Title: "Firestorm" Shotgun
Filename: combos/dt-shot2.zip
Size: 30.73 KB
Date: 06/14/99
Author: Don Tello
Description: Did anyone see the movie 'FireStorm'? If you did, and you are like me, you would have noticed a rather excellent shotgun that saw some action all the way through the film. I liked the shotgun, so I felt like putting one in DooM. Lucky for me, the 'Firestorm' shotgun was the exact same model as the one Duke Nukem uses.
Credits: Makers of Paint Shop Pro
3dRealms for the awesome art (which I modified)
id Software
Base: 3dRealms art
Build time: 10 minutes
Editor(s) used: only the best (deutex)
Bugs: Legacy and Doom2.exe have a problem displaying the pump frames. You will notice some garbage near the bottom of the screen at those points. The only way to fix this is to use a B00M based engine (Boom, MBF, Zdoom). It isn't that bad though
Rating: (8 votes)
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Its ok but when you fire it the flash is not coming out of the end of it but in the middle of itx
Gunflash ruined the weapon actor. Side weapons ain't really my aiming preference. Might rate higher if there is a way to have both side and center alignment. ~1/5x
Epic weapon wad! 5/5x
holy jesus this is the best duke nukem and firestorm shotgun ever 5/5x
I've seen Duke's shotgun pretty much everywhere, and the version in ICD-SE is much better than this - but the animation is smoother than it is in Duke, so that's an accomplishment.x
it's a good gun to use in a weapon combox
BOOM Cha-chunkx

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