Title: DOLOCAUST DOOM v1.333
Filename: combos/dcst1333.zip
Size: 297.3 KB
Date: 01/03/95
Author: Ricardo Lafaurie
Description: How'd you like to blast baby dolls? Obliterate Barbies? Destroy defenseless old curly-haired dolls with a rocket launcher? Well, now you can! This Doom patch is based on character I invented and drew into gruesome, hideous comics full of blood and guts called Dolltzsis. It was a parody of Nazis because I often make parodies of stuff I hate. (Don't we all?)
Credits: Thanks to Bill Nessius for the totally cool DMGRAPH, DMAUD and DMMUSIC.
Thanks to my brother Jose for recording the sounds.
Thanks to Rancho Verde High School for providing me with Internet
and... thanks to id software for making DOOM!
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