Title: Don's Dark Forces Pack
Filename: combos/dt-dfpak.zip
Size: 71.18 KB
Date: 06/23/99
Description: Three (3) seperate patches, which replace certain DooM 2 weapons with Lucas Arts' Dark Forces weapons. Also, these are "new" , not the old crappy recycled DF graphics that everyone's used to.

PATCH #1 DT-AUTO.WAD, DT-AUTO.DEH Replaces Chaingun and Plasma Gun with AutoCannon. Can be fired in two ways: Bullet, and Plasma. (doesn't even remotely resemble Dark Forces)

PATCH #2 DT-BLSTR.WAD DT-BLSTR.DEH Replaces Pistol and Plasma Gun with Blaster pistol and Blaster rifle. I tried, but this one isn't too hot.

PATCH #3 DT-MINE.WAD DT-MINE.DEH The best looking of the three. Replaces Fists, Rockets, and Plasma with Fists, Thermal Detonators, and Land Mines. I strongly reccommend you use DoomLegacy for this one if you want to get the maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately, the land mines only work in 'timer' mode. I couldn't get the proximity detonation to work properly.
Credits: id Software Lucas Arts
Base: An e-mail request, DF sprites, and a lot of time.
Build time: A few DAYS (also built dt-ssg in that time)
Editor(s) used: Ungob, Fme2bmp, deutex, PSP3.0, dehacked.
Bugs: The laser in dt-blstr is kinda campy, Plus, you may notice that I could have used a lot more DF sprites, but I was having a real tough time with all the shitty DF editors. Now I know how a DooM newbie feels.
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