Title: Mini Gun 2 & sawed-off shotgun
Filename: combos/dt-mini2.zip
Size: 51.39 KB
Date: 06/18/99
Description: This is a 'down the barrel' style weapons patch. Some people prefer it that way. Replaces the chaingun, with the excellent T2 style chaingun from Beyond DooM: The Apocalypse TC by Anthony Galica. Also replaces the shotgun with a shorter, sawed-off DooM shotgun. I had these sprites for a long time, and decided to use them.
Credits: Anthony Galica (for the chaingun sprites) id Software
Base: Anthony Galica's graphics
Build time: not very long
Editor(s) used: dehacked PSP deutex
Bugs: not really
Rating: (5 votes)
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They look cook, but do little to differentiate themselves from their original counterparts. 2/5x
The sawn-off shotgun is the ordinary pump-action gun with the end cut off, and the minigun is a combination of the chainsaw and the ordinary chaingun, painted a dull grey. The minigun has a poorly-done muzzle flash that seems to point upwards rather than into the screen. Functionally identical to the original weapons.x

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