Title: The Great Destroyer
Filename: combos/dstroy_x.zip
Size: 622.35 KB
Date: 01/16/05
Author: Xaser
Description: Hehe, just a random weaponset I cooked up one day. However, this one is designed for maximum compatibility, so it can be used on Skulltag as well, for some online multiplayer action. Still, That doesn't mean that I didn't have room for a couple of sweet effects here and there. :P So anyway... uh... enjoy and stuff!!!!!!!!(insert lots of 1's here)
Credits: Destroyer, for you know what. :P NMN for his great weapon graphics! MasterOFDeath for ripping the Turok 1 pistol and being such a cool guy. Chronoteeth for supplying me with the MX5 Carbine graphics. Snarboo for letting me borrow some graphics from a weapon mod of his and for adding Doomguy's hand to the Turok Pistol. Scuba Steve for the DoomGun Assault Rifle. Daniel, for a few misc. projectile graphics and sounds. Last but not least, ID software for Making Doom3, where I got a few sounds from. Special thanks to Kronos for ripping the sounds before me. :P
Base: See "additional credits" above, DEHACKED is my work. :P
Build time: Longer than I had hoped. :P
Editor(s) used: Wintex, XWE, Paint Shop Pro (7), Windows Paint (lol), Dehacked, Notepad, etc.
Bugs: The Dual pistol sounds get cut off after you get finished firing. I would fix this, but I can't. :P
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