Title: Extreme Death
Filename: combos/extrme1.zip
Size: 10.5 KB
Date: 07/25/97
Author: Dan Dominowski
Description: A huge Total Conversion in witch there are Five Marines to choose from. There are many different or *new* monsters (meaning that they are a player now.) running around with different wieights and sizes. Lottsa new weapons and good new things. This is NOT one of those Dehacked patches that turns any guys the same, they are all different.
Credits: id for making DOOM and DOOM II, anybody who has done Aliens conversions (they rule!) and anyone who ever made a starwars(good) patch. Anybody who made any of the editing tools I have used(Deusf, Dehacked, NWT), just because they're awesome
Base: Tons of WAD's, and some parts form scratch, ie: Computer map, and a The Flamethrower Marine that replaces the Arch -Vile. all of the DHE patches.:)
Build time: Not sure, over a month.
Editor(s) used: NWT, Deusf, DeHackEd, PSP, PaintBrush
Bugs: NONE. A year of play-testing will remove any bugs, I think. If you play with the Raven levels, then don't use the WALLS.WAD, it's texture sizes aren't aligned proporly. This is probably with most Level patches.
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