosshair on your enemy.
5. Rocket Launcher: Standard DM weapon. See advanced description.
6. Plasma Gun: Shoots bursts of fast but inaccurate plasma.
7. BFG v2.1 Death bringer end-all weapon. Stay clear of the explosion.

All pickups are replaced as well, and ammo counts have been increased drastically.

This is made for deathmatch, and as such looks weird in singleplayer, as well as really unfair.

This ZIP file also contains TG-Q3DM3, which when loaded on top of CW-Q3DM1, applies new effects that make it more like Quake 3.
Credits: -chrisdrgn@hotmail.com for his Q3AVOX.WAD, which I used most of the sounds from.
-Sparky of KISS Software for a couple sprites I lifted from Alpha4 Guns, and the status bar numbers from Strifed1.wad
-id Software for the other sounds I lifted from Q3A
-Valve for 3 sounds from HL
-ZDoom Phorum goons, who detailed a lot of the BEX stuff I used to make this
-Randy Heit for the awesome #1 Doom Port
Build time: A couple nights
Editor(s) used: Wintex, PSP
Bugs: The weapons from Quake 3 I made sprites from don't have muzzle flashes. No big loss really.
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Really nice Quake gun mod from 2002 - But how dare the author (Cory Whittle) say others cannot use it as a base? Those sprites aren't even yours to begin with, they're ID's! I feel like using this as a base just out of spite, but I won't, it's fine on its own. Shame you don't see this on DM servers.x
simply the best weapons mod. so fun, perfect for deathmatchingx
hey this playable on sigle player ;px
Hey,i'll take what i want form this ,and you and ID Can't Stop me-HAHAHAHAH!!!!!x

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