Title: DeathMatch Weapons Set 1
Filename: combos/dmws-1.zip
Size: 135.59 KB
Date: 05/04/98
Author: Kerkko Välilä
Description: Now it's here! No more superweapon patches to be used in Deathmatch. And no more single weapon hacks! Includes five new weapons, each one different. Also there is better gore! Guts fly, tasty!

Cattleprod: Close combat weapon that makes an electric shock for 30 damage! Replaces chainsaw

Automatic shotgun: Fast weapon, killer in close range. The dark side, anyway, is that your opponent can get the same gun. Replaces super shotgun

Mines: Lay 'em down in a small, dark tunnel and wait 'til your foe steps on it. This is not 0-speed patch, in other words: if you lay a mine, you can be killed by it too. Replaces rocket launcher

Holoplayer: Meaner than Holoduke in Duke 3d. This one floats around and shoots with a pistol from far range, but don't go too close, this baby can blow itself up. Requires skill to be used effectively. Replaces plasma gun.

Tech-Shield: Prevents the bullets and shells, but explosives still kill you. Replaces BFG.
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Bugs: While building this patch there was a serious bug with tech-shield, but after final tests I haven't met it, but if your game crashes, report me. I'll be most likely removing the shield from the Set in future releases.
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