Title: DOOM3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari v. 6.0 (legalized version)
Filename: combos/d3safv60.zip
Size: 1.01 MB
Date: 08/04/06
Author: Impact Software Main Hacker/Programmer: Calvin Wong Editor/Hacker in Chief: Ken Wu Graphics Design/P
Description: 'DOOM 3 - Mr. Smiley Heads Safari' was an underground version of DooM. The makers of d3safari were a group of young hackers, who called themselves IMPACT. They have merged several previously existing levels and enemy-replacements for DooM, that have been made by other people, into an iwad, added some weapon, item and title-graphics, made by their own, and released that with a hacked v. 1.2 doom -executable. This '95 doom3 was fun to play, but it had a legal issues problem: All the wall textures haven't been changed and were still being copyrighted material by id software. There have been also the original (copyrighted) graphics of the space marine (player) and the Spider-demon in the game. Distributing that *Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's safari* as a standalone playable iwad with executable and copyrighted content is illegal. But most of the components that have been used by Impact are freely avaiable for download as addons to the legal full version of DooM.

This legalized version gives you in d3safari.wad and d3safari.deh the unique graphics and executable changes by IMPACT, along with some sounds and new music. You can use these two files with DooM, DooM II and Final DooM. They change: - The fist of the space marine is replaced with a baseball bat. - The plasma rifle is now a spray can, that's used by Mr. Smileyhead as a flame thrower. - The BFG 9000 is now the GFB (Good Fether Bird), a chicken, that's used to shoot eggs, that are nearly as dangerous as a nuclear bomb. - The chaingun is now a MP69. - New title, help and credit screens. - New level titles as graphis and in the deh- patch. - New in-game messages in the deh-patch. - New music, not composed by IMPACT, but, hm, well... - The handshoed hands of the space marine are replaced with the hands of Mr. Smileyhead. PLEASE NOTE: DOOM2/TNT/PLUTONIA -users should use sht2.wad (it's in the \impact -folder). That adds the hands of Mr. Smiley Head to the super shotgun. Implementing that change directly in the d3safari.wad caused problems with DooM and Ultimate DooM, when using zdoom. Source port users can simply add sht2.wad to the command-line with that they launch the pwad. Vanilla users can put the stuff into the d3safari.wad via: deusf -join d3safari.wad sht2.wad

Impact has also used add-ons by other people for their DooM3 and made in some cases several changes to them. In this package, the legalized v. 6.0 of D3SAFARI, these third-party add-ons are not included. You have to download them separately. The file IMPACT.WAD in the subfolder ./IMPACT of this zip contains all the changes, that have been made by IMPACT on these add-ons. IMPACT.WAD contains also three enemies, that appear to have been made by IMPACT themselves. But two of them are bound to add-ons, made by others. --> The blue Ranger to * J O L T D O O M * and the snowman to the chook launcher. And leaving the third, the shotgun-man -replacement alone, as the only new enemy in d3safari.wad, would have made him look stranger than intended.

