Title: Pipe Bombs
Filename: combos/dt-pipe.zip
Size: 19.68 KB
Date: 06/18/99
Description: Replaces rocket launcher. Pipe bombs that you throw, hit the ground, wait, explode. There's no way to get them to use a detonator, so they work on a short fuse instead. You can collect a bunch of pipe bombs, but you need to find one with a primer before you can use them.
Credits: id Software 3dRealms (for the graphics, again, modified a lot) Jjukil (used his quakew2.deh as a guide)
Base: Duke3d Pipe bombs
Build time: a little while
Editor(s) used: the usual
Bugs: The projectile sprites did NOT reduce well!
Rating: (4 votes)
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Wonderful pipe bomb.x
Dude no shit, a lot of people still play these games, there frickin awesome, as of 10/8/05 there are still about 17 million current doomers of the doom community (and thats just for the old dooms) not Doom 3. Anyways i love this pipebomb wad of yoursx
This is awsome, I love it! Yeah, I still play the old Doom games...x

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