Title: Alternate Shotgun
Filename: combos/dt-shot.zip
Size: 8.36 KB
Date: 06/13/99
Description: Replaces the DooM shotgun with a new one. Uh... it's black, you hold it off to the side, you don't lift it over your head to pump it.... Oh, and as an added bonus, you can reload faster. I mean, you're a Marine for Christ's sake! You should be able to work the pump like it's your own cock on prom night...
Credits: Kenneth Finegan (I got the graphics from his Duke3d patch 'mobpatch.zip', but I did modify them) id Software
Base: Kenneth Finegan's Duke3d patch
Build time: 5 minutes
Editor(s) used: PSP 3.0, Deutex, Dehacked
Bugs: Kinda Cartoony looking, but cool NTL. Very Dark.
Rating: (3 votes)
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The shotgun isn't very convincing looking when being cocked or fired. The recoil should flip the barrel up and racking the fore-end will move the firearm a bit.x
Sloppy Animation. Cool skin. but needs work. 2/5x

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