Title: Doom2:2_2 - The Time Travel Saga 2 - Endgame
Filename: combos/doom22_2.zip
Size: 75.23 KB
Date: 10/02/03
Author: B.P.R.D
Description: THE STORY OF DOOM2:2:2- "Ah! I stoped the invasion AGAIN! Yay!" you shout after you finished off the sinful icon. 5 years later, after your retirement, you get the call to travel through time, and you get deja-vous. You're not going to do the same mistake a second time! And you call it off. The next morning, while drinking coffee, the general out of nowhere appears in your kitchen. "TaaaGGGGAAARRRRTTTTT! I came from the future to come and fetch you, sorry about the mishap old boy" barks the general "Misshaps? I had to FIGHT THE DEMON ARMY AGAIN!" you retort. "Yes but shit happens soldier! Come on, lets get you home!" "Fine" You take the generals hand and a ball of light encapsulates the two of you. A big flash later, and you lose conciousness. When you come to, you look at your surroundings... "Ahhh GOD... DAMNIT!" Yes, the general's time travel technology screwed up yet again and you find yourself at the beginning of the demon invasion. Oh well, you did it twice before, you can do it again!

...but hold on a sec... WAS it the general's time machine technology that stuffed up? When you took the general's hand, and the light overtook the two of you, you remember seeing someone when you lost consiousness. You seem to remember an old frail creature wearing an hour glass on his head. Yes, he was the Keeper of time, the last of the Time Lords.

What he said, you can't remember. You just remember seeing him (it?). Perhaps it isn't an accident that you keep coming back to the beginning of the demon invasion. What if the demon's CONTROL time? Trying to make you lose each time you have to repeat the battle? Perhaps you're not supposed to beat the demons!? Or maybe, just maybe, this is some kind of sick test of will- perhaps you have to beat the demon's on several parallel universes?

Too many questions, no answers. Just fight them. When you beat the demons this time around, you may get the chance to go through time again after it, to try and talk to the being. That is, IF you survive this place a third time!

Hopefully time is on your side. Or, at least, the Keeper of it is.
Credits: Mike Gorgarous for mapping out levels 12, 19 and 22 for me. Thanks Mike!
Base: From scratch apparently, but using the levels ideas of Doom2:2.
Build time: 6 months of carefully creating the levels identical to the ones of Doom2- again.
Editor(s) used: PaintShopPro, Wintex, Windeu
Bugs: Na
Rating: (23 votes)
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