Title: Duke's RPG for Doom
Filename: combos/duke_rpg.zip
Size: 13.45 KB
Date: 07/31/99
Author: Dwayne Ings aka Overkill777
Description: This replaces the rocket launcher with Duke's mighty RPG. This >should< work with Doom, Doom II, and any of the source ports. It has been tested with Boom, Zdoom, and Smack My Marine Up. I recomend using it with a port that has a good crosshair, like Smack My Marine Up.
Credits: 3D Realms for Duke Nukem 3D Olivier Montanuy for WinTex Greg Lewis for DeHackEd Leonardo Loureiro for LView Pro id Software for Doom and Doom II
Base: The RPG from Duke Nukem 3D
Build time: Aprox. 20 min.
Editor(s) used: WinTex 4.3, DeHackEd 3.0, LView Pro 2.1, Paintbrush
Bugs: None
Rating: (2 votes)
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the only good rocket launcher out there, and my fav version of duke nukem is the nuclear winter one 5/5x

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