Title: Single Barrelled Break-Action
Filename: combos/dt-ssg.zip
Size: 19.57 KB
Date: 06/23/99
Description: Replaces the DooM II double barrelled shotgun with a severly sawed-off single barrelled. (Why? I dunno. Nothing to do. I need a break from working on the Dark Forces pack.) You only fire a 7-pellet spread, but the reload is faster, so it's not a complete loss. All I can say is: Kick Demon Ass Chuck Norris Style!
Credits: id Software Whoever invented Cut & paste. The makers of PSP
Base: Boredom, and original sprites
Build time: an hour, give or take.
Editor(s) used: a few
Bugs: The quality of this one isn't as good as previous patches. It's still cool, though! Almost as fun as the Tommy-Gun patch. Plus, won't fire with one shell left.
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How the hell do you fit 2 shells in 1 barrel? Meh. Whatever. 3/5x
What Scuba Steve said.x
It fires as fast as the Regular Shotgun and uses 2 shells per time? Interesting concept, but impractical. Should have replaced the Regular shotgun with this, and used the sound codepointers from the Double barreled to mimic the same feel. - Scuba Stevex
The only problem is that: A) There are no appropiate messages B) It STILL gobbles 2 shells/shot with out he latter it would be 5/5 but 2 b fair a 4 will have 2 do x

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