Title: Kingpin- 'Life of Crime' shotgun (version 2)
Filename: combos/dt-shot3.zip
Size: 51.91 KB
Date: 04/12/00
E-mail: cwhittle@isn.net
Description: This is an Ass-kicking re-make of dt-shot3. The sprites are considerably less grainy, the animation is better, and the weapon is black instead of green. Replaces Shotgun. I included the icon this time, as well as re-loading frames (may require offsetting).
Credits: Xatrix, Gt-Interactive, id software
Base: kingpin screenshots.
Build time: a few hours
Editor(s) used: wintex, PSP
Bugs: The muzzle flash looks a bit crappy, but it's better than nothing. You'll probably want to screw around with the reloading sprites, since the animation would probably be a little off, that is, IF you need to use them for anything...
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Cool. 4/5x
Cool re-makex

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