Title: NiN Doom2
Filename: combos/dume2nin.zip
Size: 781.74 KB
Date: 04/16/96
Author: Richard Parr III
Description: I wanted a change. I was in a Nine Inch Nails mood, so i just added stuff. I took graphics off of the Unofficial NiN homepage as well as other web pages. I also took some of the sounds (of trent) from the unnoficial NiN homegage (from interviews). There is no story. I changed the marine graphics, changed MOST of all the sounds [but with all the sounds added it add another meg to the file, so i put the sounds in another wad file], and added new wall graphics. I changed the music in the first 8 levels, and changed a few other things [look for yourself :) ].
Credits: I took a lot of the graphics from another wad, nindoom.wad, created by Jason Staples (jstaples@oeonline.com), and I thank him for the time he put into the wad. I tried to convert his wad file, for Doom, to Doom2 but it didn't work, so there's no new level here, just new music/graphics/sounds.
Base: Started with NINDOOM.wad for Doom, but later dropped mostly everything from that level except for the graphics.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex, NWT (as well as cooledit, for the sounds, paintshoppro for the graphics, and some use of paintbrush and sounds recorder [from windoze])
Bugs: None that I know of, but this level hasn't been playtested too much, so PLEASE let me know of any.
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Most if this WAD is pretty cool, especially if you're a NIN fan. Some of the graphics are lame and needless, though.x

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