Title: D00M-57RIK3
Filename: combos/dstrik3.zip
Size: 227.69 KB
Date: 04/04/05
Author: [H4X]PwnH4x
Description: A time rift opens just before you go to entryway. Something went wrong! Weapons from different places in the future and years gone by have become yours! Its sci-fi freeze tech with modern glock-18!
Credits: Sierra and Valve, id software, others.
Base: graphics and sounds are from all over the place, I did all the uber 1337 d3hack3d work, though.
Build time: Almost a year.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, GIMP, XWE, WhackEd2, Notepad, Windows Paint, PAK EXPLORER, SNDREC32
Bugs: Map30 may not be beatable due to the new rockets.
Rating: (9 votes)
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This is pretty much what I expected from someone with a screen name that reads "hax pwn hax." Besides if you can't make the original MAP30 beatable at all without cheating because of a new weapon, you suck as a modder.x
Pure shit that fell out of a cunting horse's ass. 0/5x
The fists have become a knife that whizzes back and forth like the hands of a masturbating teenage boy. The pistol has a high rate of fire and a green tint; it makes a clanging sound. Both shotguns are inexplicably full-auto. The chaingun is now an automatic Glock pistol. The rocket launcher is now an impact grenade howitzer, the plasma gun has a higher rate of fire, and the BFG freezes the baddies (with one shot, including the cyberdemon) so that you can shatter them.x
i have seen these guns before many times. and i'm tired to see them. i'm sorry, no starsx
Wouh - chaingun has a nice firing rate, but the graphic-replacements look crappy... At least the Rocket Launcher and the Chaingun is fun to use - the rest is senseless and/or ugly as hell. 2/5x
FUCK U ALL! THIS IS T3H PWN! :'( 5 strs pwnh4xx
Didn't replace half the graphics, chainsaw is unchanged, pistol is a crappy recolor, the Chaingun and Shotguns are overpowered, the rocket launcher is too hard to use, Plasma Gun is overpowered, the BFG is practically unusable, and several graphics have misplaced muzzle flashes...the sounds don't even make sense. 1 star. -WildWeaselx

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