To help you to install the third-party enemy- replacements and the chook-launcher along with the changes, that have been made by IMPACT to them, i have included d3s_inst.bat and the separate files in the .\impact -subfolder. You need to download these add-ons separately. Store their files, extracted from their zip- packages, in a folder with a doom, doom2, tnt, or plutonia-iwad and deutex and deusf as well as d3safari.wad, d3s_inst.bat and the .\impact -folder. Then run the batch-file, that will install them. The following files are *required* (!) for the installation with d3s_inst.bat, i tell you them with their location in the /idgames -ftp -archives (see list of current mirrors at the end of this file): /themes/aliens/adoom2p2.zip (Adoom [Aliens DooM] by The Weasle) /graphics/eyeball.zip (Eyeball by unknown author) /themes/barney/barndopw.zip (Barney DooM by Jody Melanson) /themes/pacman/pacdoom.zip (PACMAN DOOM by Bill Neisius) /graphics/ctsdmgpw.zip (CREATORS Doom Graphics by Toolord and Magnum) /themes/chook/chookv23.zip (*chook doom* by David Biggs) /combos/joltdoom.zip (JOLT DOOM by Banished CPU) The to this date (i write this at the 16th July, 2006) latest official, stable version of deutex /deusf is v. 4.4. It's stored in the /idgames -archives at: /utils/graphics_edit/deutex/deutex44.zip A newer version (4.5) is currently in the making. When it's made official, you might either find it in the /idgames-directory: /utils/graphics_edit/deutex/ or at the official deutex-homepage: http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/deutex/ The installation (made with d3s_inst.bat) creates d3s.wad, that contains the original IMPACT-stuff from d3safari.wad, as described above, with the third-party -add-ons, including IMPACT's changes to them. The new changes after the installation are the follwing: - The imps are now a mixture of the DooM-imp and the Giger ALIEN from the movies. IMPACT adds yellow fireballs instead of the orange ones. - The cacodemons are now eyeballs. IMPACT gives them a more gory death sequence and cadavres. They also change, what the caco/eye shoots at you, to an edited, shrinked version of the lost soul. - The pink demons and spectres are now Barneys. - The lost souls are now pac men. Originally a replacement for the imps. Impact added a new death. - The former human is now Toolord, a swiss guy in a leather-jacket and jeans. IMPACT added a sad smiley on the back of his leather jacket. - The rocket launcher is now the shoulder-mounted chook launcher. It shoots chickens. IMPACT added a really big aiming-cross and something like a fake status report on the upper left of the screen. That gives it a cool look like a transparent interface or something like that. The installer adds also a replacement for the cyber-demon. He's now Frosty, the snowman. His enemy graphics seem to have been completely made by IMPACT, but since he throws with chickens at you, i made him avaiable only after the installation. It would have looked stupid, if the chickens change into rockets, once they leave his hand. - The shotgun enemy (Former Human Sergeant) is now a GI Joe. He appears to have been drawn by IMPACT. - The Baron of Hell is now the blue Power Ranger. He throws bottles of jolt at you. The blue Ranger seems to have been made by IMPACT. But the jolt bottles are by Banished CPU.

About the levels in DooM3: IMPACT has used levels by other authors for their IWAD. Many, if not all of them have been more or less modified by adding more enemies. There have also been some modified id software levels. Except for three levels, i have found all originals of the third-party levels and made sure, that they are in the /idgames-ftp-archives. The three levels, that i have not been able to find anywhere else, E1M8, E2M8 and E3M8, are stored as d3se1m8.wad, d3se2m8.wad and d3se3m8.wad in the .\impact -subfolder. They have been probably made by the IMPACT people themselves. They are all played in doom at the level, that the names tell. They are all single player only and have no difficulty settings. See [filename]_wadwhatoutput.txt for details.

The individual levels and their authors (including download-links) are credited in d3safari.htm . That is a (hopefully) complete reference of all the stuff, that was used in doom3 (v. 5.0/iwad-version). You can find the most up-to date version of d3safari.htm here: http://www.geocities.com/southparkduke/doom/d3safari.htm

During the work on this package, i wrote a batch -file, that merged those other original levels into that d3s.wad. But the resulting three episodes worked not as they would have to work. There haven't been the warps to the secret levels and stuff like that. I was at some places stuck in the levels, where i shouldn't get stuck. So i decided, to leave that batch out of the package. Look in d3safari.htm, where to get the original levels and play them in combination with d3safari.wad or d3s.wad as you like.
Base: New from scratch --> d3safari.wad Modified stuff by others (as mentioned above) --> ./impact/impact.wad The modifications to stuff by others in impact.wad are not able to be used as they are. They require to download the originals.
Build time: Five months, invested by IMPACT for v.5.0. Two years and six months for this legalized pwad -version 6.0, invested by the uploader from the first idea to the upload. ... To be honest, there have been some veeeery long cigarette-and-coffee breaks... ... And there was also *Maximum DooM*! ... and school! ... ... and so on, and so on, and so on ...
Editor(s) used: deutex/deusf
Bugs: If you have a problem, that is not covered in my long blabla above, please send a description of the problem to my email adress at the end of this file.
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