Title: Xaser's Fury
Filename: combos/fury_x.zip
Size: 433.05 KB
Date: 07/05/04
Author: Xaser
Description: Yes, I did another Weapons mod. This one is sort of like P0wer Weap0ns, in that it has some slightly- overpowered guns here. However, the new baddies help to balance things out a little (Don't worry, they aren't Pyr0maniac quality Shit baddies either. Besides, only a few are replaced, not all). However, I am currently working on a map called --==BLIND RAGE==-- that will be using these weapons. So all you weapon haters and map-freaks might like this one a bit more. :P
Credits: Randy Heit, for the godly Zdoom! Numerous others that I can't seem to think of right now.
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