Title: FIREGODS (version 2)
Filename: combos/firegod2.zip
Size: 93.77 KB
Date: 10/23/99
Author: Blazer
Description: Ever wanted to be God? Ever wanted the power to strike down your opponents with a mere wave of your hand? Well HERE YOU GO! YOU are one of four FIREGODS, with almost total command of the element of fire. With a simple twist of your wrist, you can send your opponents screaming for the Fire Department!

Mere mortals will have a very hard time killing you, but other FIREGODS; that's another question entirely. FIREGODS have 750% health, which means it'll take more than faith to kill you. Rest assured your opponents will try, nonetheless.

This is a patch for Doom2 v1.9, specifically for Deathmatch.
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Pretty damn good. Just seeing your fists all the time makes it hard to distinguish between weapons. Actually, impossible.x
EXTREMELY INTERESTING. Perhaps these weapons can help one beat DOOM or DOOM 2 in Nightmare. AV or HR, I don't know about that. It doesn't matter really, all that matters is this PATCH KICKS ASS AND MUST BE DOWNLOADED AT ALL COSTS!x

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