Title: dtcog40.zip
Filename: combos/dtcog40.zip
Size: 438.49 KB
Date: 12/05/99
Author: Don Tello
Description: I'll forego the wadauthoring template, and go straight to the Point.

For those of you who don't know, this is a wad & deh combo, used to change Doom2's gameplay slightly.

Of course, this was made with a source port in mind, so you can use Zdoom, or Legacy.. this was made with Legacy in mind, so give it a shot.
Be sure to set zdoom to use blood particles or both particles and sprites. It's got new weapons and sprites and sounds and graphics..
I keep uploading new versions all the time.. for no good reason.

See Progress.txt to see how much work I did since the last version.
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doesn't seem finished, or worth finishing. fun idea though. :]x
I like the Rocket Launcher and all of the other weapons. But it would be nice if you kind of made the UZIs act like as if they were from Immortal Conduct Boom Edition. Like after you are done firing the gun, you automatically reload. I really like the Plasma Gun though. Good Job! 5/5 for you my friend!x
prity cool the only thang i found weird is that when the rockit launsher fires a shell flys out i like the b.f.g. and chainsaw x

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