Title: Deathmatch Guns by DoomKid
Filename: combos/dm_guns.zip
Size: 5.04 MB
Date: 05/02/14
Author: DoomKid
Description: Am I the only one who likes the thought of a gun mod for Deathmatch that isn't over the top? I've seen many mods out there like Brutal Doom, Real Guns Advanced and even Burl Tumd, and while they're all REALLY fun, they seem to make things just a tad too unbalanced for Deathmatch play. (If you haven't played those wads, go do it now.) The aim of this pack is to keep the guns feeling like classic DOOM guns, while souping them up just a tad and keeping them fair. The fist is now a bayonet that deals just over double damage. The pistol is now a machine gun, so no more running arround with the pea shooter! The shotgun is now automatic, making it a fair fight against the SSG, which is also slightly more powerful. The chainsaw now has 2 blades - the most unoriginal idea in Doom history, but damn, I love it anyway. It deals double damage as well, of course.
Credits: All custom sprites are from Alpha Doom.
Base: Alpha Doom resources.
Build time: A few days here and there.
Editor(s) used: XWE, WhackEd, sndrec32, mspaint
Rating: (6 votes)
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Great gun mod! The new shotgun is my favorite and it sounds like the Hammer of the Gods. I think the supershot gun could be slightly faster when it reloads, but I think the pump action sequence is pretty neat. The pistol is gone and replaced with an assault rifle. The chaingun is also slightly faster. A powerful railgun has also been introduced. And the chainsaw is faster and it has a duel blade. Download this! 5/5 x

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