Title: Destructomaniac
Filename: combos/destruct.zip
Size: 255.26 KB
Date: 12/24/04
Author: TheDarkArchon
Description: It's a weapons mod with DEHSUPP. My main aim for this weapons mod was to create a few original ideas with this mod an IMO I have acheived it.
Credits: Id Software - Doom. The Energy Shell box pickup (modified) The plasma sprites (modified) WildWeasel - I ripped the following from his WADs: The pump for the plasma shotgun (modified) The EFC 24000 sound The AK-47 sound (modified) The "Demonslayer" HMG sound (modified) Then punch idle grpahics Xaser - I ripped the following from his WADs: The Burst pistol sound The Plasma pistol sound The Plasma shotgun firing sound The homing plasma sound The plasma shotgun graphics (modified) The plasma shotgun projectile The 7.62mm clip graphics The 9mm clip graphics The 9mm box graphics The Energy Shell pickup srite (modified) NMN - The "Demonslayer" HMG graphics The EFC 24000 graphics MasterOfDeath - The Burst pistol grpahics (modified) The homing plasma gun graphics (modified) Captain Red - I ripped the following from his WADs: The rocket launcher sprites The rocket sprites The rocket pickup sprites (modified) Jetflock - The plasma pistol graphics (modified)
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