Title: M-16a1
Filename: combos/dt-m16.zip
Size: 18.35 KB
Date: 06/13/99
Description: Replaces chaingun with ultra cool M-16 assault rifle. Fires a little faster.
Credits: Bad Karma, and 'The TNT Team' for their insanely wicked, cum inducing Platoon TC for Duke Nukem 3d (of which this M-16 originated) Black Shadow Software, makers of 'Twilight Warrior' for giving me a 'hand' id Software
Base: Bad Karma's awesome M16 sprites from Platoon TC for Duke3d (I modified them slightly)
Build time: 2 seconds
Editor(s) used: all of them
Bugs: the m-16 icon is pretty crappy, cause I drew'd it.
Rating: (7 votes)
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I give this a 2 because its not much differet and it looks too cartoonishx
ooh. shitcan this one.x
the first machine gun that actually friggin works 5/5x

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